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[iOS] Free - HappyCow (Vegan Food Near You) (Was $5.99) @ Apple App Store


This popular app is free again for a limited time.

Since 1999, HappyCow has helped users find vegan-options at 130,000+ restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores in 180+ countries. Now it's easy to find vegan food delivery nearby, or get takeout. Read 700,000+ reviews and see 850,000+ photos posted by our awesome community! With HappyCow, you can search for vegan-friendly bakeries, health food stores, catering, farmers markets, juice bars, coffee shops, or other types of vegan businesses and use filters for delivery and take-away!

• Filter by Vegan, Delivery, Take-out, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, cuisine types, and more!
• Easily search near you, or nearby an address (perfect for planning a trip!)
• Order food for delivery and take-away via an easy link (within USA)
• Plan your travels by using our interactive map and saving places for offline viewing
• Find popular and undiscovered eateries with keywords and cuisine filters: perfect for foodie adventures and Instagram pics!
• See hours, directions, photos, and reviews - so easy!

• Join the largest Veg community with 500,000+ people who are changing the world!
• Search or browse to find like-minded people to connect with and send instant messages.
• Add restaurants to your Favorite list or Travel list
• Upload photos & submit reviews at places you love! Track where you’ve been!
• Content is updated 24/7 by a dedicated team and 2 million+ monthly visitors
• HappyCow is supported in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, and now Portuguese.

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  • +12

    Has a good amount of high ratings, thanks for the post.

  • +32

    I'm not vegan, but vegan food can be delicious
    Thanks OP!

    • +5

      Same, not a vegan here, was a meat lumper for over 7 years until a few months ago.

      But my 2 favourite restaurants by far are Veggie Hut (Box Hill) and Huong Viet ( Footscray)

      Big bro is a vegi so he took me when was 13, I'm 34 now and I haven't stopped going

      Absolutely delicious. Tried most of the mock meat /vegi places in Melbourne, and they are the best IMO, I wish I had something like them locally.

      If you love your mock meats like me check out Vincents Veg in Footscray @ 353 Barkley St, a supermarket for all your mock meat needs 😋

      Whilst having a good reputation for producing good quality beef, fact is, domestic beef is trash, we export the good stuff, there isn't a butcher Ive served who doesn't disagree.

      Pig farmers are also struggling as its cheaper / less labour to import a frozen Ham.

  • +33

    People will somehow find a way to hate on this, and think that vegans are the deranged ones

    • -10

      It's a $5 app that does what Google does.

      You can punch "vegan takeaway" into Google or Google maps and it'll find them for you.

      • +22

        Happy Cow is much better than google maps, where everything is 4.3-4.6 stars and a search for “lunch” will surface bars which open at 5pm.

        It has reviews from vegetarians and vegans commenting specifically on the quality of those options, and often has additional nuance based on various vegetarian/vegan requirements.

      • +11

        It does more than that. It has reviews from people. Also suggestions on which items on the menu are vegan or can be made vegan. Hard to find these details from hundreds of reviews on Google.

    • -5

      It's due to the vocal batshit crazy vegans making everyone else look bad. I once had a vegan go nuts at me because she ordered a ramen then demanded a refund because she didn't know the soup was pork broth

      • How dare a vegan doesn’t want to eat pork?

        • Ramen is a meat dish. She came to Japan, to a ramen only shop,and ordered it. She didn't ask about the ingredients. Then demanded a refund after we made it

        • Probably the same type of vegan who has a leather jacket and a LV purse.

  • +2

    Why is the Android version not free as well?

    • Maybe the sales are on at different times - I remember getting Happy Cow app on android and not needing to pay.

    • +2

      IOS is apple, apples are vegan, happycow is happy.

      Android versions can all be vegan or not, (vegan kitkat apparently launching next Monday in Woolworths), hence require more qualification before happycow is happy.

      • lol very clever

        Apple Vegan

        Dead Android mince not so vegetarian friendly

        • +1

          If androids are sentient then android mince is nonvegan.

          If not sentient, and they don't consume other sentient beings, then eat all the android mince you want.

    • There's a free and paid version on Android, whereas iOS is usually paid only.

  • +18

    Very useful app, has helped me find good places to eat with vegetarian options overseas (e.g. Japan) many times

    • +6

      Helped me when I was in Japan as well. A real life saver lol

  • +7

    Amazingly helpful app for when travelling.

  • +5

    the website always used to be free

    • +5

      Still is. No need for app.

  • +7

    My Son has dairy allergies.. this app will be helpful.. thanks OP

  • +2

    I came here for the jokes.

    • +1

      Look for a bloke called @Boertjie above.

  • +2

    Does it have good listings for places in Australia outside Sydney and Melbourne?

    • +2

      I’ve used it with great success in Bali before. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t similarly useful in most regions.

    • +1

      Yes I find it most helpful outside of the major cities while travelling for work.

  • +1

    Thank you OP.

    Got the app for free!

  • +1

    Great app, thanks for posting. For interested parties the two Fussy Vegan apps are currently on sale too (though not free unfortunately).

  • +1

    The other day I tried "500g Nakula Strawberry Plant Based Yoghurt" that Woolworths had marked down to 96 cents. I like Strawberry but apparently the red colour in some foods comes from crushed beetles (vomit). I figured maybe the vegan one wouldn't have that. I nearly bought two because most yoghurts are 1kg. Anyway thank goodness I didn't. It was FOUL. Not off, I mean it's normal taste. It tasted like cornstarch mixed with water to make paste, then some red food colouring and a TINY amount of strawberry jam mixed in. That is, the "yoghurt" (custard slop) itself had no real taste. It was just… weird, unnatural. If they'd upped the amount of jam maybe it would have been close to food, but how can anyone eat pink wallpaper paste!?

    I've also tried some nut loaf thing in a can. Ugh, just awful.

    Maybe it's only premade supermarket vegan stuff that's foul? But that doesn't make sense either because not much normal food in the supermarket tastes awful. Is there anyone here who eats meat (not a vegan - I expect their tastebuds are used to it and/or their brains are used to food with little taste), who has eaten a few vegan meals (not vegetarian where they still use eggs, cream, and milk so it still resembles real food)… that didn't taste awful?

    • +5

      I’m vegan but also care about taste, and the two items you mention are legitimately foul!

      Try the Cocobella brand coconut yoghurt and some of the ‘fresh’ plant-based mince brands like V2, Beyond Meat or Naturli. The Gardein brand ‘fish’ fillets and meatballs are also pretty good.

      There are some awful faux meat/dairy products out there but luckily the last few years has seen plenty of good ones hit the shelves.

      • Grrr… they had that coconut one marked down as well. Should've tried it. I didn't get it because I figured the strawberry would be better.

      • +1

        Not a vegan myself but +1 for v2 products

      • Can I just firstly declare I'm a massive meat eater and most vegan substitutes taste like shit.

        However, the "Herb and Sons" range from Coles is so on point and mimics actual meat perfectly. Taste is closest I've tried, cooks like you'd expect meat to and colour is virtually no different.

    • +7

      "I once tried this one new brand of lemonade. It tasted nothing like the cola I'm used to. Therefore I think all clear liquids are gross, not like real drinks which must be dark."

      — what people who try one vegan brand and then become experts on vegan food sound like.

      • Most things marketed as vegan are gross. Veges are never marketed as vegan and are delicious

      • Your comparison is a false set up. You would expect lemonade to taste something like lemonade. i.e. Strawberry should taste something resembling strawberry, not clag paste with a bit of red food colouring and strawberry jam mixed in that you occasionally happen upon a piece of. ;-)

    • Most chinese/asian cooking can be vegan if you just takeout the meat. Stirfry vegies, tofu and TVP honestly mean you can eat almost any asian dish.

    • I love Nakula, but the strawberry is their worst flavour IMO. Vanilla is the best. Or try Coyo. I’m not a fan of cocobella but to each their own.

    • Non vegan here. Have a vegan friend and he always goes on about how this/that tastes as good as this/that non vegan stuff.
      Then I try it and go ewwww. Hell no. It does not¡

  • +4

    This app is particularly useful when you're traveling and need to find a bite to eat.

  • +4

    This app has been incredibly helpful, especially when you're travelling / abroad

  • +2

    The app is really good for travelling

  • +1

    You made me hungry again.

  • +1

    thanks OP got it

  • Thanks OP. This is perfect! Just decided to detox for a little while 😄

  • +4

    This app is great.

    Funny how posting things for vegans makes meat eaters insecure enough to lash out. How insecure do you have to be?

    • +1

      says the vampire

      • +2

        Hey, I only eat blood oranges..

    • -3

      I for one, am happy to let vegans coexist if both sides agree it's their choice what they eat and not to try and influence those around them. Same with religion and politics.

      • +3

        Thanks for your permission.

        • -2

          I took an objective approach and it still can't satisfy vegans like you, thanks for providing the perfect case to prove my point.

          • +4

            @pennypincher98: No you took a subjective approach, completely denying the subjective experience of the animals you unnecessarily exploit and kill for what you eat.

            Also, I'm not sure what point you made and why you think you now proved it?

            • @afoveht: It's meat eaters choice what they want to eat. It's vegans choice what they want to eat. No amount of fear-mongering or cooking fake dogs in the CBD is going to completely eliminate meat.

              Instead of animal suffering, why don't people demand more change on people suffering?

              My point is I have never made a vegan eat meat but there seems to be a lot of vegans protesting against eating it.

              I know I'm wasting my time on the biggest group of outspoken keyboard warriors but until both the quality and price of fake meat improve its not going anywhere.

              • @pennypincher98: It is likely not everyone will become vegan. But we have to start somewhere. The animal agriculture industry is responsible for a significant amount of harm to the environment including greenhouse emissions, water pollution and deforestation.

                Meat and dairy is inherently inefficient - if a lot more people became vegan (or at very least plant based), there would be more food available to feed people.

                And yes, as an added benefit we also reduce overall suffering of both animals and people.

                So ultimately, it's a reasonable wish of vegans to end animal agriculture as it will have benefits in many places for everyone.

          • +1

            @pennypincher98: Your frustration is from the disconnect between what you feel and what you do.

            This is a good start.

  • +2

    Thanks. I sent this to my vegan friend, I appreciate it.

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