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Jabra Elite 75T Bluetooth Earphones $126.65, Jabra Elite 65t $67.15 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys


Original Coupon Deal

A great low price for the Jabra Elite 75t and 65t, only ever seen once before at this price. Both have great reviews.

Stock appears limited in certain areas due to Click and Collect.

75t: https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/jabra-elite-75t-noise-cancell...

65t: https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/jabra-elite-65t-true-wireless...

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  • You reckon you can tell the difference?

    • +22

      Between 65T and 75T? Big difference in sound! 75T is really good especially after the software update for ANC. Spend that little bit more and get the 75T.

      Source: trust me bro

      • +19

        You got me at "trust me bro"

    • +5

      75t is a lot better than 65t

      sound, design, ANC (65t doesn't have any)

      85t is a very small step up (if any) from 75t

      at this price 75t is really really good

      • the case can only be charged by USB-C, not wirelessly, correct?

        • +1

          usb-C yea

          • @shabaka: thanks! I was hoping wireless.. I will pass :)

            • +2

              @ets27: you won't have to charge it often, I charge it every 2-3 weeks I think

              does it really matter?

              • @shabaka: Not really but I have Samsung with power sharing. I know myself and I know I will always forget to charge the case so better be prepared.

        • The 75t's absolutely support wireless charging (in addition to USB-C as stated)

          • @froberts2: no

            you have to buy a special "wireless charging" version which is hard to find and is more expensive

  • +3

    Thanks OP. Used Latitude Pay and got another $20 off the 75t

    • Could you please explain how? I've never used a BNPL service

      • You'll need to sign up to Latitude Pay. It's a Buy Now, Pay Later thing similar to AfterPay and Zip. At the end of the payment screen after you enter your pick up location and address, you select LatitudePay.

        • Except I don't think a pair of earphones are worth a hit on your credit record.

          • @DisabledUser393851: It hardly affects it unless you sign up to multiple over a short period of time. I've used LatitudePay's deals multiple times ($20 off, $15 off, etc).

  • +2

    I'm intrigued by the popularity of the 75T on Ozbargain. CHOICE says they're rubbish but that's only one opinion. Is this the reason?

    "However, there is an Achilles' heel with the Elite 75t, which is its extremely bass-heavy sound signature. They provide more bass than the Skullcandy Push - which, while impressive, is simply too much and overwhelms the mids. If you're the kind of person who loves heart-pounding dance music, though, the Jabra Elite 75t are a worthy upgrade over the 65t."


    Are you all bass heads?

    • +2

      There's an EQ in the app for the 65t, I assume there is for the 75t too, maybe Choice are just doing lowest common denominator reviews for grannies who don't know anything about tech. Which is fine, there's totally a need for that, but dunno if I'd pay that much attention to them.

      • -2

        Yes I am sceptical of CHOICE findings. They are Apple freaks for sure so no prizes for guessing which earphones they think are the best.

        They also think my Anker Soundcore which I'm listening to now is woeful. Glad I've got cloth ears because it sounds good to me.

        • They are Apple freaks for sure so no prizes for guessing which earphones they think are the best.


      • +2

        Yep, I have both the 65t and 75t and can confirm the EQ in the app. You can choose presets or customise it.

    • +5

      I don't own a pair, but as a music nut who used to care massively about headphone specs and whatnot… I don't really give too much of a damn about faithfulness to sound in headphones any more. At least in my case, most the time I wear headphones I'm either passively listening (trying to block out co-workers while focusing on my work), intensely working out, or listening to a podcast. Most of these use cases don't need much more than 'pretty good' quality.

      • +3

        Happy with the sound quality. I don't think it is bass heavy. Call quality is pretty good.

      • +6

        Poor guys missing an arm :(

    • +5

      I love my 75Ts. I don't know about the bass side of things: they sound fine to me. I listen while running or cycling though - and I'm primarily interested in the beat (I run/cycle to it). That may cloud my opinion.

      What I don't love about them:
      1. Lag. I'm used to hitting the pause button, and the music pausing. I need to wait a second with these headphones. Probably something to do with the headphones not being connected by a wire.
      2. Noise Cancelling. I bought them before they had noise cancelling, so this wasn't a selling point for me. Now that they supposedly have that featurethough, I would not buy them if it were important to you. It's rare that I can tell the difference between Noise Cancelling off and on.

      What I do love about them:
      1. While they only last about 3-4 hours before needing a charge, the case they live in can go a day. It's rare that I'm listening to music for that long at a time where they can't sit in their case for 15 minutes at some point. And then when I put them back on, they're mostly charged again. So Battery life is an overall win.
      2. Hearthrough mode is great. Turn it on and you forget you are even wearing headphones. It allows you to stay a part of what's going on in the room.
      3. They are comfy as in my ears. I was dubious at first until I got used to them, but now they sit snugly in there and I've never had them fall out. I've run over 1,000km wearing them and they've never missed a beat.

    • YMMV but I found the soundpeats sonic were a better sound profile, a better fit, and a better price!

    • I like bass in mine

      there's eq in the app so you can always just tune it down some

    • Don’t find these too basey at all. I was worried about this from the reviews. More than happy with the balance and given you can eq them, nothing to worry about. I’d easily recommend them.

    • +1

      Yes, very bass heavy IMO by default however this can be adjusted in the equaliser settings using the app.

    • I'm going to point out the app that governs the Jabra earphones is terrible and hasn't been updated in ages. It straight-up refuses to work on my device.

    • -2

      Bass is rubbish, I have jabra 75 active, and would rather use my $47 jbl 600 btnc, there is another recent post on ozb for the jbl 650 live on sale now with bigger 40mm drivers I got them coming in the mail.

      They also fall out, if youre quite active, say doing a power clean press, and if you throw the barbell down you might crush them or ruin your form being worried about that.

      So disappointed in this waste of money. But stolked with the jbl.

    • CHOICE are hardly credible these days. No rigour and bias for/against certain brands.

      I own the 75Ts, am not a bass head, and disagree with Choice's assessment - they're excellent.

  • -1

    How do these compare to the new release sony wf 10000 xm4?
    I realise they aren't locally available yet - but maybe someone who has been doing research can comment

    • -1

      Well, the 75t are a third of the expected release price of the wf1000xm4, and the 65t are half that price. Does that enter in to your thinking at all?

    • Pretty sure the unreleased XM4's will Trump these.

  • +1

    I have the 65t - the first one I got about 2.5 years ago, and 6 months in one of the earbuds refused to connect. Support was good and sent me a new pair.

    But now even the replacement I got is having problems - battery life of the right earbud is down to about 30mins - seems to be a common problem if you google. The battery issue probably isn't as big of a problem in newer earbuds as my problem probably stemmed from very often using just one earbud, which with the 65t means you HAVE to use the right bud. Most of those on the market now it seems like you can pick which earbud you want to use on its own, and thus could wear the battery out much more evenly. Haven't bothered with warranty since it only comes with 1 year anyway.

    I just ended up buying a cheap replacement from Amazon (Soundpeats) and they sound just as good to me if I'm honest.

    • +2

      I loved the 65T, but I'm now on my third pair. First pair lasted almost a year, then the left earbud went. Got a replacement, then the right earbud went after a month. The third pair only lasts only about 90 minutes before the battery cuts out. Been like that since I got it.

      I'm close to doing what you're doing and just getting a cheaper Amazon pair (although for $67 this deal is close to that).

      • Same with my 65t's
        Thinking of the 75t's from JB with an extended warranty, to prevent having to deal with disposable buds again.

  • +1

    FWIW I bought the 65t last time they were this price from Good Guys, and discovered they have quite a few shortcomings:
    - They cut out for a second or so every few minutes while playing music from my 2020 MBP 13".
    - The ear detection is pretty rubbish, sometimes pausing music when you just bump the buds, or conversely continuing playback even after they've been removed from your ear.
    - The case is quite difficult to open, and the amount of force you need to apply sometimes causes the earbuds to fly out, since there is nothing holding them in place.
    - They are quite bulbous, which works for my ears, but definitely won't suit smaller ears.
    - Operating the buttons on the side requires a decent amount of force, which pushes the buds quite uncomfortably into my ear canals.

    They have decent sound, and the price is right if you can't afford something better, but I would steer towards nicer options if the above issues might irritate you like they did for me.

    • I have the 65T elite for about 2 years now and despite run in time and all the jazz have to say compared to most other headphones the max volume is lower by almost 30%. Not sure if it is just a bad piece but never really enjoyed them.

    • I got 65t last sale and I thought the case was difficult to open. Then found an article or answer somewhere that it is designed to open when you press on both sides of the case then open with the other hand. It doesn't require much force but probably a safety feature so it shouldn't fall open in a pocket or bag.
      Strange that I didn't see it described in the instruction booklet.

  • Not available for delivery for me (VIC- Eastern suburbs).

  • +1

    Fyi, great with mobile phones, not great with PC.

    • What are the main problems?

      • I think this is a firmware issue that I need to contact them.

  • Why no delivery to Cairns?

  • Got the 75t during the last coupon sale at TGG and love mine!
    - smaller case than AirPods Pro and has flat edge so it stands upright
    - light weight. Similar to APP. But smaller profile without the stems.
    - good ANC. transparency mode is not as good as APP
    - connects to two device at a time and they stay connected. My APP does not switch between devices automatically (even though the software says they do). I put the 75t on and they connect instantly.

    Good buy at this price.

    • Got the 75t during the last coupon sale at TGG and love mine too! Fit better than the Samsung Beans. I love how the 75t can connect to both my mobile phone and laptop and switching between them is a breeze.

  • As I couldn't get delivery from GG to Cairns, 75t @ $149 - Jbhi with delivery available.

  • 85T or 75T? I don't like in-ear and I find the apple airpod is the most comfortable one for me. They say 85T is more comfortable but the bass quality (due to closer isolation) is better in 75T.

  • Any gym users have any issues with sweat and the elites 75t's? I've got the 65t actives and they are great as I'm a sweaty dude, but started having boot loop issues so thought I may step up to the next level but worry with the 'active' branding ip7.

  • Has anyone else called The Good Guys and listened to that annoying AF hold music with the bloody siren going off every 10 seconds? My ears are dying right now… Who on earth signed that off as acceptable hold music? Unless of course it was meant to act as a deterrent, which I'll happily admit I did get close to hanging up because of it lol

  • +1

    Why can't I get the code to work? Is it only for delivery? It's available for pick up near me. I've tried both codes and it does nothing to the price then tells me "You have entered a duplicate promotion code "HOME15". Tried it on my phone too. EDIT: It's working for the 75T but not 65T?

    • +1

      Try the EVENING15 one. Does that work?

      • +1

        Both codes are not working for me as well for 65T

        • +1

          Yeah I just tested it as well. Doesn't work for the 65T for some reason.

  • After applying the 15% code and a $25 store credit, i couldn't see the latitude pay option. Anyone able to get this to work?

    • Try getting rid of the $25 store credit. Save that for later on. You're better off using the LatitudePay option now.

      • Thanks. Did just that and bought the 75t active.

  • +1

    I just tested this. If you use Latitude Pay, you get an extra $20 off making this $106.65

    Edit: $20 off not 20%

  • Bought some 75t's - thanks OP!

  • Outstanding bang for buck these things.
    They sit perfectly in your ears and sound awesome.

  • Have the 75t ACTIVE. Got for $168 a few months ago and compared to the Samsung Ear buds (not pro and regret buying the non-pro) and Nuraloop, the 75t Active are the best.

    They have buttons to press rather than touch sensors on many others that make you change song/stop/start every time you try adjust them. Nuraloop has the around ear design which I prefer however the wire that goes around your ears is thick, making wearing glasses and a mask together next to impossible.

    For the price, 75t are excellent. I got the ACTIVE as I expect to sweat wearing them.

  • Thanks, Just picked up the 75t for $106.65

  • How good is 75T for phone calls in noisy places ?
    I had 65T and it was extremely bad. Would never recommend it to anyone. Regretted buying it.

  • Thanks. Got a price beat from Officeworks for a pair of 75t Active.

    • Officeworks don’t price beat with using discount codes

      • That's what the check out lady said. She then asked the manager and came back surprised and said that must have changed.

        • I believe you lol

          Must have been lucky

          • @azzaisawesome: I just checked the Officeworks price beat policy, and they specifically exclude coupon codes. Lol. I did get lucky!

  • +1

    I own the 75t active and it automatically connects to both laptop and iPhone. They switch seamlessly e.g. from playing music on my phone to ms team calls and vice versa, media on my laptop to phone calls.
    I’ve owned them for 13 months and use them daily. Battery life still going strong and I charge them once a fortnight at most.

  • These or the Samsung Galaxy Buds plus?

  • I was gonna purchase this from JB for $150 but was holding out on it cause wasn't sure if it would be good
    Hearing people having connective issues and drop outs?

  • This is the first time I have had wireless headphones, I found it weird that they don't work if they are not close together, I had hoped to pop one in my ear in bed to watch the Grand Prix or other late-night sports on my phone on the stand on the best side table, but they don't work unless they are both in ear, or at least close enough (and in the correct right/left position) for them to think they are both in.

    Is this a thing with all wireless head phones?

    • All the available bluetooth controllers on the market can only connect to two devices at once. The way this is handled in most earbuds is having one connection to your laptop/phone, and the other connection to the other earbud. Jabra is the only company that offers non brand locked earbuds that can connect to two devices at once, however this means that it needs to use another wireless protocol to connect from the right earbud to the left, hence the lower range between the two.
      You can use the right earbud by itself, but I agree it's an unfortunate limitation that the left one doesn't work by itself.

      • Thanks , So the solution is to switch sides of the bed, it is the left one I am trying to use on its own.

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