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Sony 85" X9000H (2020 Model) 4K UHD Android Bravia LED TV $3650.75 + Delivery @ The Good Guys


Original Coupon Deal

Thanks to dealbot, the ozb fav 85 inch TV is as low as $3650 with coupon code making it the best price I've seen.

85" KD-85X9000H Full Array LED 4K Android TV

  • Zones of LEDs lit or dimmed independently for realistic brightness and shadow detail
  • Remarkable realism of 4K HDR Processor X1
  • Upscale any content closer to 4K with 4K X-Reality PRO
  • Sound in harmony with picture for an immersive experience

Edit: stock appears low now considering 2020 model. Tsapena and others have had luck price matching directly with Sony.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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        • Sounds like you didn't have them in any studs at all????

        • Plugs?? Was it into concrete / brick?

          • @giventofly: Double cavity brick wall with four fixings (largest that came with the bracket) and yes I used plugs but it would appear one was completely pulled out from the brick. Could and should have added a couple more fixings to the top of the bracket.

            Probably going to add another four fixings (along with the originals) when I set it back up later this week.

            • @cristobaljames: Can't hurt to add a little nail glue as well.

              • @giventofly: Nail glue?

                Please do tell…

                • @cristobaljames: If you're using plugs, squirt a little nail glue in the hole for extra strength.

                  I've done this for shelving in garage and works well. You need to blow out the hole to remove the dust tho and then install plug as normal.

                  Although you might be better off using proper masonry anchors instead of plugs

                  • @giventofly: Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

                    The anchors sound like a better option than what was supplied with the bracket, will check for them at my local Bunnings.

    • Damn man, that sucks so much :(

  • Top of the range, full motion bracket of which I have two;


    • How far from the wall does you TV stick out when in a neutral position?

  • +1

    Please Note:
    Some panels require M6 16mm bolts which are not included. This bracket includes a variety of screws/bolts which are suitable for most installations. Unfortunately, due to the enormous range of TV brands and models available, we're unable to guarantee that the included fixings will suit every installation. Please check manufacturers specifications of screen prior to installing.

    As with all wall brackets it is essential that this bracket is fixed to a timber stud when mounting on plaster board walls.

    • Any thoughts on the following.

      Have a 65” plasma mounted on the wall using a bracket that was already on the wall when we bought the place. It’s hard up against the wall not a pivot type.

      Weight wise the 85” led is the same weight but in a little concerned around the physical size / centre of gravity if that impacts on things?

      • Wouldn't hurt to reinforce the bracket with some additional fixings at the top in my opinion, believe me, I learnt the hard way..

  • +2

    Tried purchasing this late last night with no luck.

    Put a price match through Sony website and got an email at 1pm today to say it was approved.

    I'd say just put a request through and see if it works. Free delivery as well. 5-7 working days.

    Cashrewards - gst $265.51

    Final price $3,385.24

    • I did exactly the same thing this morning, but not sure if cashrewards going to work or not…

      • Should work of you have done it correctly.

  • I put in my price match request last night, and it just got approved now.
    What are the chances of cashrewards being approved too?

    • I did price match last night and still nothing back at all

  • +4

    I did put in the price match request last night and got approved this arvo. I have been eyeing this for a long time and finally bought it (free delivery :-) ) …waiting for cashrewards approval now. I don't see why cashrewards would not be approved as there's no details about price match in DONT's? Happy to be corrected!

    Update - just received an email (within 30mins of purchase) from cashrewards for $265.51 so the tv costed $3385.24.

    Hope this helps someone looking to buy but worrying about cashrewards

    • pls let us know when you actually get the approval - would love to know if price matched deals are honored as previously it wasn't used to.

    • +1

      Yeah, cashback only 2%
      Was 8%

      I was too late for the 8% cashback. By time Sony sent me email it was approved for TGG price match, Sony cashback was back to standard 2%

      Now it seems they don't honour cashback on the price match, I'm not feeling too cheated on $219 difference in potential cashback

      Still bought the 85" TV but…..

      Can't believe I spent $3650 on a telly……..

  • Just submitted a price match …. hope it gets accepted. I've been eying this TV for a while and this is the best price I've ever seen it as (especiallyh with cash rewards).

    Was tossing up between 77 inch LG OLED but for over 6k… would rather this and save the extra cash.

  • Can anyone reccommend a decent wall mount for this that sits flush with the wall (not interested in any sort of tilt etc).

  • Can anyone who has had their price match approved post email confirmation so we can use it if ours get knocked back

  • Hi all - does anyone have a screenshot of the Good Guys price they could send through when it was discounted? Just got a price match knocked back… keen to try again…

    • I took one at the time in case my price match didn't come through.


      Think you'll struggle as its quite clear it was a promo price unless you put the request during the 12hr GG promo period.

  • Got the price match today. Got the email this afternoon

    • When did you apply

      • The night that the deal was posted.
        Probably around 10pm Perth time

  • I've an offer from Sony (including free shipping) to sell me the 85" X9000H for $4.45k as a trade in for my recently damaged set.

    May not work out better anyway as I doubt CashRewards would be accepted on the deal they offered me this afternoon.

    I don't have a need for it as I later purchased the replacement through my original retailer, so perhaps I can help someone out here in Perth?

    • But….it's only $4295 normal price

      • Ohh shizen, I meant $3450 my bad..

  • 8% Sony cashback expired.

  • Got the price matched at $3650. Cash back successfully tracked at $265.46.

  • +2

    Had mine delivered today (Sony pricematch).

    First thoughts.

    It's bloody huge (and I love it.)

  • I was able get good guys to price match their deal and also got Sony approval . I don’t need two TV

    I still have Sony approval .. in case any one interested

    • Only 2% cashback now at Sony, was 8%

      • Not sure even if they will give cashback though

        • Why wouldn't they do cashback through cashrewards

          • @Spending2Much: Several they have knocked back my cashback .. due to various reasons most of time being not eligible .. but good luck .. I hope they give it to you :)

            • @rahoolz: My cashback got tracked. No issues.

              • @rack: tracking is not the issue - they approving it. Special discounts are not honored as I recall.
                In any case it is nothing to lose - so good luck!
                keep us posted

                • +1

                  @PrasangaD: It got approved.

                  • @rack: Congrats! Better withdraw asap before they change their minds! lol

    • Hi Rahoolz I’m interested. Will PM you

      • No worries

  • Mine is due for delivery on Monday…any advise on ultra high speed hdmi cables for this tv? Thanks

  • Any recommendation for the bracket ? Heard couple of bad stories

  • For what it's worth - I got this deal from Sony, and just got the email confirming Cashrewards tracked, and has already been approved!!

    3650.75-265.5 = $3385 deliverd

    I'm so happy about this - a true bargain

    • Can confirm the same. I didn’t get the email but saw the post and logged in and checked. Received my tv yesterday - pretty stoked with the deal given I Amish pulled the trigger on a seconds one via eBay last month for around the same price.

    • Damn.
      I only got 2% or $66.38.

      Definitely would have been better with the 8% cashback and approved already.

  • Is there a way to still get the deal you guys got last week?

  • Sony cashback now up to 6%….Just after I bought this with 2% cashback.
    Was 8% when this deal posted, but back to 2% by time I got the price match back from Sony.

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