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[WA] Lychee $12/4kg/Tray or $4.99/kg @ Spudshed


Bought some already from Spudshed.
$12/4KG/Tray or $4.99/KG while stocks last.

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Spudshed Fresh Food Market
Spudshed Fresh Food Market

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    Can deliver to QLD?

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    Can deliver to Vic?

  • Hi OP which store in WA if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Probably all of them since I received this promotion in email

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      Should be all of them.
      Bought it a couple of days ago at Innaloo.

    • Bought some yesterday at the Jandakot store

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    Can deliver to NSW?

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    Careful with spudshed lychees. Last time we bought them, most of them were rotten :(

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      I guess I got lucky then. Very fresh and juicy. Product of Vietnam if anyone cares.

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        Very fresh and juicy. Product of Vietnam

        Didn't know we lived in Vietnam.

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    Can deliver to SA?

  • Check your local grocers. My one has them for $5-7 dollars a kilo depending on the variety. Yum!

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    My experience with spudshed isn't great. All their fruits rot within two days.

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      I only buy juicing apples from them. rest of fruits only from aldi, woolies or Coles. Spudshed fruit is crap :(

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    Is it rotten quickly because it is untreated ?

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      I just got home from Spudshed with the 4kg pack. Very fresh and juicy.

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      Generally it goes rotten quickly because it spends up to 2 months transit from Vietnam to Australia in a refrigerated container and they're fumigated, once they're exposed to ambient temperatures the degrading process is faster.

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    None at Morley Spudshed

  • Hmm I never saw northern hemisphere lychees for sale in our winter. Anyone importing them to QLD? Would pay even if not a bargain.

  • I bought and returned, opened the bag and found a couple to have spider webs, the flesh was bruised red and not as sweet as you think. Although lots of meat on it just wasn't worth it in the end for us.

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