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Women's & Men's Made by Ugg Australia Scuffs $37.50 (Was $89) Delivered @ Ugg Australia


Link to Mens Slippers: https://uggaustralia.com.au/collections/weekly-specials/prod...

Winter is here, STAY WARM! Our most popular deal 250 pairs in each colour ONLY!
UGG Australia Slides, real sheepskin

100% Australian Made and owned.

Our classic ‘Ugg Scuff’ unisex sheepskin slippers are perfect to wear around the home and are super cosy and warm for those wintery evenings.

Ugg Australia® we have been making sheepskin boots for over three decades in our former Brunswick factory. Operating Australia’s last and ONLY sheepskin tannery, "Roman Tannery", for footwear guarantees that we are the only one in the world who has 100% Australian Made Ugg boots.

We encourage all customers to do some research when looking to purchase any brand of Ugg Boots.
Ensure you purchase from reputable websites or stores.
Contact details - If you can't find the business address or contact number of the business you have purchased boots from, who will help you with customer issues.
There are so many sheepskin boots out there claiming to be 100% Australian Made. How can you tell one authentic boot from the rest?
What to ask your retailer when buying your sheepskin products.
Where are your skins from?
Where are they processed?
Are the boots hand cut, hand stitched, hand glued in Australia?
Ask for the address of manufacturer and tannery. There should be no reason why your retailer cannot provide you with details of the origin of your boots.
All Ugg Australia® products are 100% Australian made at our factory and ecologically processed at our Roman Tannery in Laverton North, Melbourne.

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  • +8

    purchased one of these a couple of months ago. Only after light daily use, the part below my heel is almost gone.

    • can you please email images to:

      [email protected]

      also with order number?

      thank you…

      warmest regards,


      • I seem to have this issue too, I'll send you an email. Thanks.

      • Thanks. I'll send you an email along with photos today.

    • +2

      This seems to be a common complaint from previous deals. The products are not very durable.

    • +2

      Agreed, same happened to me as well. Started shedding the fleece material after a week. Now two months later, there is very little fleece on it and hurts my feet if I stand for a long time. But… it is very warm and I prefer it over socks.

      • i just placed order, i should have read the reviews first :(
        now having buyers remorse. that would explain why they are on sale.

        • Not sure if this helps, I've had two pairs. First one wore out after about a year. But these are ones I bought last June, and have worn them very regularly with working form home and still are in good nick. Mileage may vary.


    • +3

      They are not known for their quality unfortunately

  • +1

    Do you have kid/toddler size for these?

    • Unfortunately we don't, however that is a great idea!
      thank you for supporting us and Australian Manufacturing..

  • +3

    I used these for three years now! Still going strong

    • Great to hear! :))
      Thank you for the support and comment.

    • +2

      Had mine over a year now, worth every cent…

      • +2

        Thanks so much for supporting us and Australian manufacturing!

  • +2

    My wife and I have a pair of these Uggs in the last deal. I'd recommend getting a size up, but these are great! We have a puppy who attacks them, and they're not budging ie, great quality! Definitely recommend, and good to support Australian businesses!

    • Thank you for the support and kind words.. much appreciated!
      Warmest Regards,

      • +1

        thanks! bought a pair for my son!

        • Thank you for the support! I am sure he will love them… :))

    • I bought the 3/4 uggs. Normally a 11, but started an exchange order for a 12.
      Definitely order a size up as they run tight.

  • My uggs from the buyaussienow deal still hasn't shipped

    • me neither ! just got a generic email a couple of days later advising it may take longer and that was it… hope they come before the end of winter…

      • Same here, by the time they arrive it won’t be cold anymore

    • I wrote to buy Aussie now . reply said delay due to high demand and VIC lockdown. my order will arrive no later than 8th August.

  • +4

    I've had a pair of these for over a year now. The sole is very hard (solid) and the heel area has worn a bit from regular use. The quality is very good for the price and the fact it is still made in Australia deserves a big thumbs up. Well worth it in my opinion.

    • Thank you for supporting us and Australian manufacturing, also your positive comment is appreciated!

  • +1

    Bought these for my wife during a similar promotion, and we fight over them, they're that good, time to get my own :-)

    • haha, thank you for your comment and support! :))

  • +1

    I bought the boots from you guys and they're super comfortable, would recommend this/them

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment and support! :))

  • +1

    Bought these Uggs from these guys on the last deal. Was never a slipper person but thought these might go alright. They are awesome and I wear them all the time around the house now. Just the right warmth so my feet don't get sweaty and the sole is hard so you can walk outside if you want. Happy purchaser here especially that they are aussie made.

    • Thank you for supporting Australian Manufacturing, your kind comment is much appreciated!

  • +1

    Is this free size ? what would be recommended for mens 8 in this?

  • +1

    These are pretty good IMHO, would like to get another pair but my old ones are still going strong.

    • Thank you for your positive comment and support! :))

  • +1

    Bought some of these last lockdown in Sydney. Theyre really warm and well made. However, the heel cushioning is non existant and feel quite hard, especially if you're walking on tiled surfaces.

  • I think the trick with these slippers is to buy several sizes Larger than your usual shoe size so there's a few cms/inches between your heel and the end of the slipper. So you'll have plenty of support for the heel

  • Are these the same as the Mens Opal Scuffs that were $25 a couple of years ago, I have been wearing them daily since then, the soles are still perfect but the wool inside is pretty much disappeared, will buy another pair but hoping they are a bit better as the price is more! as for sizes my old ones were a size 10 US as im a size 9 AU and they were perfect

  • US or AU size?

  • Hi, can't see the deal on the website. Already sold-out?

  • Ordered one of these more than two weeks ago from Ugg Australia via Buy Aussie Now and still haven’t received anything, not even the dispatch notification just a vague apology saying it may take longer. Should have told me before I bought them. Not really interested in a pair of scuffs when winter is over

    • -2

      Booo hooo poor you, I guess you don’t realise the majority of the country is in lockdown

      • -1

        We had one year to figure out how to run a business during covid. All the retailers I have purchased from so far have been capable of delivering, except these guys apparently. Also it’s not just me but many other people on ozb didn’t get their order so I think it is only fair to give a heads up to other people looking into buy these because the advertised delivery simply wasn’t true for many of us

        • And if they had workers sent into isolation?

          Small business can't cover for those sorts of things champ.

    • If only your shipping delay was a reflection of the real issues in this world at the moment!

  • Cool thanks, just ordered a pair for myself and the missus.
    Do you know roughly how long will deliver take?
    Auspost website just states "temp delays" with no actual time frame provided.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Just purchased 3 for the fam.

    • Thank you for supporting us and Australian manufacturing! 🤗

  • -1

    Got a pair from a previous deal as well. As others have mentioned, great except a bit of excessive wear in the heels. Mind you, I'm 100kg plus so I wear through most footwear pretty quick. :( Would definitely buy again though.

  • I got a pair of these and they are falling apart.
    I only ever wear them in the house, only in lounge, or bedroom, and definitely not every day and pretty disappointed in the quality. Stitching coming apart and the wool falls out.

  • I've used mine for about two years now (from here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/455194) but the signs of wear started around 6 months.

    It now looks like this https://pictr.com/images/2021/07/27/Bm5No9.jpg

    That being said, I'd also buy it again if this breaks.

  • +1

    OP, what's the most ethical way to dispose of an old pair of these?

    • That’s a great question, the top half is all sheepskin, therefore it will decompose over time.. however I’m not sure about the EVA sole connected at the bottom. We will have to research 🧐

    • Reckon the bin would be a start. /s

  • Sent the lady who runs this company a question, she couldn't even be bothered to reply to me.

    Wouldn't bother with the customer service side of it.

    • You can talk to me, here or pm me?
      Send order number and I be onto it?? 🤷‍♂️

  • +1

    Bought these in May last year and they’re still holding strong from moderate daily use. The inner lining has slightly flattened but still quite comfortable. I also purchased them at this price and it’s quite good value for that.

    • Thank you for your positive comment and thank you for supporting Australian Manufacturing 🤗

  • has anyone received their order? still waiting here

    • Do you have your order number, therefore I can check tomorrow for you?

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