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Breville BES920BSS The Dual Boiler Espresso Machine $849.15 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys


Another chance to purchase the machine alone for sub $900, good luck everyone!
Has been checking the website for the machine for quite a while, it suddenly shows up after 6:00pm, perfect timing!
Just got mine by calling the hotline (waited for 20+mins) as I couldn't get it delivered or C&C online anywhere in SA.
Seems the stock is very limited

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    These are excellent machines.

  • Can i ask what is the hype around this machine?

    • Pretty

    • +27

      Dual boiler espresso machine with pressure gauge & PID - No other alternatives under $2k

      Can pull a shot & steam at the same time.

    • +3

      Can make amazing coffee without breaking the bank. Got this 18 months ago and hasnt missed a step.

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      the BDB goes for 1500 pounds in the UK, and it still goes head to head with Italian machines in the same price range. Its a no-brainer for $1k aud, let alone anything less.

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        This video alone has made me want to buy it. But I also want the Precision Brewer because of his video on that, he makes a great salesman haha

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      can make espresso and froth milk at the seams time … i own one …..coffee is no better than my previous machine sunbeam em7000 which also makes espresso and froths milk at same time but is dual thermo block instead of dual boiler.

      can’t understand people standing inline for a coffee during melbourne lockdown when they could make coffee at home if they owned one of these …

      owning a decent machine and grinder at home makes coffee a commodity instead of an expensive treat..

      • +2

        EM6910 (dual thermoblock) at home, BES920SS at work.

        Pulling shots - the Sunbeam does a good job, I'd say 90% compared to the Breville. Have to get the grind, and basket fill, bang on though - nowhere near the margin for error the Breville gives you.

        Texturing milk - The Breville is hugely better.

  • So you organized delivery or did you manage to c&c somewhere in SA?

    • The staff told me they could arrange delivery on the phone, but there is a last one to be collected in Gepps Cross, so I opt for this option to save up $10 delivery fee.

  • -1

    My parents bought this same machine in 2014 for much less… how has this "appreciated" ??

    • COVID tax….and there is no alternatives for similar price range

    • +10

      So there is this worldwide pandemic at the moment. It, shall we say, increased demand for in home coffee machines. ;)

      Plus 7 years of inflation.

      • same reason breville perfect press sandwich press went up in price pandemic and people working from home has increased demand for some appliances ….. my coffee machine, grinder and sandwich press are used daily while working from home.

    • Same reason video game systems are impossible to get a hold of and the second hand market has gone up. Lockdowns

      • +1

        Next gen consoles are more related to the global chip shortage, only the switch went up in value for the first few months of lock downs.

    • The machine itself has also improved internally a lot in that time. For instance, the boilers, solenoid and a few other components have been tweaked/redesigned to the point your parents would struggle to get replacement parts for the machine now without having to gut the whole thing. A lot of these improvements have increased the life expectancy of the machine. Even the water filter has an ion exchange now, so scale is less of an issue as it's stripping out (some) of the calcium.

      Source: tried to get replacement parts for a 2015 BDB, but was cheaper to replace it, got a Decent DE1 instead.

      • how is the DE1? seems so high tech!

        • If you're simply trying to make a great milk coffee every day, then a BDB + Niche is far, far better value for money. If coffee is a hobby, and you love exploring the flavors of different specialty coffees from around the world, it's incredible and there's nothing that can match it.

  • how long did you wait on the phone for?

    • More than 20 minutes

      • did you end up getting it? if you got it with a smart grinder pro, there is a breville promo at the moment for some free stuff. check out my comment in this thread that has the info….or go to the breville promo site..

  • +1

    The barista express is fantastic but not full size filter basket
    This is a full sized filter basket and is the closest to a descent cafe machine for best value
    Next version after this dual boiler model is the oracle
    The oracle is a Huge jump in price

    • I always wondered why I do a 2 cup and/or double shot on my Barista Express and it's never strong enough.

    • And for the oracle you only really get a sub par inbuilt grinder. You will be miles a head with a separate grinder and dual boiler.

  • Are they crazy? Costs $1599 with grinder as bundle.

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      Don't buy it with a grinder as bundle - buy a proper grinder separately.

  • -2

    For perspective, these were $680 at the start of 2020. Covid tax.

    • +15

      Your comment lacks perspective.

      The RRP of these were well above $1k before covid. And while discounted sales below that price were not uncommon prior to the coronavirus outbreak it is misleading to say that they were readily available for $680.

      The last time this machine featured on OzBargain prior to covid (October 2019) it was on sale for $799.20 at Good Guys ebay:


      So pre or post covid the price listed here is a good price, especially given that stand alone sales of the Dual Boiler (as opposed to the overpriced 'dynamic duo') have only come back on line in Australia over the past 2 months.

      Breville is an Australian owned and listed company and sells these products worldwide for a much higher price than they are sold here. However, they are manufactured in China hence the supply issues since the covid outbreak. Discounted prices are infrequent and sell out quickly given demand.

      In short, a great machine and if you can get it for $849.15 you have got yourself a bargain, regardless of the pandemic.

    • +6

      gotta factor in the cost of a time machine too bro

  • +3

    I bought mine for 599 in a cracking HN Ozbargain deal ~5 years ago, has made 2 coffees a day since and never missed a beat. Make sure you give it a clean once a month or so.

    • Ditto with a free grinder. Best purchase ever.

    • +3

      I might add that giving it a service to replace o-rings will extend its life also

      • My machine has just started making the steam escaping sounds yesterday.
        I already have some o-rings from aliexpress, but I first need to do some serious youtubing.

        • +1

          Rule number 0: do not drop locking pins into the machine!!!

        • In my case it couldn't reach the target temperature anymore, as in overheating to 115 degrees, I do have the extended warranty and it appears one if the orings for the steam was leaking. That's after around 4 years of normal (more weekend) use.

          • +1

            @Olli: From what I read internal steam or water leak builds up humidity to they point electronics is playing up. If you catch it earlier you can fix the leak and dry the machine and it can go to normal. Worst case scenario - you have to replace electronic components.

            Yes, fixing leaks before they burn electronics is a smart strategy.

            • +1

              @SickDmith: I could hear occasional steam escaping the last week and have have some o-rings but no silicone grease which I ordered last week and I have been waiting for it to turn up.
              Unfortunately the machine started heating up while powered off yesterday, steam venting out via the safety valve - I have now put it aside to dry out, hopefully I did not fry the triac board.
              I have reverted to using the Dedica in the meantime.

              TL;DR Lesson learned: Get machine serviced (or change the o-rings) at least every 12 months!, and next time when you hear steam inside - unplug it immediately (it is unsafe having it powered at this point) and get it fixed!

              • +1


                hopefully I did not fry the triac board

                You did your homework. :)

                • @SickDmith: Update: After drying out the machine, the problem remained so I ended up getting it repaired, (it needed triac board and a thermal probe in the steam boiler).
                  So happy to have it back, and working perfectly again.
                  I have put the Dedica back behind the emergency glass.

  • Guys could you please advise

    I can get barista touch from good guys for $999 ( stainless steel one)

    Or this dual boiler one?

    • This if you have bench space for it plus a grinder and can find stock

    • How? With 15% off code? Or you know someone?

    • Or consider getting a second hand Oracle for around $800 - $950.

      • $700-$800 ? Where

        • I don't think I said $700 - $800. But at the price point I said, https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Breville-Coffee-Machine-Oracle-B... is an example.

          https://www.ebay.com.au/str/bravocoffeeexperts usually has an Oracle every week or two.

          • @mjwills: Is that store reputable? Refurb dual boiler for $550 but you'd think they would include details of what exactly has been refurbished and how many shots it's pulled, or even include proper photos of the machines

            • +2

              @Chickenleg: Can comment about CoffeeAddict.

              But Bravo Repair is an official Breville Service Centre in Sydney - I've been there few times with my Breville machines.
              I believe these machines they are selling are from customers who got brand new replacements (from either Breville or extended warranty provider). Service centre did repair them and list them as refurbished but they are missing some accessories (usually they ask not to bring accessories when you bring your machine for repair).

              I am sure they have more than one so they don't put any specific details (what was repaired and how many shots).

              Last time I was there (before COVID) they had refurbished BES920 for sale:
              1. It was under $500
              2. I think they mentioned 6 months warranty or something like this

              Give them a call and ask.

              • @SickDmith: Cheers for the info!

                • +2

                  @Chickenleg: Forgot to mention - their website https://www.bravorepairs.com.au
                  They are nice people.

                  But I saw complaints about their packing skills - some people who opted for the machine to be picked up/delivered for the repair said it came back with extra dents.

            • @Chickenleg:

              how many shots it's pulled

              How would they verify that? They are second hand machines - there is no way for them to validate how many shots were, or weren't, pulled.

              • +2

                @mjwills: The BES920 has a shot counter.

                1. Whilst off, press and hold the one and two shot buttons for 4 seconds.
                2. Whilst still holding, press the power button. Release all buttons.
                3. You'll see 00:00. press the menu button.
                4. Add a zero to the end of the displayed number to give you your shot count.
                • @Chickenleg: I stand corrected!

                • +1

                  @Chickenleg: Thanks. TIL I have made 6750 coffees.

                  • @repeat: Wow. That's incredible.
                    I'm going to go check mine now…
                    I'd be lucky if I had a few hundred.

                    • @albanyson: I purge the group after each morning so that has probably bumped up my stats somewhat…

                      • +1

                        @repeat: I do the same, push the manual button for about 10 seconds.
                        Clears off any residual grounds on the group head.

                        • @albanyson: 46….
                          Sooooo, 460. With purging etc

                          Clearly an amateur

  • Is this a good upgrade over a Sunbeam EM7000? Probably more of a sidegrade.

    • +1

      Yes this is a much better machine than the em7000 as well as the torino

      • Alright, good to know. Thanks!

      • +3

        Genuinely interested: Can you explain how? Sunbeam EM7000 has not dual boiler but can make coffee and steam at the same time. Has PID as far as I know and makes pretty good coffee and foam. All else (beans, grinder) being equal: What am I missing?

        • Sumem7000 is a dual boiler isn't it?

          • @alwayslooking: Sunbeam 7000 is a thermoblock.

            DB is a boiler system.

            There is a reason why all high end machines uses boilers instead of thermoblocks. Boilers pull more consistently over thermoblocks.

        • thermoblock vs boiler

        • -1


        • I had the EM7000. Now I have the Dual Boiler. The DB has better consistency with shots. I use manual mode all the time and always get great extractions. EM7000 was no slouch but it was always just missing that little something.
          Plus the steam wand lost pressure/force quickly and could never be fixed

          Only thing I miss about the EM7000 is the temperature gauge on the wand. That was great

        • +1

          The thermoblock in the Sunbeam is just 2 pieces of aluminum bolted together with channels cut in the form of a tortuous path that the water flows through. As the water flows through the channels, it absorbs heat from the thermoblock and theoretically exits at the set temperature.

          In reality, these thermoblocks do not have enough thermal mass to keep the temperature consistant, so the water that comes out at the start of the shot may be at the correct temp, but cools down towards the end of the shot as the heating elements in the thermoblock can't keep up with the loss of heat.

          The boiler in the Breville contains more than enough water at the set temp to maintain a consistant shot temp throughout the entire shot.

        • +5

          Basically the two approaches are similar to water heaters in the house - you get the big storage heater you have outside (boiler), or you can tack an instantaneous, in-line heater on the wall (thermoblock).
          The storage unit takes longer to heat up, but can give more sustained delivery.
          The instantaneous unit is convenient, space efficient, but not good under heavy load.

          The BES920 has great thermal stability of brew temperature, my guess is that this is due to 3 factors - having a boiler (thermal inertia of the water before delivery), PID control on the output (error correction at delivery), as well as a heater around the grouphead (reduce the heat transfer at delivery).

          A thermoblock with good PID control just does one thing - control the output to the heating element in the block, to correct the error of the output temperature. This can probably keep the temperature within a degree or less of the setpoint, while brewing the coffee. It is more prone to problems from mineral build up (due to the complex and narrow pathway), and earlier sandwich models have been prone to mechanical failure from thermal cycling stresses.
          The newer helical models look quite good though.

    • +1

      i now have the dual boiler, used to have the sunbeam em7000, gave to my son …..both make same quality coffee when grinder is dialed in …… difference one is dual thermos block, the other is dual boiler ….. both control water for coffee extraction separately to steam temp for texturing milk ….both make espresso and texture milk at same time …. the new version of the em7000 (different model in 7000 series) also takes pods if you want to keep some decaf pods for visitors …..

  • Doh! Bought JB hifi deal :(

    • They do price guarantee ?

      • From what I'm seeing I'm not likely to be covered on an item I already purchased for delivery sadly.

    • check out my comment on this thread about the bonus from breville (if you got this machine with the smart grinder pro)…i got the promo stuff delivered so im letting everyone know that got one…jbhifi is on the list of approved sellers…

  • thanks op. I just bought one!!

  • i couldnt resist at this price and where we're at with stock.. thanks OP

    • check out my comment on this thread about the bonus from breville (if you got this machine with the smart grinder pro)…i got the promo stuff delivered so im letting everyone know that got one…

  • Bought one with -5% giftcards, brings it down to $807

    Also got the Smart Grinder Pro too.

    Thanks OP!

    • check out my comment on this thread about the bonus from breville when you bought this machine and the smart grinder pro..i got the promo stuff delivered so im letting everyone know that got one…

  • Potentially eligible for Cashrewards (3.5%) so check that out! Sadly I realised too late lol.

  • nsw totally oos

  • Snagged one. Thanks OP and got the CR.
    Gotta say I'm always led by Ozbargainers reviews. Went to bed and bought a coffee machine. Who'da though. Good night!

    • check out my comment on this thread about the bonus from breville (if you got this machine with the smart grinder pro)…i got the promo stuff delivered so im letting everyone know that got one…

  • Love this machine. Got the duo last year before Chistmas (so with the grinder).
    Has had a workout lately.
    Edit: some info that may be useful - it's a big machine, especially when you have a separate grinder next to it, the two together take up a fair amount of space on the kitchen bench. Not ideal for small kitchens.
    Also, the grinder makes the difference.

    • How do you rate the Breville grinder? Good?

      • +3

        It is. I moved on to a Baratza Sette 270 but I had several years of good results from the Breville grinder. Definitely punches above its weight

      • Yep it works great!
        Fine tuning what grind to use works well, and it hasn't missed a beat.
        It stores two preset times, 1 shot and 2 shot.
        It is loud, but grinders are meant to be! (My family doesn't wake as early as me, so I usually wait a bit for coffee ;)

  • had to wait for phone lines to open at 9 coz no delivery and no local stock, all sold out. I guess they were selling a very small number at this price.

  • I use to use a old 2 group rancilio s20 which was a big over kill, but I got it cheap, and love coffee :)
    I got divorced, so house sold, now renting and a smaller place, no room for the s20. I got this machine 5+ years ago, and find its a great sub $1000 machine. I recommend a good grinder to get the best out of this machine. Have a Rancilio and Breville smart grinder. The Breville smart grinder is also a good grinder.

  • I have this machine and the smart grinder pro for over 4 years and has been fantastic since day one. Have a cousin who is one of those vacuous people with no clue…has a cheap nasty Delonghi and claims her machine is much better than the dual boiler. "Breville is a cheap brand, you know..I dont buy cheap".

  • I been doing a lot of research into grinders to pair with this machine this year, this is where my rabbit hole led me…

    If you are wanting to do single dose, quiet and change different methods of brewing the niche is a good option. A negative is you need to measure the beans before grinding… (~$1100 incl import taxes)

    Next up is the mingon specialita which has a low rate of retention, but may not grind as well if you want to single dose. Has the advantage of weighing the beans it's grinding out, but is not suitable if you want to play with different methods of brewing (locally for <$800)

    Sette 270 grinds well + weighs but is very noisy. <$650

    There are a couple of cheaper options that rate well $200-400, jump on Amazon to find them

    If your budget is low watch marketplace or gumtree and you might get a breville smart grinder for $100-150

  • +1

    Been on the look out for this and I missed it, expired so fast?!

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