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Do you know, your dog spends an average of 12 hours a day sleeping. Don't you think he ought to enjoy it? We have built Durable Houses for your Puppies which are built with your pet's comfort in mind. We use the finest materials, and utilize the latest technology. It can be a perfect home for any pet like cat, dog, rabbit, chicken, etc. We also have added special air vents in this which will help in the better circulation of air and your pet don’t feel suffocated in the house. It have a slight elevated floor on which beautiful paw drawings are carried out to make it look elegant. It also have base support for additional stability. It also have two ground nails which will help us to lock it to a specific position. Your pet won't understand why his house feels so good, he'll just know he loves it.


UV Protection: - It is made with a special material that will ensure that your pet is remain secured from those harmful UV rays produced by the sun and ozone not be able to stop them either.
Air Vents For better air circulation: - In pet house air circulation is been an issue, but we have created this pet house keeping these things in consideration and ensures that your pet don’t feel suffocated in the pet house.
Waterproof :- If the pet house is placed in outdoor and rain came over you need not to worry this pet house is completely waterproof and it will save your pet from becoming wet as well
Portable in nature with compatible size: - It compatible size make it an easy fit for the car, truck trunk as well so don’t worry want to go on a outing with your pet, pet house can be the savior of your pet in those harsh outing conditions.
Easy to wash and Easy to assemble: - It is so easy to wash, all you need is water and you can just spray water on it and it will start shining like a new one.

Color:- Blue or Grey
Size: - XL 815 x 877 x 785mm
XXL 985 x 1050 x 965mm

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