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$50 off $150 Spend e.g. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 - $130 Delivered @ Brooks


Be gentle - first post. Supportive running shoes, RRP $230 on the brooks website, reduced to $180, down to $130 with code. Pretty good deal, particularly if you had your Sportsco Kayanos refunded last week. Code should work for any product over $150

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        All good now, code has been added :)

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        There was no code posted originally

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        Also free shipping with brooks over $50.

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    Comes to $129.95 with code, pretty good deal.

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    Thanks for the deal, purchased a pair.

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    Great deal.

    Thank you OP

  • RunningLabs have it for USD97.99 delivered from the US. Three colour choices, more sizes and also in 2E width.

    They only accept PAYPAL.

    Have never bought from them before so not sure about customs/duties.

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      If price is similar I would recommend the domestic option, shoes are mass produced and defects can and will occur, I've had to return pairs before and it's only even been an issue for me when I've bought internationally.

  • Trying to find some comfortable walking shoes in 15, they seem to be all out of stock. Any other suggestions from those who know shoes?

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      If you're after support shoes, give the adrenalines a go if it's within your budget, they have them in 15. They are made for running but I often do 30,000 supportive running shoes and they feel good.

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        Awesome thanks, grabbed a pair.

      • but I often do 30,000 supportive running shoes

        Do you mean steps? Kms? 🤔

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          Oops,.sorry,.meant often do 30,000 daily steps

          • @Jenko1: I'm not too familiar with Brooks, is Adrenaline GTS their equivalent to Kayano? Or any other recommendations?
            I run 10k+ every two days, what do you reckon I should get?
            Thanks mate!

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              @NothingButPoor: I need supportive shoes so generally go the kayanos, I have had adrenalines before and we're happy with them, at $130 I'm going to go back to these. Hope they are a good match for you. My runs are between 6-21kms and both have been good

              • @Jenko1: Thanks man, what do you reckon about their sizing? Saw someone commenting on 1/2 size up?

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                  @NothingButPoor: I went my standard size 👍 I find Nikes half a size small but generally find Asics and Brooks pretty standard

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                    @Jenko1: Cool, thanks mate, will give Brooks a go, exciting to try out new things!

                    • @NothingButPoor: No dramas mate. I'm just waiting for a ripper deal on a Garmin 245m to drop then my running will be sorted!

                      • @Jenko1: Saw lots of deals on the 945 recently

                        • @NothingButPoor: If I ever seen it sun $500 I'll got the 945, spewing i didn't get the 245m for $279 6months ago

                          • @Jenko1: Ohh sorry I meant to say 935 for sub $400, how much different is 935 and 945?

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                              @NothingButPoor: 945 has music, in still running with my phone strapped to my arm since my Vivoactive died 😂

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                                @Jenko1: Ahh I see, I put my phone in a tight elastic waistbag, but I don't listen to music, too worried about cars run into me lol

    • The Addiction walkers are good too.
      I wear size 14 4eee, and great shoes for walking

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    Great deal, thanks op

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    Thanks op. Had a pair I’ve been waiting to order.

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    Are the womans on sale too?

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      Yep but not as many sizes when I checked

  • Does anyone know how the sizes run in these, say compared to UB 4.0?

    They seem to recommend getting 1/2 to 1 size up… Has anyone tried that can confirm?

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    Thanks was going to order last week on Kogan for a lot more - great find.

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    I ordered the Revel 3 for $100 last week as I needed proper walking shoes and for the price they're great.
    Check the sale items, for instance the levitate 3 for $129 and you can add a $10 pair of socks to the $149 shoes to bring them down to $109.

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    Great find! Been looking for a deal on these for a while and you've found a beauty … thanks OP!

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    Great post, thanks OP.

    For anyone unfamiliar, Adrenaline GTS shoes are really good running shoes for over pronators.

    They're very comfortable to run in and at this price, a bargain.

    I've found sizing is true to size (am 12 US/11UK in dress shoes, this size in Brooks fits me well), although on the Brooks website, they state the following:

    We recommend ordering Brooks running shoes 1/2 size to one size larger than normal dress shoes

  • I wear orthotics for flat feet. Is this shoe suitable? Usually wear asics nimbus

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    these are great shoes.

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    For anyone looking for neutral running shoes, the Ghost 12 is on sale for $149.95, if you add some socks for $10 you can get it for $110 delivered.

    • Thanks! Bought them as your suggestion!

      • Same! Got the Ghost 12 as well, I've been looking to try out Brooks for a while.

    • cheers, have always wanted to try Brooks as well as the Ghosts, heard they're just simple boring daily trainers

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    If someone needs a guide of choosing Brooks shoes

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      Thank you. Surprisingly hard to find a succinct explanation of the differences between the various models. Your link confirmed that Glycerin is right for me (extra cushion to help alleviate shin splints).

      • Adrenaline are not bad either

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    Thanks OP, Brooks rarely go on sale, nice find!

  • FYI. The last time I visited a brooks outlet, I was told by the manager that they are all owned by Texas Peak and the deals should be instore and on the web. Even more so if you see something on the web that is sold out, give the stores a call and they will ship it from the store (free if over $x) instead of the melbourne warehouse. Might be helpful if you are trying to find stock of older models on special.

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    Thanks OP, bought one.
    Their Shoe Finder tool seems very good, if someone wants any guidance.

  • I don’t want to risk buying if you need to pay return shipping if you don’t like the fit. That’s kinda annoying.

    I wore brooks about 12yrs ago, no idea if my size for the Ghost shoe would be the same as my current NB 1080s or need to go 1/2 size up…

    Think I’ll stick with 1080s… Good discounts on the Brooks though

    • Anyone know if these shoes (Ghost I am looking at) run to the same sizes as new balance? Looking online they do seem to run true to size (same as NB)

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    Thanks OP. Got one based on the rating and peoples' recommendations.

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      Enjoy Kron, hope it works out for you..I've been happy in the past with Brooks 👍. Let me know how they go on this thread down the track

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    For pronators, Brooks are definitely better than other brands including Asics and last a bit longer.

    • My old man is a runner, pronator; swears by Brooks.

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      I am a pronator and have run >10000km with Brook Adrenalines. I swear by them, but I do need to change pairs every 600-700km or so.

      This is a great price for the GTS 20, but note that the latest model is GTS 21 (not much difference though)

      Bought a pair, thanks for the deal.

  • What would be the best shoes for walking for exercise (at least an hour a day of brisk walking)? Tossing up between the Glycerin 17 and Adrenaline GTS 20.

    • Glycerin if you need a neutral shoe, adrenalines if you need a supportive shoes. I over pronate so go the adrenalines.

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    I'm getting no longer valid? Doh, was browsing yesterday but didn't pull the trigger.

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      Same. Same

  • Hey OP, how'd you get this code? Would love this deal again as I ordered a pair of shoes but are small.

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      Was emailed to me from brooks, join their email and see how you go

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