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[SA] Toshiba X10 250GB Portable SSD $53.95 in-Store @ Officeworks (Prospect)


Toshiba X10 250GB usb ssd $53.95.
The 120gb was also about $52.
Invludes a usb3.1 cable.
Found at Officeworks Prospect SA. Had plenty this afternoon.
If anyone knows how to open the case and replace the ssd inside id like to know.

Officeworks product page

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    Any idea if these could be used with a smart phone?


      Should be, but you will need a usbc to usba cable.
      Ie Samsung Galaxy 7 or higher.


      Samsung OTG adaptor will work fine.

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    WD 500GB My Passport Go SSD Drive Blue has been $49 at office works for quite some time. Has been seeing them in store so do try your luck.


    Nvm, I got it open. Cannot replace the drive inside. SSD chips are on the same board as usb.

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      I think conventional wisdom is that only seagate makes a few shuckable portable SSDs, while other manufacturers opt to go the more bespoke route

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      Wife was switched to 'Work from home' and was provided Covid Certificate to prepare. We went and bought a desk and some storage.
      So calm your tits.

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        Because online ordering hasn't existed for 10 years or anything…


          And it's impossible to work without an officeworks desk… And we are 18 months into a pandemic and nobody has worked from home before.

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        It is exactly this behaviour pattern (and lax restrictions) that has lead to 'Sydney emergency' that has spread interstate. ABC reported on impact of social distance compliance and impact on infection rates (90% compliance and outbreak and lockdown ends on 15th August).

        Unnecessary movement has also seen many people placed in 14 day quarantine for being at an exposure site.

        OfficeWorks offer free Click & Collect.




            @Awsam: Doubtful.

            In first couple of days it was mostly bad luck, but now the virus is being spread by poor behaviour. University of Sydney modelling suggests that social distancing compliance in Sydney is below 50%. If that continues cases are predicted to exceed 300 a day in the first week of September.