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[PS4, PS5] It Takes Two $44.96 @ PlayStation Store


Posted previously in this deal: (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/627528) , looks like "It Takes Two" is back at $44.96. Was looking for a good couch co-op game and this seems to have great reviews. Looking forward to spinning it up.

For PS4/PS5. Normally $59.95

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  • Thanks. Any way to get the Disc version?

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      Ozgameshop. When it's in stock it's around $45-$50.

      • Any difference/issues with the disc version?

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          You can sell them when you're done.
          That's the difference.

        • You have to get off your arse to switch discs.

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            @happykamper: Now available at ozgameshop - use code HONEY10 for 10% off
            Available for roughly $40 (standard shipping included)
            Also added a comment to the thread

            • @Chris1107: You should post this as a separate deal, it's really good!

  • Still waiting on the Xbox version to go on sale :')

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    Great game, there is the demo or Friend’s Pass for the whole first Chapter (quite long) on PS4 & PS5

    this Friend’s Pass let you also play for free if you have an online friend with the full game.

    If anyone wanna play, feel free to add me.

    • As in you have the full game?

      • Only one of you has to have the full game

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    Just finished this today. Managed to play this over the internet on a ps4 and ps5. Great game 5/5.

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      totally worth the price! never had i find another multiplayer more satisfying thn this

  • wow looks fine! need something else to play ocne we finish overcooked 2

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      You'll really love this game. Creators of A Way Out which is another great game.

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        Look forward to playing it

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        AND Two Brothers :)

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    Anyone has a rough idea when this become accessible to EA play subscriptions? So tempted but not in a rush since I have it on PC, but I do prefer to play it on the PS5.

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      Doesn't seem to be. Just checked. The Devs other game, A Way Out is though

  • Is it crossplay?

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      No but cross system play e.g. ps5 and ps4

  • Does this support local co-op, or is it online only?

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      Both. For online, second person can use a free guest pass.

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    One scene in this game almost made my daughter cry. Brutal…

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      I think I know which one you're talking about - was pretty brutal!!

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      Yep, I know the one… It got pretty dark there for a second…

    • Just saw that on YouTube.
      Very disturbing.

    • Oh man what an amazing game, we totally didn't expect such a ride. And yeah that scene oh man, came out of nowhere. Felt so bad!

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    Beautiful game, very creative and each stage is different and unique. Finished it in about 10 hours with my friend, had a blast. Def recommend!

  • Bought this for full price and almost finished playing through this with my son. The game is amazing. Worth every penny.

  • Amazing game… Great story! Highly recommended!

  • Lots of fun!

    The Book of Love is hilarious.

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    My non-gamer girlfriend's favourite game of all time. She Platinumed the thing she loved it so much and is a ball of fun. Highly recommended even at full price.

  • I've not stopped reading glowing reviews for this damn game since it came out. I also fit into the category of gamer who really only wants a casual game, ideally one that I can just sit on the couch with the mrs and have a crack at. I guess I really need to invest the $45….

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    Please note this is not suitable for children, despite the art style
    But its a very good game with intuitive puzzle otherwise

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      Would have to be a complete snow flake.

    • Is there a reason for that, other than the divorce theme?

      • I'm guessing cutie the elephant?

      • trying to be spoiler free here, but some mission require you to dismember inanimate object and suck some body parts out of inanimate object in order to pass it.

        • Geez… thanks for the warning!

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    Now available at ozgameshop - use code HONEY10 for 10% off
    Available for roughly $40 (standard shipping included)

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      Amazing, purchased. Thank you. I always prefer physical over digital.

      • No problems, same here, physical always preferred if available

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    Have been playing it with my wife from time to time and finished it in about a month. I'd highly recommend it especially for couples.

    My biggest take out of the game is the philosophy "wife and husband need to be best friends."

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    This is seriously one of the best co-op games I have ever played and we are heavily into the co-op genre. It is so well made, everything about it is crisp and polished. The controls are so sharp, totally didn't expect such a good experience with this game. Can't recommend this enough to people. These guys deserve every sale they make for this gem.

  • Question about the game play

    • can I say start a game with my mate, save that and the. Start another new game with my misus?
    • this is from EA website

      If you are playing with one person and later want to play with another, you will continue the game you started with the first one. You can also start a new game or download one of the chapter that you have already completed with someone.

      but it doesnt say whether you override old save if you start new saves.
      but i guess you can start any chapter that you have finished previously

  • Really fun game mechanics. My girlfriend and I can recommend

  • Played this for the first time today DAMN ITS FUN

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