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Kobo Forma + Black Sleep Cover $375 (Extra 10% with UNiDAYS $337.50) + Delivery @ Booktopia


First time poster and hope it's helpful for anyone who wants to get an excellent e-reader. Cheapest I can find on the market so far. Scroll down to the combo deal.


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  • How is this better than the paperwhite?

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      Bigger screen size, not locked in to Amazon system, and I think this is equivalent to Kindle Oasis not Paperwhite.

      • Almost all of my books are sideloaded to a Kindle using Calibre, I wouldn’t say being locked to one particular store is much of an issue, even if it is Amazon.
        It’s worth noting that the Forma doesn’t handle PDFs very well (it scales A4 to the screen), which I found annoying as I have a number of books in PDF format.

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      You can borrow library books for free.

      • Yo, I've got a kobo and ive never worked out how to do this. I figured it just wasn't really adopted by Australian libraries. How did you manage to get it going?

        • You've got to find a library that uses Overdrive/Libby. I'm not sure if there's a master list somewhere but maybe do some googling.

          I'm in NSW and the Northern Beaches library has it with a seemingly decent catalogue. You just need to go into one of their branches once to sign up, then you can do everything else online.

    • Bigger screen, which is great for PDF. But I would recommend installing KoReader to read PDF, which is much better than the stock reader.
      They have OverDrive, allowing to borrow from libraries.
      But they don't have the "send-to-Kindle"/Kobo feature, not quite convenient in sending files from your laptop/phone to the reader.

      • I guess Dropbox should solve this if you upload to Dropbox?

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    You can borrow from libraries and overdrive. Kobo simply beats kindle to the ground. I bought only couple of books and the rest I have borrowed.

    • Completely agree, sign up to overdrive and access all the books you should ever want for free. If they don't have one you can request your library purchase the digital version. I borrow books to my Kobo and Magazines via the Libby app (Overdrive adjacent) to my iPad. My partner just got the Kobo Libra and and I have the Aura HD. The Forma seems a tad expensive to read books, even if they're free.

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        I have the libra too. I think it's the best value for the format. The forma is good yet seems a tad expensive.

        Overdrive is superb for borrowing books and aside from the bugs here and there, it works well. 😊

      • Do you have much success in getting the libraries to get the digital version of books they don't have?

        • Fortunately I haven't travelled down that road just yet. But am curious to try when the need arises. My partner reads a lot, like tonnes of books. So it's gonna happen sooner or later. But so far all the book series have been complete. I had such a reprieve from looking for new series when she decided to tackle Terry Brook's 30 book epic.

          • @drycleanonly: Oh I don't know that. I'll have a look at Terry brook. Been reading Terry prachett lately. Maybe mention Marcel proust to her. Its a massive undertaking to read him. He wrote more than 1m words and even more than Tolkien 😊.

            • @Raj09: Terry Brooks is a bit polarizing and I couldn't get into the series. Pretty sure Terry Pratchett is not her kind of thing but I might have to look into Marcel Proust, thank you.

              • @drycleanonly: You have a great day. Marcel proust is a lot to read. I did not get what he was up to and finally understood through YouTube. His books explore the meaning of life. Enjoy 👍🏾😊

  • Cheers….never owned an ereader before!

  • Any way to increase the storage on this?

    • I guess not…. my fail

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