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Hush Puppies Mens Deacon Boots 1 Pair $49 + Delivery, 2 Pairs + Socks $99.95 with Newsletter Signup Delivered @ Hush Puppies


Hush Puppies Deacon are back on sale.

I came across these about 8 years ago and have been using them as my daily work wear ever since.

One pair lasts me at least 2-3 years wearing them every working day

Wide fit, comfortable and the bounce soles do make them pretty good.

I stock up on a couple of pairs every time they go on sale.

Use the newsletter subscription to get the $10 off. My promo code was NEW10

I think coupon only works if spend is >$100 as it didn't work when I tried to get 1 pair

Shipping under $99 is about $10, so buy 2 sets of shoes + something else (I got a pair of socks for 11.95) and the coupon knocks $10 off bringing it to $99.95, and as it's 95 cents above the threshold you get free shipping also.

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  • -3

    Curious to know….Do you wear them during lockdown / WFH as well?

    • what about shopping

    • +2

      I'm wearing boots right now. At home. Even though no one can see me.

      Super weird.

    • +1

      Haha gave this one a + vote Trev. Don’t worry about the haters.

      • +2

        I'm glad someone sees the funny side of it. I myself haven't had to wear formal shoes more than a 5 times over the last 15 months.

    • +23

      Another day another irrelevant comment

      • -7

        Why did you post it?

        • +7

          Great banter jv….

        • +1

          Another day another 100 negs for JV

          • -3


            another 100 negs

            and ???

            you sound jealous…

        • He didnt post it

          • @HolyCr4p: Did someone hack his account?

            • @jv: Don't know why dont u pm him

              • -1


                why dont u pm him

                Thanks for the suggestion…


                • +1

                  @jv: Thanks for nothing aye

                • +1

                  @jv: Lol
                  I laughed then negged

                  • @Gimli:

                    I laughed

                    Small things please small minds…

  • +1

    only thongs these days for me.. maybe until Christmas…

  • oil/water repellent?

    • +1

      Spray with ScotchGard and they will be

  • +35

    Free shipping via eBay

    (Free Express shipping if an eBay Plus member should you need them pronto).

    • Thanks Mate

      • Thank you purchased, plus cashback :)

    • Thanks. Got 1.

    • +1

      Oh man, saw this literally after I placed my order 😑

    • +4

      Thanks! With the afterpay10 code and free shipping, got these for $39 from ebay.

      I hope they fit well enough, lately had a few sizing issues with online clothes…

      • same! thank you.

    • Thanks mate - got 1

    • Thanks buddy. Bought it off eBay and got $10 off using AfterPay. $39 deal. Nice!

    • Absolute champion @GaelicAU. I arrived at this party late, and even though the deal is marked as out of stock I can still grab it from the eBay store.

      • My order was cancelled by this eBay store for being out of stock.

    • I ordered from this eBay store and they cancelled my order.

  • What's the quality of hush puppies like? I have never had a pair…

    • +4

      I'm on my 3rd pair currently. started wearing in December 2013 and worn them every working day (I work full time) since then. First pair after about 3-4 years one of the soles got a split so I binned them, second pair after a few years one of the zips started playing up. Have been wearing my 3rd pair for about a year now.

      Just my experience FWIW

      • +1

        what is the width? more towards wide or slim? thank you

      • How's the sole/heel longevity?

        Did you have to get them replaced at any point?

    • +1

      I find them to be average quality but very comfortable. You can typically pick them up for 50% off or less (different styles) which is a sweet spot for me.

    • I have a pair similar to these and after about 20 wears the elastic on the side is starting to really stretch. In contrast my Blundstones last a lot longer but are obviously for a different purpose.

    • good for wide feet

    • +2

      My favorite shoe brand:
      -Nice and wide, which suits my fat feet.
      -The most comfortable work/dress shoes I've ever worn.
      -Generally last me a good few years
      -A bit left field, but generally find them comfortable to run in as well (back in the old days where running late for a train, or even catching one, was a thing we used to do)

      • Ohhh, I have on the thinner side of normal feet.. hopefully ok for me too…

    • I love them. I discovered them about 15 years ago when I broke my collarbone. With my arm in a sling, I found I couldn't tie shoelaces one-handed (try it, it's fun!) and needed something slip-in.

      I don't usually wear the boots though, I prefer the "Cahill". But so does everyone else, so those are rarely under $100.

    • +1

      changed title

  • -1

    Squared toe…Nobody should be wearing those.

    • -2

      Yeah the silhouette really is godawful.

    • They are a bit rounded, so don't look as dorky as proper square toed shoes. Plus these are good for those with wide feet

      • Rounded square. This isn't an iOS app.

  • I can't be the only one that doesn't like elastic/zipper combination boots right? Either give my ankle support or let me flex: don't go half way between and make my step weighting uneven.

    Not sure why I even check shoe deals any more, they never have my sizing anyway. ;(

  • +4

    Use HONEY10 for 10% off each item no minimum spend it seems.

    • doesnt work for me.

      • Image

        I used afterpay and i checked out as guest. Other than that, not sure what can be a contributing factor of why it does not work for you. Maybe i have the Honey add-on on my browser?

        • +2

          it works without add-on.

        • sorry, tried to apply it on the ebay, :(

          • @bonbon: kekw

            • @kekw: CodeXD

              are we just putting our own alias in comment now?

    • Worked for me.

  • +2

    I don't need more shoes, I don't need more shoes, I don't need more shoes…..

    • +2

      You bought three pairs. OZB Pro status activated.

  • +6

    Nice! Got it from eBay for $39 as with Afterpay $10 off voucher. Maybe check eBay if you only need one pair.

    • Yeah got them for $39 as well, you need ebayplus though… never used afterpay before but for $10 off, worth trying it I guess….

    • any specific voucher required?

      • afterpay10 I think it was for me… maybe it's targeted to ebay plus members though?

        • Worked for me, no ebay plus. I just had to click on the voucher page on the ebay mobile app where it had a checkbox.

      • Code I used was AFTERPAY10

  • What's the vibe on sizing?
    True to size or -1/0.5 for boots

  • Can anyone comment if the deacon boot last more years than other leather shoes? Is the heel made of stronger material?

  • There's a lot of other good prices at their eBay store if this model isn't to your liking.

  • Great. Just picked up a pair on Ebay for $39 with the Afterpay code. Cheers

    • What's the code to get this price?
      edit - nevermind found above

  • Thanks OP
    Honey10 worked for me. $54.04 delivered.

  • +1

    Online store out of stock, but still available on eBay.

  • Will these still fit ok if I have normal feet instead of wide feet in your opinion??


  • are these just like rm williams?

  • Just a word of warning - in my experience Hush Puppies are a very wide fit. I'm normally a 10 but ordered a 9.5 Chelsea and they are completely unwearable even with inner soles inserted. Way way way too wide.

    • Are you a UK 10 or US 10?

    • I ordered before realizing it was wide fit… i am normal, oh noes :(

      • On the other hand, congrats on being normal!

  • What's something cheap to add for $1 on eBay plus???

  • There's some really bad reviews out there, so buyer beware I guess. Reports of uneven sizing (two pairs same size but fit differently) and refusal to accept exchanges when items are on sale.

  • +1

    Gone - broken link

    • Guess it's been ozbargained.

    • Just ordered off their eBay site.

  • These just arrived now after ordering from the ebay site with the afterpay code. Absolutely smashing boots for $40 delivered

  • Is it just me or does anyone else's toes get squished in first wear? I am usually normal width and the length seems to be ok

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