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Ledger Nano S $73.50 Delivered @ Coinstop


If OzB isn't draining your wallet fast enough, why not get into crypto?

Ledger Nano S on sale for 30% off comes to $73.50. Free EXPRESS shipping Australia wide. This could be the cheapest it's ever been?
Coinstop is listed as a trusted reseller of Ledger (https://www.ledger.com/reseller)

Also available at Bitgear for slightly more $76 (https://www.bitgear.com.au/product/ledger-nano-s/)

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    What do i need to do to get back a little $ on my incoming 3080 before the market goes more poopy? Preferably without buying hardware.. I'm only in it for a few months to recoup costs.




      I use nanopool, fairly simple to set up for mining. DM me if you want more info.

  • +7 votes

    I prefer to invest in gold.

    I purchased some gold recently too (Gold Game boy light and gold Skyward Sword Wii mote)

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    As someone who was impacted by the Ledger data leak I would never recommend their products to anyone. Their complete disregard for their customers/ users and the issues this leak has caused is disgusting. They couldn't give a flying fudge about their users, all they cared about was protecting their image.


      is the data in the ledger safe? was the leak only related to customer info they had on orders?

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        Leak was just from their eCommerce site, addresses, phones etc. So big hodlers might be worried about break and enter. But as long as you have the physical Ledger the data on that is safe.

        I would still always buy a hardware wallet direct from the manufacturer. You don't know where these resellers buy them and what's been done to them.

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    I cannot stress enough, the importance of purchasing your hardware wallet direct from manufacturer. Never buy these from amazon and be very very cautious on any other site.

    Another consideration, as Sancho points out above, is the security of the device. Trezor use open source software, the community can build consensus the code on the device is secure. Ledger are not open source. There's no known hack of ledger devices, but the lack of security on their website, resulting in a leak of customer information… well you might think of it as a canary in the mine moment… maybe.

    Trader University on youtube has makes some good points to consider when purchasing a wallet.

    Good luck


      100% agree, i have seen videos with dodgy micro SD inserted or some been trip wired!!!

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    Bought my Ledger Nano X from Ledger themselves. 2 or 3 weeks delivery from France.

    Even though you can factory reset it, the purpose of this device is security and holding your personal wealth. Would not add a third party reseller in to the mix to save $30 when I can be potentially holding thousands I it.

    Malicious attacks have no bounds these days. There might be attack vectors we haven't considered yet. Don't add vulnerability to save a few bucks..