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Catch Connect 90 Days 20GB Unlimited Mobile Plan $15.00 @ Catch


It's only 20GB for 90 days but still handy for sim slutting. Kogan 90 days $14.90 has 60GB.
Don't forget to disable auto-recharge once the SIM has been activated.

  • Unlimited calls to standard national numbers, 13/1300 numbers and unlimited standard national SMS and MMS.
  • Optus 4G Plus Network.
  • New services only.
  • Limit one per customer.
  • All data allowance is applied upfront after $15 payment and activation.
  • Ongoing recharges revert to standard price of $29 or as otherwise advertised.
  • Activate SIM within 30 days of purchase
  • Offer ends 10/08/21

Also available at Catch Connect but you can't use discounted Catch gift cards and coupons.

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  • -1

    sim slutting

    what is this??

    also not very pc watchnerd …its 2021 and sims should be able to express their sexuality freely and not be judged for it! :P

    • +7

      could you suggest a better term for it? it's pretty entrenched and well-understood at Ozbargain at this point.

      • -1

        genuinely havent heard it as im not the sort of person that is glued to a phone for 98% of their waking hours. care to enlighten?

        • +8

          my understanding of it is that you just swap out your sim and take advantage of new service deals instead of recharging at the same provider. I do it a lot but it can be kinda annoying

      • +1

        Sim hopping may be more appropriate term?

        • +1

          so much more pc…well done :)

      • +2

        May I add that I like to bareback when Sim Slutting whether it be 1 3 6 or 12 months😆.

  • +8

    Perfect. Farewell Belong, I’m sim slutting over to Catch next.

    • +2

      you sim whore…you just cant control yourself

  • +2

    They really need to introduce QR code esims but they’re scared it’ll make switching easier

    • +2

      I don't think eSIM is available to MVNO's yet

  • Can you dual-sim these offers? If you're currently with Catch as well?

  • I can't make sense the when it needs to be activated by.. is it 30 days from purchase, or 10/08/21?

    Want to buy as late as possible and activate as late as possible to squeeze out the last credit on current belong Sim before porting across.

    • +2

      The offer ends 10 August, so if you buy 10 August you will have 30 days to activate from that point.

      • will it be OOS then ?

    • +3

      It's 30 days from purchase date to ensure you get the current plans offering. But you have 2 years from purchase date to activate the sim on what ever the sim plan offering at that time.

      You must activate your chosen prepaid plan on catchconnect.com.au within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised on the promotion (whichever is earlier). Additionally, you must activate your Catch Connect SIM card within 24 months of purchase, otherwise the SIM card will be cancelled and any credit associated with it will be forfeited. Not transferable or redeemable for cash. You must be aged at least 18 years to purchase a prepaid service with Catch Connect.

      • I can confirm I activated other plans well after I bought. I personally love Catch, I have now all 4 in my family with very cheap plans! I also managed to score some $30 1 year sim a while ago. Very happy

  • The iiNet deal is a lot better IMO. Haven't had any spotty network issues moving from Optus to them.

    • +3

      That's $15 per month, this is $15 for 90 days.

      Also from the Critical Information Summary:

      Excess Data: The Large Plan has a certain amount of Included Data each monthly billing cycle. If at any time in a billing cycle you use more than the amount of Included Data, we will charge $10 out of your prepaid balance to increase the amount of Included Data available in that particular billing cycle by 2GB. If there are insufficient funds in your prepaid balance, your service will become inactive until your prepaid balance is topped up.

      • +1

        I concede. Didn't read it properly by the looks.

  • What SIM deals are people currently switching between?

    • Kogan, Belong, Amaysim

  • +4

    handy addition for sim slutting

    Why have I just heard this for the first time. So much better than sim hopping.

    Small talk at the next OzBargain meetup: "Are you a (sim) slut too?"

    • +1

      …glad i wasnt the only one!

  • +4

    sim slutting hahahaha. +1

  • it's 6.5gb/$5/30days plan for 90days

  • How long do you have to be out of catch to be considered a new customer? 30 days?

    • No restriction.

    • Yup

  • So by this iteration, I can port my number over to another SIM from Catch and then straight back to take advantage of this offer?

    Just so happens my yearly plan is coming to an end early August.

  • Is an sms reply required to activate the sim when porting from another provider?

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