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Machifit ER11 Chuck CNC 500W Spindle Motor with 52mm Clamps and Power Supply for US$59.99 (~A$82.83) Delivered @ Banggood AU

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Machifit ER11 Chuck CNC 500W Spindle Motor with 52mm Clamps and AC 110-220V Power Supply Speed Governor For CNC Machine for $US59.99 or ~ ($A82.83) with coupon. Delivered from an Australian Warehouse.

It's AC powered so care needs to be taken in connecting to a power cable.

Lots of reviews recorded on Banggood and youtube reviews below.



Brand: Machifit
Dimension 130mm×100mm×50mm (LWH)
Input AC110-220V±10% 50/60Hz
Spindle Motor 500w
Spindle Speed 3000-12000r/min
Motor Diameter 52mm
Motor Length 208mm
Operating Voltage (Output Voltage) 100V DC
Current 6A
Speed Up to idle up to 15,000 rev / min
Torque 5000G/CM
Insulation Resistance > 2 megohms
Dielectric Strength 400V
High precision spindle runout 0.01-0.03

Chuck size:

Style: ER11
Chuck Size: 1/8"
Material: High Grade 45 Carbon Steel
Total height: 18mm
Outer diameter(Max.): 11.5mm
Gripping Range: 3mm
Small diameter: 7.8mm
Fits metric shank size(s): 3mm metric shank

Nut Size:
Inner Diameter: 8.7mm
Height: 13mm
Diameter: 17mm
Outer Diameter:19mm

Package Included:
1 x 500W Spindle Motor
1 x Power Supply
1 x 52MM Mount Bracket
1 X ER11 Collect
4 x Screws

More Machifit parts for a workshop work bench project.


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  • Hey OP,

    Just wondering where do got the coupon code from, as I don't see it on their facebook page.

    Thanks in advance :)

  • +1

    This is getting very abstract, but thank you, I do enjoy seeing random bargains.

  • Goes with all the 3D printer bargains. MPCNC, here I come!

  • +1

    Just been looking for a spindle upgrade for my 3018 cnc

    • You may need another motor mount, as it's 52mm diameter.

      The mount that comes with this kit isn't compatible with your 3018.

      If you purchase this motor please very careful how you wire the live, neutral, and earth lines.

      • +1

        Yea plenty of 3d printable options

        and yea im pretty comfortable with mains wiring :)

        • Awesome!!

          Just one little note (just in case you run into this issue), depending on if you have the black or silver 3018, the 3D printed CAD mount templates may be a tad different.

          The most critical measurement is the distance between the two 8mm shaft/rods in the CAD mount model, versus your physical one on the 3018.

          You'll know when you fit them together I guess, hopefully works out for you :)

          • +1

            @Ausdave: thanks ill do some measuring first - mines the black "pro" model

            • +3

              @macmanluke: I'm only saying this is because I own 6 blacks and 4 silvers, all of them with this motor kit.

              I had to create my own CAD models in the end.

              If you have problems let me know in future and I'll share the CAD model.

  • thanks op. got one, DIY cnc project here we come…

  • For a little more you can get spindle and vfd..

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