When Do You Plan on Buying Your First Electric Car?

Around what year or period do you plan on buying your first electric car (either new or used)?

Obviously based on your own preference, prediction of prices, suitability for your usage, and the timeline by which you actually turnover your car.

Personally will be buying around 2037.

Interesting in hearing other people's plans!

Poll Options

  • 120
    2022 - 2024
  • 259
    2025 - 2027
  • 97
    2028 - 2030
  • 59
    2031 - 2033
  • 8
    2034 - 2036
  • 5
    2037 - 2039
  • 3
    2040 - 2042
  • 3
    2043 - 2045
  • 5
    2046 - 2048
  • 112
    2049 +


    • +1

      I understand that BYD are planning to release one in OZ this year. Talking about a price under $40K…

    • Kangoo ZE already exists in Australia. The problem is that it's ~52k driveaway which is a huge amount over the normal kangoo and they're not refreshed to the 2021 new kangoo interiors.

      • Nissan make the ENV200 and yet they dont think its worth selling here…

  • How do you know if someone drives a Tesla? Wait 5 minutes and they'll tell you!

    • +1

      Perhaps that's a good thing, wish I could afford one!

  • I've got a 2019 Kia Cerato GT. The warranty expires in 2026. I'll be looking to jump ship then.

  • As soon as the CyberTruck arrives in Australia

  • I'd buy one at the drop of a hat if I could afford one.

    ICE cars are OLD technology, and, innovation has halted, with only incremental changes.

    A Tesla on the other hand is the future.

    For those that are anti tesla, check out the new Hyundai Ionics coming out later next year. They look fantastic and give Tesla a run for their money.

    • The Ionics look over priced compared to the Tesla, less features, worse performance and a car built like an ICE converted into electric.

      • I think they meant the ioniq 5 and the other cars in that vein.

        Hyundai really screwed up their naming. They have the Hyundai ioniq, but they also have a new sub brand called ioniq ( kinda like how genesis is their luxury sub brand). They have the new ioniq 5 coming out this year or next year.

  • A Tesla sedan when it’s $45k or an SUV when it’s $55k

  • where is the Never option ? i will never drive or own an electric vehicle, my preference will be for manual transmission petrol or diesel.
    There will be plenty of petrol or diesel vehicles around for my driving life even if they are banned from sale in 20 years.

    • +2

      Real men drive manual while gobbling down a sausage egg mcmuffin hash brown and thick shake with a winnie blue in one hand. Anything else is for losers.

      • And never cover their nose and mouth with a mask.

      • i was more of a ice cream while shifting gears driving type of person, specifically magnums after working long hours on a hot day. i don't want to get the black lung, it might affect Blue STEEL.

  • +1

    Waiting for solid state batteries. However the Hyundai Ioniq 5 looks great.

  • +1

    When my 5 litre V8 stops recycling dinosaurs

  • -1

    Best thing for the country and electric car sales is to get electricity prices down in this country.

    • That’s not gonna happen. Your best bet is to generate your own.

  • When the Federal Liberal Government loses power, and we get a government prepared to legislate positively for EV like nearly every other developed nation on Earth.

    All the big car manufacturers are selling their best EV vehicles in Europe, and are selling their old junk here.
    The only reason? Our Government is too scared to make the hard decisions to finally move away from fossil fuels.

  • +3

    Already got one :D have had our MG ZS EV since February and loving it, it's honestly so much more convenient being able to charge at home than have to stop at fuel stations.

    • I'd be interested to see how this one in particular plays out long term.
      The MG longevity/build quality in general isn't really known as yet, combined with their first foray in EV systems is enough to deter me but to each their own. It's certainly well priced.

      How often were you stopping at fuel stations prior to owning an EV? I don't imagine it was all that often if you're driving a car with a range of around 260kms? 5 mins once a week isn't that much of an inconvenience to me personally and it doesn't have the range for me to take it away for the weekend.

      • Won’t be any worse than cars with ICE. Everyone has to start somewhere. Who remembers the Camira or any Jeep for that matter :D

        • I'm not sure what you're saying?
          I wouldn't buy a Jeep on the same premise I wouldn't buy an MG. EV or ICE

          • @whitelie: I was saying that every manufacturer has to start somewhere. There are those it will appeal to, just like the hyundai of the early 90’s

            The Jeep comment was just a cheap dig at their advertising of the jeep wave commitment. So unreliable they have to promise to get you there and back.

      • For me it's not so much the time spent refuelling as the added stop, I never want to factor in the added destination stop especially if it isn't directly on the same road in already driving on.

        It's nice not having to think about if I should stop somewhere or when/depending on fuel prices. The MG isn't the best EV for road trips with the range it has but for an urban everyday car we love it. We don't often travel too far, but for the few times we have stopping at a rapid charger has been easy and never felt like it took too much time out of the journey (maybe 20 mins).

        The newer EVs that are adding 100+km in 5 mins or so on a fast charger will be a game changer in that regard though. Excited for what options will be available when we eventually upgrade.

  • -1

    As soon as they have a V8 in them.

    • For noise or power? Noise emulators are available. EV power is easily better than V8 (if you get a powerful one)

  • -1

    My only concern with electric cars are EV fires.

    • Are you joking? Is petrol non flammable?

      • Tesla's greatest but not latest feature, spontaneous combustion

        • All manufacturers have this same great feature that this one Tesla had.


          • @lo200: EV fires are much more worse than a regular fire.

            • @baskinghobo: so you are saying you would prefer to be in a burning gas car?

              I think I would prefer to not be in a burning car full stop.

              • @RedSky1: Just look up on YouTube what happens when a Tesla catches on fire. Firefighters struggle to contain the fire because the fire keeps reigniting no matter how much water they hose down on the Tesla. I love electric cars as much as the next guy but something needs to be done to handle those types of fires better.

  • price price price,

  • +2

    There's no option to vote for 2017.

    Bought my Tesla model X in 2017 and absolutely love it. 0 servicing costs and because I was an early adapter I have life time free supercharging.

    It is my daily driver and I have over 130,000km on the clock now and is super cheap to run. The old V8 is too expensive to run so it just stays in the garage.

    • Love the X but way too expensive for us.

  • Depends on the electric cars to be honest. The tech whilst amazing still seems immature. Only Tesla has toyed with reshaping the mould with their tech, style and bold vision like the Cyber truck. The others manufactures are simply giving us the traditional style car with an electric drivetrain.

    I will keep my ICE car until:
    EV's actually present a bold transition into something a bit more exciting (think Tesla Cyber truck, Honda E and maybe the Mustang E)
    EV's are significantly cheaper to buy and run
    My ICE car falls apart and there is nothing but SUV's on the market

    • +1

      Have you looked at the ioniq 5?

      • Ooh the Ioniq 5 is really nice. I like it. Love the style.

        This looks like a proper ground up EV design with flat floors and real innovation.

        • +2

          Yup, and 18 minute 10-80% charge.

          I liked it enough to have a prorder for it to replace me Hyundai kona electric.

  • I plan on buying one as soon as we have a proper government that will subsidise electric cars so they're affordable. I want one now but can't afford $50k+. Hopefully that's in 2022 but may be 2025.

    • When you plan to buy an electric car will not be a choice for you as all the major car manufacturers are phasing out ICE models in line with their Government requirements. Australia is one of the few countries in the world market with RH drive vehicles so supply of RD drive non EV's will very limited by the end of this decade. We will be the dumping ground for a while of old ICE stock from OS manufacturers. I drive a Hyundai Ioniq full EV and its a great car with a quality build and lots of innovations.

  • +1

    OP, when you are discussing cars on OzB, it is almost criminal you ignore “Westpac investment analyst” - so you need to include one more option - when I got a job at Westpac as investment analyst!!

  • The poll doesn't include an option to choose "never".

    I'd be happy to own an EV. One would be ideal for the driving I do. By I'm 70+, and a pensioner. I expect to be dead before there's an EV in my price range.

  • First of all, there are many other major car manufacturers in the EV market apart from Tesla. Kinda silly to equate EVs with Tesla. Has anyone actually seriously researched Tesla products? Few things to note:

    1. They overstate their driving range compared to other major car manufacturers
    2. They call their product Full Self-Driving (FSD) when it is only a Level 2 (out of Level 5 - complete autonomous self-driving), and they charge customers extra for the self-driving feature.
    3. Have you seen how bad a Tesla burns when it catches on fire? Just ask a firefighter who tried putting out a Tesla on fire. You don't want to be in a Tesla when it crashes.
    4. Tesla customers pay to try beta products, not the other way round.

    As for EVs in general, just gotta wait for price parity with ICE vehicles, similar driving range with ICE vehicles, abolition of state levy on EV on a per/km basis, longer battery life, lower replacement cost for EV batteries.

    Until that happens, I'm sticking with Toyota Hybrids. Getting into the EV market (of sorts), but enjoying all the savings that come with better fuel economy.

    I mean, that's gotta be the OzBargain way, am I right?

    • Have you seen how bad a Tesla burns when it catches on fire?

      That’ll be the same for any EV. It’s the battery chemistry that feeds the fire.

  • When I have a garage…

    I'm hoping to pick up a plug in hybrid over the next few years, which as far as I can tell, is the closest you can get to the best of both worlds. Though certainly keeping my eye on EVs.

  • +2

    I've been waiting for the Tesla Model Y 7 Seater. Hopefully soon. Did a test drive of the Model 3 LR, addicted to it's power. Plus we have a large solar system and we work from home. Minimal running costs, no need for petrol stations. Sounds pretty good to me. Was leaning towards the X5 before this.

    I would love the Cybertruck though but thumbs down from the wife. Would love to see some Chinese brands like Nio, XPeng in Australia too.

  • When my high yield AMG is no longer yielding…

  • +1

    to be honest still feels like it's 10 years away

  • When we are using nuclear power for base load

    • That’s pretty unlikely to happen.

  • When Do You Plan on Buying Your First Electric Car?

    When charging stations become as common as petrol stations and take around the same amount of time to fill up.

    I can’t answer your poll because I don’t know when that will be.

    • In the UK there are now more EV charging stations than petrol pumps at service stations and on roadside areas!

      Many people who own EV's ( I do) charge at home from a normal power point overnight on off-peak tariffs. The idea of how long it takes to charge at a fast DC charger only really applies when on a road trip and then you need to use the toilet or get something to eat maybe?
      My Hyundai gives me a range of 320 to 375 km's depending on how I drive it so normal usage around Melbourne there is no need to charge up every night.

    • So you don’t have a garage where you can charge nightly?

      • Actually there area number of totally free DC fast chargers available locally. I use the one at Swinburne Uni which is 3 km's from home. Very occasionally I top up fully at home if going on a 300+km trip. The idea that you have to have off street parking to charge at home with be overcome by wireless charging eventually or reserved street areas for charging like they have for short term share cars like GoGet.

  • +1

    Price is the main thing. I know people waiting to get one once it's more affordable

  • Steam is the future…

  • +1

    OP where is the option of never ?

    BTW I already have a fleet of Hot Wheels electric cars :)

  • When they can make them sound like a real car…

  • +1

    Waiting for MPV (think Kia Carnival) with 350KM range (this should be fine for road trips, as in stop every 2 hours for a break/recharge)

    • +1

      That’s sensible talk. Stop it!

  • I live in a unit. We have no means to charge in my garage.

    I have access to power at my parents place but they dont have solar cells but I would imagine they wouldnt mind me leeching off their powah overnight every so often!

    So…. let me put it like this… if Haval made an electric H6 with say 350-400km… even if its RWD only and if its under $40k with their std. 7 year warranty I'll pick one up right now.

    I cant really trust the traditonal manufactures or Tesla to come up with a workable reasonably priced EV so its the Chinese or nothing warts and all.

    If NSW wants to leach $250 as an ev road tax then I'll pay it. Every piece of shit bastard govt agency in the country wants a handout so what else is new.

    I will always have access to ICE cars so having an EV isnt too much of an inconvenince.

    I dont expect a single EV to do everything.

  • +1

    With crypto mining already, I don't think there is enough power to charge a car for a home

    • I thought the key to that is electricity cost and some frozen country has the huge advantage .

      • +1

        as people have shown in this thread alone… IF you own your own house and IF you have your own solar cells and then you can charge your car for free.

        one person says they have two EVs and they charge one and drive the other

        we're living in 2021 and he's already in 3031

        if you have the means then yes, its possible

  • Not a question of year but rather when they are truely affordable and the govt laws favour evs over petrol / diesal and infrastructure network is as good as gas station with really quick fast charging.

  • When they install quick battery changing stations instead of charging.

    • That will mean we need far more battery packs available so they can charge while one is powering a car that is parked more than half the time anyway.

      I see the merit in a swappable battery pack, but also means that the battery would need to be standardised to an open standard. That will probably also mean you’ll end up with the cheapest to-standard Chinese battery powering your expensive Mercedes at times. A battery that might have come out of an MG or have a million kms on it and be about to fail. Or do require that the battery swap centre has a hundred different models available just in case you rock up with model xx that they haven’t swapped for a month.

      Edit: actually now I think about it, a battery swap station could be used to store energy from renewables to stabilise the grid for base load.

  • Mummy give me the option to order Y!

    Dumb website only allows for the truck

  • I've been thinking about buying one but options are still limited. I don't think joining the Tesla cult is for me.

    Looking forward to mainstream car companies releasing more options.

  • Can anyone that owns one confirm?

    Why does my Model S use 5% of its battery while being parked for 30hrs doing nothing. Will parked @Tesla cars be the biggest pointless waste of electricity soon?

    • +2

      Yep, not doing nothing. The battery drains for a few reasons. 5% is extreme, it's usually more like 1% per day, but the battery always maintains a healthy temperature, so uses power to maintain the HVAC loop. Sentry mode also uses battery, it records anyone who approaches or touches the vehicle. You might experience 5% in a day if you have a lot of people approaching the car, the ambient temperature is too high or too low, and you keep checking the car via the app (the car has to fire up the onboard computer each time you check it). But really, bank on 1% per day and you'll be ok. After the car gets down to 20% battery, it turns off a lot of sub systems so can sit much longer without phantom drain.

    • ICE cars use power while sitting too. You just don’t notice it because the battery gets recharged by petrol every time you start it. They also don’t run as much stuff while sitting because the battery is too small. Only hold power on maintaining memory storage and clocks etc.

    • +1

      Owners claim 1% per day or 1% every few hours if you have sentry mode enabled. Aslo more phantom battery drain in cold weather.

      It's fair considering the car is technically always on.

  • I'am probably over simplifying but if I spend close to $10k a year of petrol now and I buy a Tesla model 3 for $60k will it pay for itself in 6 years? (Provided my house has a oversupply of solar panels).

  • I don't

    • Interested to hear why not.

      Bought your last car before retiring from driving? Don’t believe electric is any good? Tow a caravan to outback places? Just like the noise, heat and fumes? Don’t have anywhere convenient to charge?

      • why? so you can argue your point lol.

        Ok, try driving from North Coast NSW to Wagga in a day in a electric car. 10 hours. Then out through Riverina via Dubbo and back.
        Will stick to my tax deductible V6 SUV thanks.

        • I might argue the point. But your usage case sounds like petrol for a while to come yet. Lots of people say’never’ with no good reason, others are just scared of the new tech, plenty have valid reasons.

          You’d probably need 800km range with 10min 80% charge points available at every country town. That’s not reality yet.

          • @Euphemistic: yeah but realistically what does regional matter in this discussion and many other discussions on many topics, partly going by with the PM of Sydney and the Premier of East Sydney state regularly….

            If you drive 10hrs then yeah, good on you and your choices in life.

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