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[eBay Plus] Oppo Find X2 Pro Telstra (Unlocked) 5G 512GB (Ceramic Black) $664.05 Delivered @ eBay Wireless 1 Store


All credit to Kale

I presume Wireless 1 eBay store is matching JB HiFi's deal at the moment. Can get an extra 5% off with eBay plus membership. I personally own this phone and can't fault it at all!

Extra 2% off if purchasing using ZIP google pay option - $664.05 - 2% (max $30 in one transaction I believe) = $650.76

Get in quick before they sell out if you are in the market for a phone.

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  • I have eBay Plus and it's showing $699 for me before selecting ZIP google pay.

    • Same here.. OP can you please check and confirm if any special voucher needs to be applied.

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        I can only see $5 off in my eBay plus membership account. Pulled the trigger at $694 delivered. Still cheaper than JB.

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      The coupon code is targeted, and it has a fairly random string


      Do note that some users will get $5 off $50 spend, and some users get 5% off $50 min spend. You may also qualify for both coupons but can only use one or the other.

    • Yeah it's a pretty long code for the 5% off deal. I was under the impression it was for any eBay plus members?

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    It’s $5 off not 5%off.

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      show me
      Item price: AU $699.00
      -AU $34.95
      Your price: AU $664.05
      Enter code at checkout to redeem. Hurry, your voucher expires 31/07/21. Terms and conditions apply.

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        I have ebay plus,I didn’t see any other vouchers rather than $5 off. As someone said 5%off it’s targeted offer.

      • Yep, slightly different code for me but that is what is showing on my account for this phone.

  • Does the zip app mention 2% off if purchasing at EBay? I don't can't see it on the zip app

    • Or Suncorp rewards eBay gift card for 3% off?

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      It's automatic as a part of their 2% cashback on all tap and pay options, which includes Google/Apple pay options.

      I purchased an eBay item the other day and paid via Google pay and it applied 2% cashback on my zip account.

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    Amazing phone

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    Find x2 neo comes 99% close at almost half the cost, not worth it imo. Give both to regular cx, they’ll have hard time finding differences.

    Bought x2 neo at $354 last month ebay sale.

    • neo better than lite right ?

      • +1


    • Which deal/store did you buy it from last month at that price?

      • Sydney mobiles, before they jacked up their price just after the ebay offer was announced.

    • Yea, half the price and half the benchmark performance. not to mention the inferior screen, camera, build, etc.

      • None of these points matters to a regular user, besides differences are minimal. I assume you haven’t used/had experience with these. On paper info is just that onpaper info, not reality(in most cases).

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    Join the OPPO Mobile Owner group , And for anyone that buy this phone don't update to Andriod 11 as there is way to Convert it from telstra into Retail version

    so u aren't stuck with Telstra slow firmware update !!

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    Also, this phone is dual SIM internally, but only comes with a single SIM tray. Buy a dual sim tray on eBay or AliExpress and use a software to change region that sells dual SIM units (i.e. SG) and you'll have a great 5g phone. Covert to dual SIM first before upgrading to Android 11 if you intend to use 2 SIMs. Physical SIMs only by the way, no eSim! Have this phone and it's great with Android 11, dual standby 5g sims, 512gb storage, and 12gig ram + 7gig extended memory (more like windows virtual memory/paging file) available only on the latest Android 11 update 😀.

    • Could you please share or link for the instructions on how to do this?
      After get the dual sim tray?

      Edit: is this the one

      • Yes, that's the one. Make sure to perform conversion first before upgrading to the latest software. Hint: 3rd party SIM trays need some filing around the base edges so it goes in all the way. Otherwise, phone wont detect the SIMs

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          saw this post too late, my Find X2 pro is already on Android 11, still a great phone though

    • Are there any downsides to changing the region to Singapore vs Australia?

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        Nothing that I notice. You still get all the software in both regions. Some EU regions have removed some built-in apps (i.e. theme creator) but very minor issue I think. Main thing for me was getting a dual sim support.

        • Awesome, thanks a lot for the info!

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          does volte still work if you change region to Singapore ?

          • @zooboy: Yes it does…if your sim supports it. Mine does.

    • Hey mate, do I need to select the "Singapore EX" for dual sim capabilities? Also do you know anything about native call recording?

    • Just wondering if converting it from telstra into retail version and changing the phone to dual SIM will effect the warranty?

  • Much better than Oppo Reno 5g 2019 flagship?

  • Much better than Oppo Reno 5g 2019 flagship?

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      Have not used the Reno 5G but Find X2 pro was a 2020 flagship. Top spec from last year and even better than the Samsung flagship (Qualcomm vs Exynos). Camera has a very high DXOmark too.

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    Ok, I bit. Upgrading from a Oneplus 6 which is still a great phone. I just wanted a slightly better camera (with a bit of zoom).

    • sell me the oneplus 6 for $300

    • Why on earth does my comment get a neg?

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    The temptation is real. Got this for my wife a few months back with the JB deal, it's a truely awesome phone.

    My only gripe with it is subjective as hell. I prefer samsungs colour output in photos, yes I know they're saturated but I think I'm just used to it after years of Sammy's.

    • Sadly the $50 ebay plus voucher doesn't stack with this deal. Still tempted and to save the plus voucher for something else.

  • How does this compare with Samsung S20 FE 5G? thanks

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      512gb storage vs 128gb, 12gb ram vs 6gb, higher end camera hardware, glass instead of plastic backing, 65w fast charging instead of 18/25w (I forget which).

    • If you're use to Samsung go Samsung, I bought this after being on Samsung for couple years and hated how laggy the software was, Despite of having the best specs of phone at the time experience was still not as good, Switching from different camera and focus it was lagging like a cheap phone would and camera colours were meh, Worst of it all was it was still selling in shops for $1500 and I struggled to get half or less than half of that with receipts and almost all the warranty.

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    Had the phone since launch after smashing my mate 20 pro, best device I've ever had by far and my first Oppo.

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    Only thing I hate is the side curve is very curved. Text gets wrapped a bit on the edge. And also no motion photos? The zoom struggles to focus a bit beyond 10x

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      I agree with the curved screen comment. What on earth is the purpose of curving the screen like this? I get why you have curved screens for gaming monitors to be immersive, but what is this phone doing with the curves??

      • A E S T H E T I C S

  • is Zip Pay $6 per month?

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      Only if you have an outstanding balance on your account. If you pay it off by the end of the month there is no $6 fee.

  • Anyone have experience with any of the cases that fit this beast?

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    Bit the bullet. Coming from OnePlus 6. Bit worried about the case situation though.

  • I signed up to ebay plus with the 5% off offer banner, only to be dicked around trying to actually get a code for it. Is there a point waiting or buying via ebay or better to just support the retailer direct when they're (ebay) dragging their feet to chase it up?

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      many energy provider sell jb egift card at 5% off.I just bought $700 for $665,plus 1% credit card(only payment method) surcharge,total $671,emailed to me in 10min,
      no direct debit worry like ebay plus.

  • Does the included power adapter support 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charge?

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      Yes, it's included. It also comes with a silicon case and a pre-applied screen protector.

  • Has anyone's shipped yet? Ordered mine on the 22nd and no update yet.
    edit- shipped 5 minutes ago, ETA of tomorrow.

  • This phone was launched 2020 can anyone comment on how long it will get security updates?

  • Excellent phone. Very snappy. First thing done was to convert from Telstra to Retail model to get quicker updates.
    Mirgration tool from iOS was bit of pain - had to switch to itunes region to Hong Kong to download the 'clone app'". As the app is not available on Australia itunes store.

    • Did you have any issues with Android Auto after upgrading it to Android 11?

      • My car doesn't have Andriod auto. But I heard reports with the latest update, there are no issues.

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    To anyone not seeing the 5G option on your sim setting after converting to dual sim, please do the below steps to manually select the 5G option.

    1. Dial this on your phone dialer… *#54794824#
    2. A popup will tell you that the 5G option has been updated
    3. Go to Settings > SIM card & mobile data > (YOUR sim) > Preferred network type > and select your network type (5G/4G/3G/2G (Auto)


  • Just happened to meet a bloke that had the exact same phone bought from a Telstra shop. We were both running the most up to date Android 11 and on Optus. Standing beside each other he got 3 bars 4G reception. I had none! Makes me very suspicious of the phone. Is it a non Australian market version?

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