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Gulf Western Engine Oil 15W-40 $16, 10W-30 $18.99, Bissell Auto Spot Clean Carpet Shampooer $189.99 + Delivery/C&C @ Supercheap


As per the new SCA catalogue, a decent deal for a semi synthetic oil.

Limit of 2 per customer.

Bissell Auto Spot Clean Carpet Shampooer $189.99

Regarding the Spot Cleaner, it's a very good tool and I'd recommend one as it's very handy for car and residential use but I'd urge you to keep the receipt. Mine was an earlier model, very similar but failed (just before warranty expired). A friends had the same failure (pump).

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    Sca website says this oil not suitable for my car when my car takes 10w 40 /10 w 30
    E.g. the Castrol magnetic 10w 40 says it fits my car but not this one??


      Could be that your car wants a full synthetic, or one of the specifications that the manufacturer askes for (eg. ACEA A3/B4) is missing. You may be able to use it, but check the required specifications of your engine.

      If the engine asks for full synthetic, semi-synthetic (like this) will work fine, but will degrade quicker. In this case, just change the oil more regularly.


      Whenever you post a question like this, you'll get more helpful responses if you post your vehicle details: make/model/year/engine type. We're just making a stab in the dark otherwise.


        Its for a holden Barina XC 1.4 L 2005 or a Holden Vectra JS2 2.2 2001

        Gulf Western's own website tells me 5W-40, 10W-40, or 15W-50 is good both vehicles, So I wonder what's exactly wrong with 15W-40, or 10W-30 ?


          Yeah the SCA part selector is often wrong. There's nothing wrong with the 15W-40, it will be fine for your car. The 10W-30 might be a bit thin though.