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30% off Batteries e.g. Century 55D23LF $139.99 (Was $199.99), Optima D34 $293.30 (Was $419) C&C /+ Delivery @ AutoBarn


This deal beats a popular deal from SuperCheap back at the start of July.

AutoBarn has 30% off all Batteries, 30% off oils, and everything else is 20% off (storewide) for Friday and Saturday only with some exclusions. Prices are off RRP and can't be used with other offers.

I would go the Century personally, made in QLD.

Check to which Century batteries fits your car here: https://www.centurybatteries.com.au/resources/battery-finder

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    As noted in the Supercheap deal, use the Century online fitment guide, not the retailers fitment system.

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      I might be a rare case but even Century's guide can be wrong. The model they listed was almost perfect except it had small terminals instead of standard. Just have a peek under the bonnet first if buying online!

      • small terminal is for boat, I remember it is different in the the model number by the last letter compared to the same model with standard terminal.

        You can use any cheaper battery as long as the dimension can fit in your car.

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          small terminals (pencil posts) are often for older japanese cars.

    • Century's site doesn't list my car :/
      Supercharge does though!

      • It's worth knowing the dimensions and specs of your OEM battery and checking somewhat semi-manually as I've found even the battery makers websites won't show batteries that meet spec/size for my car (2018 Hyundai i30 diesel) - says no parts available but they've got multiple models that exceed OEM specs and are exact size. So the auto check is only so accurate and as stated earlier you can put over spec'd battery in if it will physically fit but of course you need to know what you're selecting. :-)

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    That deal is even better considering the prices on the optima batteries.

    • I was leaning towards a D34, but some sites say it won't fit my car.
      The Supercharge MF66H apparently does fit, it also has higher AH and RC.

      • Get the Varta AGM equivalent, it's the E39.

        Had an MF66H and it failed right outside of warranty.

        • Wow, that's even more expensive than the Optima!

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          After the 40 month warranty?

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      Who the (profanity) are you?

      • I am Dowhat. I do what I want

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    It's worth noting it appears nearly the entire range of Supercharge batteries state an EXTRA $40 off if you trade in your old battery when you make purchase. When added to the 30% off this makes for some VERY good prices on what I've heard a lot of folks regard as top class batteries that're on par with Century etc.

    Doesn't seem to state anywhere on website how to do this but I'd assume just bring any old battery in and they'd accept it - as you don't have to use the recommended battery in your car, it's just about the space limitations and specs needed. If you're keen I'd call your local branch and check how to do this as perhaps you can order online and then get refunded the $40 when you picup the order etc.

    Very good find OP - thanks for posting up.

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      I called 1st in thing in the morning, they said the $40 trade in finished yesterday.
      Also Supercharge batteries are great, been using them for many years. Never had any issues with them, would say it's on par with century

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        Still shows on their website at the time I'm writing this reply though, along with the discounted price (source - https://imgur.com/0cFrtMu). I would go in store and show them the website, and hold them to it.

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          Called 2 other stores also, none of them are willing to do it, "it ended yesterday" is all I'm getting.

    • I agree, that combined with the trade in discount, it makes for some good buying. Would be good to know if anyone is able to stack the discounts.

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      I love Supercharge Gold batteries, switched to them from Century. Much more durable in my experience and always have higher RC and CCA compared to equivalent Century.

    • Damn! Forgot to trade in my old brick.

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      I called my local and they said it's an error (ended yesterday) and won't honour it. Fair enough.

  • paid $210 for a new battery 1 month ago :(

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      Time to go on the migoreng diet to recoup the losses =(

  • My battery is about 5 years old. Never missed a beat. Should I replace out of caution or wait till it shows signs of fatigue? And how accurate is the mechanic testing them? Cheers

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      5 years is a pretty good run. My suspicion would be that any place that does 'free' battery testing would more than likely just say you need a new one.

      I believe you can do a basic test yourself pretty easily with a cheap multimeter. Have a google. Otherwise, if you have a feeling its on the way out, you could buy this and store it until you need it?

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        Multimeter test wont give ya much info, apart from current state of charge. Mechanics can use a load tester to see how the battery does under a load and essentially work out how many CCA you battery is putting out, in order to determine the health of it.
        I know Supercheap does free testing for you

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          Supercheap dont't load test, you can do just as decent a check yourself with a multimeter.

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            @Bamboozle: Again, supercheap auto do not load test vehicle batteries, they have a policy against doing that. They just use a battery analyser, which isn't going to really find out if your battery is up to snuff or not. Mechanical shops will use a load tester

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      If you buy another now then your current battery will last another year, if you don't then it will die next week.

      But seriously, 5 years and its probably towards the end of it's life depending how the car is used. Personally I would just hold of as the prices were inflated anyway and you can generally find supercharge batteries online within $10-20 of the current prices.

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      This is complex area as you can test a battery around 5 different ways…..from my research the best methodology is use of a capacitance tester. Essentially the problem is a battery can as you say, look perfectly healthy and then suddenly fail - and sadly THAT is normal.

      Capacitance testers enable determining how much of the original 'capacity'/abilities the battery still retains. Multimeter, load testing etc have all been shown to only be semi indicative of this.

      Good news is most SCA, Repco & Battery World will have quality capacitance testers available and test for FREE. Takes just a minute to do.

      If your battery is 5yrs and you're not hitting it with a recharger each month etc - you'd be well beyond 'average' lifespan and I'd strongly consider test and likely replacement. 40%+ of NRMA/RACQ callouts are for flat batteries i.e folks use them too long and don't know when to replace simply as it's 'due'.

    • My mechanic told me to replace my battery. I took it to Supercheap and they tested it and said all good. That was 2 years ago and it is still working.

      If your car is a smaller one (battery costs less) then you can proactively change it for peace of mind.

    • I’m also in the same situation, my OEM battery is 5 years old in my CX9. It’s showing no signs of failing but I do regularly charge it as I am mostly working from home these days. Should I buy a battery just in case and store it at home? I will burn through the warranty but 30% off is a good deal.

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        If it is cranking above 9v and after running the headlights, fan and radio for 2 minutes via auxiliary key position, it's still okay.

        A proper load test is the only real way to know how good/bad your battery is.

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        My OEM in my Lancer lasted 10.5 years with regular trickle charging.
        I wouldn't buy one just in case, apart from the lost warranty it will deteriorate and these deals come up regularly.
        But I would have an option ready in case it does fail, such as this similar Exide from Bunnings, always available for $179:

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      Most people change their battery when it fails a battery test. This isn't a bad idea from a reliability point of view - but realistically, batteries last much longer than that. My parents Daewoo Lanos started failing its battery test about 12 years before the battery started struggling to start the car. My Rav4 failed its battery test right after I bought it - that was 5 years ago, and I'm still using the same battery with no issues. The battery in my mini (which has never been tested) is over 10 years old and still works fine.

      In my experience, most normally-used batteries will start failing a battery test after around 5 years, but will still work and reliably start the car after 10. Battery testers are very conservative.

  • Good find OP, unfortunately they don't seem to stock the century battery that fits my car :(

    Supercheap does though, would it be worth giving autobarn a ring to see if they can order it in?

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      Repco is currently doing 25% off their "Repco" batteries which are just re-branded Centuries anyway

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        Just checked that out, thanks for the heads up!

        From what I can gather they only stock the 30-month battery, not 40-month, but same also goes for autobarn now that I searched a bit deeper.

        I'll keep that in mind for future though :)

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      I would drop into Supercheap and ask if they can match. Depends on the manager but they'll probably do it.

      • Yeah but the battery doesn't show up on the site at all so doubt they would match it?

        Oh well, I managed to find the 30 month warranty one on autobarn so should be good, thanks though :)

  • Saw this on their Facebook yesterday. Will drop in for a new battery tomorrow. 30% off their Overlander 4x4 range is nearly $100 off the batter that suits my car. My battery is 3 years old, but the OEM battery in my car have a reputation for failing early, so I might get in now.

    Having said that, a Supercharge is bloody tempting when the 30% is stacked with the $40 trade-in.

    • I saw the trade-in offer and wondered is it stackable though.

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    Upon calling 5 stores, they've all advised me that the $40 trade-in expired yesterday, although their website still shows it. Please let me know if anyone is successful in obtaining the $40.

  • Can I buy it first and store the batteries for long?

    • Generally storing is not recommended. If you really wanna leave it stored, get a small trickle charger and keep it on while stored. Something like a Noco G1100 or a Genius 1.

  • 30% off batteries (not limited to select brands) is now once a year event, so don't miss out!
    The last time they did 30% off batteries was June 2020.

  • So they will be 50% off on Saturday and Sunday?

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      No, sorry Scroosh. This deal started today and runs until closing tomorrow. The 30% off batteries don't stack with 20% storewide, it's one or the other..

  • debating on getting this or one of those $90 certa/Victron trickle chargers for my 4 year old battery on my camry which is starting to sound a bit weaker when starting…although I do have a kmart 4A manual charger

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      If it's weak when starting, a trickle charger will probably not help it. It likely means the battery isn't putting out the same CCA (Cold Crank Amps) as it used to. Although you can try to give the battery a good charge (and some trickle chargers have a 'recondition' to see if it makes a difference. It may extend life a little longer but not a permanent fix if it doesn't have the amps.

      P.S. I bought the Victron charger in the recent deal and it's terrific.

      • cheers, did you get the 5A version which is currently $103 on ebay?

        • I sure did.

          • @tom1401: I have a 7a victron and it recovered a twice flattened 4yr old optima yellow top about 6 months ago. It's still going fine as a starter in my ute.
            Not sure how much I can push my luck though.

      • Wouldn't driving your car alone enough to charge the battery?

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    Can someone suggest the best replacement battery for Discovery Sport 2017?

    • -1

      I think the best suggestion is to do your own homework honestly. This is hardly rocket surgery type of ordeal

  • supercharge offering 24m warranty. century 40m. Then i check to see it doesnt cover flat batteries. whats point of warranty then?

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      I think it's due to the fact that letting an acid battery drain to flat is most of the time a death sentence. If you don't regularly use the car and cycle the battery, or use a trickle charger when you're not using it, you'll kill it, and it's not the manufacturers fault. It's a just a limitation of the battery.

  • +1

    Good luck getting anything replaced under warranty with Century.

  • Anyone having order issues? I have been charged but no order was processed

  • Damn it, 2 weeks after I bought the battery from SCA and 1 week from when I picked it up to install myself because they refused to install it for me due to covid and battery being in the boot (even though the website claims my car is not in the "no-go" list). Oh well.

    EDIT: Actually nvm they don't have the exact battery I bought. I feel a little better now

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    Just bought the VARTA E39 for my VW golf which is the cheapest ever.
    Need a replacement anw.
    Thank OB

  • Am I missing something. SCA Century ISS Q85 battery is $359 without discount. At Autobarn it's $328 after 30% discount. I bought mine for $250 a few months back at SCA when it was on sale.

    • Yep, noticed autobarn inflated their battery RRP too.

  • @42

    Must be the "covid" effect

    • Like used cars

  • Is anyone a Costco member and able to confirm the pricing they have there for batteries?

  • Any idea how much they charge to fit a new battery?

    • I was told it's normally free install and disposal of existing battery at Clayton Vic store but they can't with current lockdowns.

      I've ordered, paid and they have put a note on to say install once restrictions ease.

      It's also only click and collect only at the Clayton VIC store.

    • Bit late now, but they didn't charge me to install the new battery I bought on sale or to dispose of the old one. I'm not in a Covid effected area so they did it then and there.

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    Honestly, after buying the gooloo jump start power bank, I feel I can get my battery going for 10 years now haha… P/S I always keep the power bank in my car in cooler bag

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      Remind Me! 10 years "Did Lancerx's battery last 10 years?"

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        Well it's already 5 years, so we're already half way there.

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