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Free 1 Month Foxtel Now (New/Returning) for Telstra Postpaid Customers @ Telstra


Available for Telstra postpaid customers.

1 Month free Foxtel Now. During this period you will have access to all packs Foxtel Now has on offer. RRP of $104.

Available to new and existing Foxtel Now customers.

You must be a new or returning Foxtel Now customer and have an eligible Telstra consumer post-paid mobile or fixed broadband service to be eligible for this offer. Eligible customers must redeem through an active Telstra account at http://hub.telstra.com.au/foxtelnow or on a Telstra TV .

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    Well that's something. Anyone else with Telstra NBN find the internet bloody awful the past few weeks? Constant drop outs and horrendously slow speeds to the point I cannot work or watch YouTube videos.

    • +1

      yes, lots of people on facebook commenting about it.

      they are all Telstra customers.

      Sounds like a Telstra problem, not NBN as customers with other providers are not complaining…

    • +1

      Yeah, mines been bad.
      NBN in my area is the subject of the Telstra refund system. Can't even achieve 30mbps near me with any ISP.

    • -4

      Why anyone would still be using Telstra for their home internet in 2021 is beyond me… with superior providers like Aussie Broadband out there.

      • +2

        I only pay $50 included landline ( use sometines) , kayo sports , unlimited 100mbps. Happy with Telstra

        • +3


        • +2

          Sounds like a sweet deal got any details ?

          • +5

            @ZeeFlyingMonkey: All that for $50 sounds like bullshit to me. I pay $55p/m with superloop, just internet and only 25mbps speed.

      • because velocity "smart" suburbs.

          • +3

            @Budginator: That's all you need for pretty much anything.

            • @Narchos: I manage fine with 25mbps speed, but I live alone.

            • +2

              @Narchos: If you are the average home user you probably don't 'need' anything faster than 100mbps. I would still argue that 100mbps is not fast in 2021, its about the average worldwide… Maybe Telstra should brand that tier as 'fast enough' rather than 'premium speed' :) :p https://www.speedtest.net/global-index

    • Mines fine 100/40 solid

    • Used to have lots of streaming issues with Telstra when I was with them for NBN. Swapped over to Superloop a few years ago and have had 0 issues since, no problem streaming 4K content any time of the day.

    • +1

      Yeh, it might have something to do with half the country being locked down.

    • Yep mines been awful since Monday and was cutting out heaps yesterday & the day before, seems alright this morning …


  • Perfect timing as i need to drop Foxtel cable as it's not supported on NBN plans…

  • Is that new offer or just same as when we redeem foxtel now box?

  • +2

    Can we cancel immediately?? The cancel button is unclickable for me

    • -5

      The cancel button is unclickable for me

      That is covered under warranty…

    • Same here lol

    • +1

      The cancel button is unclickable for me

      Sounds like a roach motel

    • I just signed up. Curious to know how you cancelled in the end?

      button is still unclickable & gray

  • My nbn service is rock solid

    • Which plans do rock solid have ?

  • +9

    A-ha-ha-ha Foxtel is $104/month!!! WOW

    • +1

      I think that is just for the basic subscription.

    • +3

      Yes, it's $104 per month, but it includes FREE ads!

  • are Telstra mobile phone only customer s eligible? what devices do you need to use it?

    • are Telstra mobile phone only customer s eligible?

      post paid only

      • more specifically - "Available to Telstra consumer post-paid customers."

        Thus not SMB etc

    • what devices do you need to use it?

      Ones that support the Foxtel Now app…

      • TA

  • Interesting, wondering how long this will be available for.

    • +2

      1 Month Free Foxtel Now

      Between 28-31 days.

  • Hi JV

  • thanks OP, i clicked the deal.

    Is it just me or does Foxtel now get worse every time i get a freebie?….the content is really drab.

    Seriously are Foxtel execs having a lend of themselves wanting $104 for this!

  • +1

    $104 who pays that in 2021. You could have most of the other combined streaming services for less than that. And you watch ads. What a grape country.

  • Only post paid customers?

  • Thanks op. My entertainment for the next 4 weeks of lockdown sorted! I just have to be a true ozbargainer and remember to cancel on day 28 or so.

  • +1

    What is available of Foxtel Now that isn't available on Binge? I did a trial of it a while back and now have binge which seems to have a fair amount of the premium shows so I'm just wondering besides sports/kids shows of course. Thanks

  • Existing customer, getting "You are not eligible for this offer" on the Foxtel page after verification.

    Just my luck.

  • Existing postpaid customer I am only getting 2 services that revert to $25 after one month. This may be a targeted offer,

    • It says that, but all the channels are available to watch.

  • Confirming Walking Dead is on Foxtel Now right?

    Also can you cancel immediately and see use the rest of the trial?

    • It's on Binge.

  • Any ideas about this?
    I’m a Silver account holder and on My Telstra all 3 of my services enable me to access it. So, can I have 3 free months, one at a time?

  • Telstra chat just said, “ only eligible for one free Foxtel now account as it's associated with one Telstra ID or account.”
    Oh well, if you don’t ask you don’t get 😂

    • You mean we have already used free month sub while we had redeemed foxtel now box

  • +1

    Foxtel.. lol

  • I’m on a grandfathered plan would accessing this endanger that I wonder?

    • It wouldn't. Or rather, it shouldn't. With Telstra, there are no certainties.

  • Thanks, OP for posting this deal.
    I took up the offer and quickly realised why I dumped them over 15 years ago. The amount of ads on this overpriced service is intolerable and their pricing WTF this is 2021 who actually pays for this?

  • Anyone know how to solve error code AS4043?

    I can log in with my laptop and iPhone but not my iPad. The error message says this deluxe has already had a free trial. You can only receive the free trial once.

  • Trying to cancel. When I click manage, the page doesn't load.. anyone else?

    • Set a reminder to cancel. Foxtel may need a whole month to fix the button.

    • Did you figure it out?

  • Did anyone work out how to cancel?

  • I think this doesn't work anymore. Since the new year. Let me know if it still works for anyone else. Cheers.

    • +1

      doesn't work for me also. Once the loading screen comes up after verifying it errors out.

      • Glad I got in just before the cut off. Have enjoyed using Foxtel this month.

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