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Motor Oils - Motorpro KMX 20W-50 API SG/CD 4L $9 (was $15)/Shell Helix 15W-40 API SN+/SN/CF 5L $19 (was $30) @ Kmart


The Motorpro 20W-50 is cheap SHITBOX OIL, for if you need to do an oil change on a shitbox that you don't really care about. Do not use in cars manufactured after 1996, you'll have a sludge of a time.

Shell Helix 15W-40 - https://www.kmart.com.au/product/shell-helix-hx5-15w40---5l/...

Find in-Store or $3 C&C ($0 with $20 Order) only.

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  • You certainly make it sound tempting!

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    I would still rather put any new oil despite the weight or brand over not changing it at all, good stuff

  • Why would you even own a shitbox you don’t care about, yet alone re-lube it?

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      Yeah this business of not servicing your car because it's a shit box isn't something I understand. You either rely on it or you don't. I get people using cheap parts or diy, but just saying you are going to drive it til it stops without doing anything to it is setting yourself up for a random failure and being forced to buy at a time that doesn't suit you and or is a bad time in the market. Toyota's have a good rep for copping abuse so I am sure there are stories of people going years between service but it doesn't make sense to me

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        I've seen a car that had not had an oil change since new, 10 years prior! People spent their $ on trinkets instead.
        One guy had tyres worn down to the wire belts. He thought it was funny…
        Petrol is one thing they have to put in… or walk.
        Some people just drive a car until it shites itself then go to a mechanic and complain about the cost of making it right again.

    • Same reason why you would put petrol in it.

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    I use Castrol gtx 20w 50 in a 2004 Elantra with vvt, its not the original spec but the manual includes multiple types of oil that can be used based on the ambient temperature the car will be driven in, and since I don't drive to the snow in it this spec is OK. It's a much newer car than 96, and despite using this oil for at least 50k km now it's hit 220k on the odo and mechanically seems fine.

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      I think stipulating a cut-off year is to indicate that later models generally have closer tolerances therefore semi or sully synth is recommended

      • If you mean tolerances in the cylinders, after 200k km those tolerances aren't as close. If you mean the tracks that oils has to get around, the engine I am talking about does have vvt so it would have closer tolerances than most engines that came before it I would assume. This engine uses about 1L of oil every 6 months or so, so oil is burning, but it's within acceptable limits especially if you are doing your oil changes on time. If anything the thicker oil might prevent more pronounced burning I would guess

        • Tolerances in this context refers to the space between moving parts for lubricant to do its job. Camshafts for example in plain bearings have closer tolerances in newer cars than they used to.

          If you're burning oil at that rate it's too far gone to worry much about the quality of oil you're using.

          • @0jay: 1l is not that much between services especially of you are doing a lot of kms for a 17 year old car, I have heard new cars that are as bad or worse. 1L is the difference between F and L on the dipstick, so if you are still doing services roughly on time you actually aren't even topping up, there would be heaps of people driving around like this who are none the wiser

  • Ewwww…. this reminds me of the Homebrand Motor Oil from Woollies.

  • shell isnt available anywhere i can see

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    I've been using a run down family/relative pass me down borrowed crashed by 4 p platers…. 2006 hatch corolla with 80 000km on the clock to ferry building materials still with original tires on it.

    Latest move bricks you be surprised how many common faced bricks you can move in a hatch back corolla. about 3 tonnes in 5 car trips with each trip I was testing the limit. Was interesting that I was able to get to 80km/hr not a sweat.

    Best part about the small car it acted like a wheelbarrow, I was able to squeeze between the side of the house to offload the bricks straight to where I needed it in the backyard.

    I also saved my Hilux from getting any scratches in the tray

    • So you tested the 0-80km/h part I can see.
      I do hope that you do not need to "test" the 80 - 0 km/h in an emergercy situation part.

  • "about 3 tonnes in 5 car trips "

    I'd have been be worried about being brake-checked, and the investigators having to use a hose and sieve to ascertain if the car had had a driver.

    Fridge on the roof tho - Toyotas are great for that…

  • 15W-40 is sometimes $10 at Autobarn. At present they have Valvoline for $17.99 which is $1 cheaper than this Kmart deal: