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Lo Bros Kombucha Cola 8x330ml $12.98 ($1.62 Each) @ Costco (Membership Required)


Pleasantly surprised Costco added this to their inventory. Bought 8pk box on Saturdary from Moorabbin. Works out at $1.62ea, lower than the rare $2ea specials (more regularly $3ea specials) at Colesworth. Flavoursome excellent health product.

Not showing as catalog special, but phone call confirms Australia-wide Costco special till 1st-Aug. After then it reverts to normal $16.98 price ($2.12ea).

Only Cola flavour variety. Lo Bros' best flavour.

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    Nice, thanks! Hope they'll have it in Auburn Costco

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      Can give them a call to confirm.

      • What if they lie to you?

        • then we get JV to lie 'on' them..

    • It was there earlier today. Can't stand the sweeteners they add to claim they're "naturally low in sugar", though.

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    Are they any good?

    Were $8 for 4 at the supermarket… Was going to buy some but saw Waterfords 4 pack was only about $2.

    • Excellent. Green tea (fat burning) + probiotic fermented drink + great flavor makes it one of the best drinks if seeking excellence in inner and outer health.

      • Don't buy the cans since they are pasteurized. Buy the refrigerated bottles to get the probiotics.

        • Is this true?

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        thanks… might try them

        Woolies selling them $7 for 4


        • that's the cans - you want the 330ml bottles to get the probiotics.

          ADMIN - can you remove the 'associated with Costco' mark against this post. I'm a member, not employee.

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            you want the 330ml bottles to get the probiotics.

            Nope, I'm on a diet.

          • @Cheaparoo: Association removed.

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          Last week Coles had four 375ml cans for $6.