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Acer Swift 3x 14" i5-1135G7/8GB/512GB SSD, Iris Xe Max 4GB LPDDR4x GPU $798 (Was $1199) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


just saw this one, when i was looking for one for a mate. just leaving on to you guys howz its performance and value.
Shopback has 5% to 7% as well on gift card can be used.

Built with an 11th Gen Intel Core processor featuring a cutting-edge Intel graphics solution and multiple cooling modes, the Acer Swift 3x 14-inch i5-1135G7/8GB/512GB SSD, Iris Xe Max 4GB Graphics Laptop is a reliable companion for bolstering productivity, whether at school or at work. Equipped with a large battery providing up to 17.5 hours of runtime* and featuring a slim body weighing just 1.37kg**, this laptop an ideal choice to serve as your portable workstation.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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      Looks to be on backorder from Amazon

      Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

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    LPDDR4x.. on a GPU reminds me of the 1030 DDR4 version

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    How's graphics performance on the iris xe max? (compared to NVIDIA laptop GPU's) Can both the xe igpu and xe max be used at the same time to improve game performance? Forgive me for my arrogance.

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      can handle full hd games, not so poweful as a discrete one but much stronger than past Intel integrated :/

      • 14” slim …. there is only so much you can squeeze out of a gpu before it impacts cooling and battery life ….. it’s actually a nice laptop for under $800 ….. and if you plug in external monitor it would drive 4k for office applications or content creation.

    • I read comparable to mx350

      But I feel the ddr4x drags it down

    • Look, I can forgive you for your arrogance but not your ignorance.


  • I hope these semi-discrete laptop GPUs become the norm for new computers, Intel integrated provides almost nothing.

    Weight is still quite light and specs reasonable with this graphics card of sorts too, so no reason it can't be done.

    • The iGPU on my 1165G7 is incredible. I mean it's not a patch on any proper dGPU, but it plays plenty of half-modern games on good settings at FHD60!

      The modern amd iGPUs are just as great/similar/better too.

    • Intel iris is better than you think..

  • Is it even a good laptop???

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    Been looking for a basic laptop for a while for home. Don't need anything too fancy, web browsing, photos, word, excel type of stuff.

    Would appreciate any comments on whether this is suitable or better out options out there?


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    Soldered RAM by the looks :-(

    Still a good spec at that price though, reviews seem decent, bit of fan noise and no SD slot seem to be the only real downside

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    how does it compare to this HP priced at $998 that has 32 gb Optane memory?
    can you add ram to the acer or add 32 gb Optane memory?

    for an extra $200 is it worth it?

    • already has ssd so the octane won’t add to noticeable read / writes

    • Don't think the HP supports USB-C charging either.

      Also 15.6" screen, 1.7KG so less portable

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    I think this is the best deal for intel so far.

    The biggest bummer is the 8Gb soldered however that is tempered by the fact you get ALL the 8gb… since the video card has 4gb by itself.

    eg. I'm currently on an 12gb laptop but the video card will steal 2-3gb if you're stretching it.

    There is a 16gb sku but its tied to the i7 cpu and 1tb ssd so it'll be expensive.

    Further this Swift is typical of an Acer pile of crap in that it has few ports, a bad kdb, a bad touchpad and a relatively poor screen.

    It does have 2 x ssd slots though, I assume both nvme and not sata.

    Also you get a std. barrel charger but it does charge off type C.

    Now that brings me to a hidden crown jewel. According to the spec sheet it has Thunderbolt 4.

    Its pointless using an ext. gpu on this but its there. You wont find that on any AMD unit.

    So this is it. I'm gonna buy this one.

    • laptop tear down.com ……memory is soldered and no empty memory slot ……just an extra empty NVME m.2 slot …..

  • Have they improved the sound yet? I had the 10th gen and the sound was a real letdown. Very average screen too but that can be forgiven for the price.

  • A family member bought one of these recently (as a factory direct refurb from Acer with warranty) - within 24 hours of unboxing it managed to overheat so badly while in sleep mode that it scorched the tablecloth it was sitting on. Was painfully hot to touch, and failed to boot after this point. Acer support have now had the laptop for almost 3 weeks and they're still at the "running tests" stage of things.

    It's a beautiful laptop, very lightweight, and the price is great. Dud laptops happen, and being a factory refurb made that more of a risk. I wouldn't hold it against them except for the fact that their support has been useless.

  • Bought today for $760 with gift cards, haven't set up so can't comment as yet.

    • All set up, very happy with it. Lightning quick compared to the Dells I have previously had.

      • Can you play games on it?

        • Not sure, I don't game

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    • Doesn't have dedicated graphics which might hit the performance compared to intel one

    • the Lenovo is heavier, bulkier, has a worse GPU, roughly equivalent CPU, same memory same RAM..costs $200 more. No brainer?

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    very good price, 8gb soldered ram sucks

  • Does it support USB Type-C Power Delivery & DisplayPort?

    UPD: Looks like is does https://www.acer.com/ac/en/GB/content/model/NX.A0YEK.003

    USB 3.2 Gen 2 (up to 10 Gbps)
    DisplayPort over USB-C
    Thunderbolt 4
    USB charging 5 V; 3 A
    DC-in port 19 V; 65 W

  • price has reverted back to $1199, at both Amazon & HN :(