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[Android] $0 My Sheet Music - Sheet Music Viewer, Music Scanner @ Google Play


Your music, your way: it’s time to change the way you play and study music as this sheet music app is going to change the game of music reading. This sheet music scanner lets you study piano sheet music (or any type of music score) directly on your smartphone. Whenever you want to learn, study or practice music scores and you don’t have a big-screen tablet, open this music reader app, select your favorite music sheet and start playing. The best music notes reader app on the store!

How does it work
My Sheet Music extracts a music stripe from your sheet music and makes it scroll at your desired speed/tempo. It works with every music score: piano scores, guitar tabs, full scores, vocal scores, and so on. Set the tempo and the metronome settings. You have full control on your music.

- Digital sheet music reader: convert your original scores, with your music notations, arrangements, music transcriptions and fingering.
- You can play any sheet music: practice piano scores, violin sheet music, cello sheet music, guitar tabs, trombone, ocarina, flute, brass, trumpet and even ukulele :)
- It's perfect as a music tutor / sheet music trainer: learn to read sheet music easily, as you have a portable music tutorial to study the piano, and any other instrument with you. Reading music has never been easier!
- Good for all levels: regulate the music notes speed and the tempo of your original music notation, so that you can read music notes as your desired tempo. It's a great music notes app for music learning.
- Your music list, always with you: My Sheet Music allows you to study all your piano scores, without carrying all those piano sheets around.

It works with every type of music notes, from piano sheet music, to violin music scores or guitar music notes. A must-have app for pianists, a unique app for musicians. Whether you want to practice with music notes at home, or you want to study a new music piece, you simply need to scan the sheet music, and read it from your smartphone. Piano music reading made simple!

WARNING: the app is not a sheet music player, because it does not play the music score on its own. It is a smart sheet music viewer for smart musicians :)

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Download My Sheet Music and let me know about any bugs, questions, feature requests or any other suggestions.

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    Any piano player can recommend a good website that has material to learn piano from the beginning onwards?


      I am very keen to find free materials as well

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    I bought this course yesterday. Piano in 21 Days. It's about learning chords quickly and playing popular songs, like Adele, etc, as far as I know. The introduction video was 15 mins long and just went over what the course is about. Haven't done the first lesson yet. I'm also getting the physical package sent to me from the US to Australia.

    https://go.pianoin21days.com/enrollment-open-package46889516... (NOT an affiliate link)

    You also need a piano/keyboard with at least 49 keys and a sustain pedal. I don't have a pedal with my keyboard but I'm going to start the lessons without one.

    I've been trying to teach myself with Udemy courses, some free and some paid but I lost interest. One good free one is by Dan Heglund? on there, 10 Easy Classical Piano Pieces (or something like that). I can play the first 2 in the course without a mistake but the 3rd one is harder so I've given up on that for now. Hopefully I'll stick with Piano in 21 Days - it cost enough!

    Piano lessons near me cost $35 for 30 mins (in person)!


      35 dollars for 30 minutes seems bit expensive!!