~ $300 Small(er) Android Phone Suggestions

I'm looking for a phone that should last me 4 years of simple use (reddit, texting, phone calls, occasional photo). I'm coming from an LG G6, and I would like a phone in a similar form factor if possible though I understand it's a tough ask especially at $300.

All I need from it is good battery life, a camera that isn't fuzzy, a responsive UI (if the software is bloated I should be able to root the phone), and a headphone jack.

I currently have my eyes set on the Realme 7 5G whenever it goes on sale ($299) for what it's worth.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I should mention I'm in no rush, but am looking to upgrade by the end of the year.

Edit 2: I've found an 'as new' S10e for $375 and figured it would be worth the stretch for a fairly recent flagship that checks all my boxes. Is this a good price?


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    Poco x3 Pro seems to be the winner


    If you are not buying for another 5 months then keep an eye out for new release phones, there will be a lot.


    A bit off track, apologies, but how is your LG G6? Mine died all of a sudden after no problems with it after 9 months of usage.


      Its crashing like once a day and it feels like I'm using a 30hz panel. It's like a TV that you have to slap every time it goes fuzzy.


        Ha ha, interesting description. My G6 just shut down on me one day and it has been stuck in a bootloop ever since. When I can end up getting into the phone, it's terribly slow, then the screen freezes after half a min of using it. The only way to turn off the screen is to force shut down the phone, which enters the bootloop again. Crazy stupid, thank goodness LG stopped making smartphone this year. I've tried flashing my OS, factory resetting, and nothing. I now have a Samsung, and it's been so much more reliable than my G6. lol.

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          Yeah the LG G6 is such good hardware but between the software and the locked bootloader it's just not worth it.