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HPM AURA Ceiling LED Oyster Light Dimmable 18W 1550 Lumens 3000K Warm White $89 Delivered @ Eeet5p eBay


The Aura brings a touch of simple elegance to any room. Providing evenly distributed ambient light from the ceiling makes it the ideal light for task, general or accent lighting.

Fully dimmable on trailing edge dimmers
Ideal for kitchens, Living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, and undercover outdoor areas.
24,000h lifespan
Up to 1550 lumens
Up to 86lm/W efficacy
CRI: 80+
Beam angle: 105°
Weight: 1.5kg
Size: Ø352 x 90mm

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    Any cool white/day light available ?

    • Agree, please include the cool white/day light.

  • +3

    Same seller, higher price this time.

    I'd bite at $19.

    • +1

      Big jump form $19.00 to $29.00 - ouch.

      No claimed savings in the description.

  • +2

    Make it 2 for $39 and I’m in

  • +3

    Just want to mention even you can DIY for such simple wiring, technically this should be done by a licensed electrician. So the labour cost much more than material itself.
    I have got one from Bunnings for around $40 which can use app control plus you can switch among WH, CW $ DW. Once it dead you won’t be able to change bulbs. Can only change the whole unit

    • +6

      It's sort of a "don't ask, don't tell" thing. Australia is a bit weird, I assume due to lobbying by vested interests.
      Older Australians are more likely to install their own, while millenials are more likely clueless. ( But they can't afford to buy a house anyway. )

      I know a couple of European girls, not at all the DIY type, but think nothing of wiring a light fitting like this, because that's how everyone does it in Europe.
      Even in a rental. You buy a light like this from Ikea, and install it yourself.

      In the UK, not long ago, it was normal to fit your own UK plug after buying an appliance. And they had higher electrical safety standards than us, e.g. fuse in the plug.

      • +2

        UK domestic plugs are the best in the world - fused, physically robust (try bending one of those pins!) and, most importantly, an excellent defensive weapon.

        • Plus you get a bonus 3 extra amps too.

        • +1

          Generally agree, but they are too bulky imho.

      • +1

        Just one of those quirks that people don't question here. The Test & Tag scam is daylight robbery too. If you told people they couldn't change a gas bottle there would be uproar yet everyone rolls over for sparkies.

        • Plumbing? You know you are supposed to call a plumber to change a bathroom tap?! What a joke.
          Even a shower head in WA.

        • A sparky mate pointed out that the legislation allows for a far less stringent inspection routine than many companies adopt. In WA at least, they seem to have picked up on the mining industry's default of "check it, check it again, then check it again just to make sure" approach. That may be appropriate in a mining environment, but it's overkill in most businesses.

  • I thought all the houses now have those ugly 90mm downlights that blind everyone.


  • +1

    Last time I purchased 8 had a licensed electrician through Airtasker to remove old fitting and install these for $200.

    • +1

      did they include an invoice or certificate even though it is through Airtasker?

      • hahaha. That would need a real license, and not one belonging to his cousin.

  • Are these fairly bright? Is it actually bright enough for a living room?

    • +1

      How long is a piece of string?
      Define "bright enough". Opinions vary enormously. It is equivalent to one 100W incandescent bulb.

    • +1

      Yes these are bright but in a living room of 30 square meters a single light like this would look like you are below the poverty line.

      But you can easily supplement with a lamp shade or two for variety and change of light direction and quality.

      One could make it work.

    • +1

      I believe most rooms need multiple sources of light to avoid having dark spots or constantly getting shadow in the way.

      Put a few different lights in place so you spread the light evenly across the room, not just from one source.

      I still can't believe it took so long to actually have kitchens with lights positioned over benches and under cabinet lighting. For so long, one central light was used, and it was useless - everywhere you stand in the kitchen you then cast a shadow over what you're doing whether that's sink, bench, stove.

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