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Dell 27" Monitors - S2721H $179, S2721D $229 (OOS) | 32" - S3221QS $369 Delivered (OOS) @ Dell eBay


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    Is it better to get employee discount or buy through here?

  • Bought S3221SQ yesterday, now the price get lower. :(

    • I experience the same thing :( not willing to risk cancelling and re order tho

    • +3

      If you bought from their Ebay store, just send them a message asking them to cancel your order, stating you want to re-order at a lower price, they may simply refund you the difference. They did that during the last deal.

      • Thanks, i have messaged them. See what they say.

        • Just incase anyone else has had this happen, Dell Ebay says they will be unable to refund the difference. However as the deal is still live they will refund / cancel my previous order and i'll re-purchase at the lower price.

      • I messaged them via eBay and they cancelled my order as requested. I re-ordered it with the lower price last night. :)

    • What is the lower price? I just checked and using the code again I got to $369.

      Edit: Sorry, I think I understand now. As in, you bought it yesterday for the $417 advertised price?

    • I bought a monitor from official Dell website and it was delivered within 3 business days. I bought another monitor on Dell eBay store on Friday 30 July and the estimated delivery is 30 August :( hopefully it will be delivered earlier.

      • I ordered last Thursday night from this deal, I assumed they processed the order on Friday. I am hoping based off previous experience with Dell monitors that delivery will be today or tomorrow (before the weekend would be ideal!).

        Here's hoping.

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          Here's hoping too. Let me know if yours is delivered early.

  • Delivery starts from 27th Aug. That's outrageous!

    • +1

      How do you know that? My last delivery expected date from Dell was over a month away and it came within 3 days.

      • the eBay item lists an estimate:
        Estimated between Fri. 27 Aug. and Fri. 3 Sep.

        who knows if that's legit or not though!

        • +2

          Usually it's 5-10 days, here is official email from Dell:

          Generally, unless stated, laptop and desktop items are delivered within 10-15 working days excluding weekends and public holidays as our units are being built upon order. Monitors and Accessories coming from our Sydney warehouse are usually delivered within 5-10 working days.

    • Realistically, 1-2 weeks delivery time.

    • +1

      I dunno why they list their date so far ahead, but 99% of the cases it's in 10-12 days.
      I bought mine on June 28th, delivery date was August 3rd, but I got mine delivered on July 7th.

      Plenty of other Ozb users reported the same time frames. Here is official email from Dell:

      Generally, unless stated, laptop and desktop items are delivered within 10-15 working days excluding weekends and public holidays as our units are being built upon order. Monitors and Accessories coming from our Sydney warehouse are usually delivered within 5-10 working days.

    • I just got update today saying will be delivered by end of august. Ordered as soon as this deal went live and only just got email with tracking today. So yep slight delay on shipping.

  • I need a 34" for work purposes - what do you recommend?

    • +15

      I'd go for a 34" monitor.

      • or larger.. upto 49"

  • I picked up the s3221qs for work only (ide/repl/console mainly). Has been pretty awesome if you face it dead on. Have a second 32" ips on an angle for misc windows.
    Loving it.

    • How do you find having an IPS next to a VA? Does it bother you at all? Which one do you prefer?

      • +1

        Not at all, loaded the icc's from rting, dialed down the brightness and they are pretty much the same.
        I use the VA looking dead on at correct eye level.

        • Nice! I need to leanr how to load ICCs..is it difficult?

          • +2

            @ifreddo: Not at all, they are just colour profiles.
            PS: if toggling between work and home machines (and if one or both are macs), https://lunar.fyi/ has worked like a champ.

    • Any tips to reduce black smearing? I am using ICC profile from rtings as well. Played and tweaked with all settings to the best of my ability already but the black smearing is driving me nuts.

      • Haven't noticed any smearing tbh, am connected via displayport to a caldigit ts3+ => macbook.
        As mentioned, 99% of the time am in IDEs or terminal.

        • Do you use light or dark mode in IDEs?
          It is very obvious to me even when scrolling through code in IDEs in dark mode. Now you got me wondering if I have a lemon….
          Can you do me a favour, scroll through this page in your browser and let you know if you notice anything.

          • @deliriouss: Dark mode exclusively across most applications.
            No issues or artifacts experienced scrolling down that page.
            For reference, am scaling to 3360x1890 @ 60hz.

            • +1

              @slight: Thanks mate. I have tried everything from native res @60hz down to 1080p HiDPI to no avail, the smearing is very noticeable. To illustrate the problem, it looks like the monitor on the right here

              • @deliriouss: woah, yeah, definitely don't get that even with a wall of text like that.
                The scrolling looks identical between the VA and IPS screens at the same resolution.

                • @slight: Thank you for confirming, I will speak to Dell to see if I can get a replacement tomorrow.

                  • +2

                    @deliriouss: good luck. Give a yell if you get push back, can record a console text scroll vid.

    • Might be a minor point, but how do you find the audio coming out of this thing - not expecting imac sound quality but specs say 2x 5w speakers so I'm assuming it's somewhat decent for a sub $400 monitor. Mainly interested in knowing how good/lacklustre the bass is and general clarity/crispness of sound

      • TBH, I haven't used them at all so I can't comment. Tent to use either external speakers or headphones.

      • +1

        They are more than adequate for what they are.
        I dare say there's even half decent amount of bass!
        I use mine for work, some light videos (YouTube etc…) and on breaks I play switch games. Overall best $389 I dropped for WFH.
        This replaced a P2418D (the business QHD 24inch model). The P series was a U series change, I was nervous going from U to P, but the P2418D didn't disappoint specially considering the price performance ratio, so was happy. Had the same hesitancy dropping from a P to S series but man that's a lot of monitor for less than $400. Needless to say, I wish I had another one of these S3221QS at work too. Maybe next year I can convince the boss :)

        As I've said before, the HDR is complete utter useless, no point even trying it.

        I've recently changed to the colourspace sRGB mode on the monitor and am pretty happy with colours. If standing up and not raising the desk, I do have to tilt the monitor up to get better colour otherwise massive colour shift.

        The main disappointment is how much plastic rattle and creek the case has.

        • appreciate your thoughts - do you find any major drawbacks going from flat screen to curved (work or game)? one thing that comes to my mind for me is whether subsequent monitors (be it flat or curved) might appear awkward from a positioning standpoint and provide less viewing comfort than simply 2 flat side-by-side monitors

          • +1

            @tlc72: It's not really comparable as the other monitor was 24inch and this one is 32inches.
            If anything I'd say the curve is actually helping this monitor both in terms of viewing angle and visibility. It basically allows me to seat closer to it than I would to a none curved. Also remember the curve is very minimal and you generally forget it's there.

            Now being picky, I have a window behind my work desk and my monitor seats at a 35 degree angle to this window (it's to allow space for my laptop on the desk). When Sun is coming down in the afternoon due to the curve the top right corner of the screen catches the sun rays a bit sooner than a flat screen would have. Come to think of it I wouldn't be able to fit a flat 32inch in that corner of the desk and leave enough space to the front of it. The curve is a plus here.

  • are these ok for just security cameras? or should I be looking at something else?

    • The monitors do not have any camera on them to be used as security cameras :P

    • +1

      For the price i would just get a cheap 2nd hand monitor. Afterall its just viewing security cams when you need to.

      I haven't had to get a monitor as I just use the app to view.

  • do they have vesa mounts for the S2721H and S2721D?

  • +1

    I got my S2721D for $209 and can confirm IPS screen is excellent for regular PC stuff.. can't comment on games as I don't play.

    The extra $50 for the QHD screen is well worth it for a 27" monitor.

  • +2

    Hey mate,
    Any idea if the S2721DS will be coming back to the ebay deal store ?

    • Not this round.

  • Wow thanks OP they are known for quality, BUT the game with no stock but yes have stock and 4 h on the phone and now I get a 32" for 398.
    Looking to replace the crappy Samsung that has volume control but no sound.

  • +1

    Appreciate the effort here dealbot. Not to be cheeky but I was going to buy the S2721DGF 27" screen. Will there be a deal on that shortly?

    • +5

      I negotiated a deal and will post in the next few days. It may only be a small batch so I’ll post in my blog if it is.

      • Thankyou. I didn't know you had a blog….where do I find it?


      • +1

        Just got the word that the price will stay as is for this round. Price is likely to increase though due to the global parts shortages.

  • Hi Dealbot, I want the xps 15 oled from the same eBay deal in another thread. But so far, I feel it is not the lowest price you guys have seen here?

    Any help on that would be much appreciated!

  • Any chance S2721Q go under 250 again?

    • +6

      May be a challenge but I’ll try.

      • Great! Thanks!

  • @dealbot Dell 27 S2721D is available for $259 , will it reduce to $229 at 6 PM?

    • +1

      Correct but use the link I provided in the OP.

      • +1

        @dealbot Any options for getting the Dell 27 S2721DS anytime soon with these offers?

  • +1

    If anyone has issues with getting 4k 60Hz from their Dell monitor and M1 Macbook: get a proper HDMI cable, that supports 60Hz. Most of USB-C Hubs don't.

    I got this and works fine: https://www.jaycar.com.au/usb-type-c-to-hdmi-cable-1m/p/WC79...

  • In a pickle and looking at the 32" just for using ps4 pro console. Mainly due to 4k reso. But only 60hz, at this price it looks to be good compared to getting the 27". Thoughts from ps4 console owners?

    Oh and be sure to add the listing to your watch list as there is another one but at a higher price that is in stock. Wait till 6pm

  • is the delivery date accurate?

    • No. This was there response from the EOFY sale…

      The eBay marketplace is not integrated with our system so all eBay orders are processed manually on our end. Also due to the high volume of orders we have during the sale period, we've set the time frames ahead on a long delivery in our listing. Generally, orders are fulfilled within 7-15 working days max. We will also endeavour to get the unit to you earlier than the quoted timeframe.

  • Ordered the S2721D. Thanks OP !!

  • Ordered S2721H - thanks so much OP! :)

  • feel like a total n00b but how do i apply the discount code? :)

    • Checkout screen down the bottom.

      • i keep getting "This code can't be applied to your order." when i try to apply….

  • FYI - I wasn't able to apply the code with my regular eBay account, but managed to checkout as a guest in an incognito tab and apply the code successfully

    • excuse dumb question…. but how does one do guest mode…. #amtryingincognito

      • No worries! In an incognito window where you're definitely not signed into eBay, just hit "Buy it now" on the item, then "Check out as a guest".

        You should be taken to a page to add all of your shipping / payment details etc. You might need to use a different email to your regular eBay account, I'm not sure.

        • appreciated that worked once I used 'buy it now' etc appreciated, I've had that issue with codes not working before so didn't realise u can checkout as guest then apply code etc, thx 32" on the way :)

    • +1

      The codes are often rejected if your regular ebay account is an overseas account, or it was started overseas, .co.uk or such, the codes only work for Aussie accounts… I believe you can call them and they can change your country…

      • that would make sense i buy more on ebay.com so have a freight forwarding address there so it prob flags the ebay coupon code algo and sez NO DEAL :)

  • After alot of thinking, Got 2 34s
    Hope setup won't be that huge

    Thanks op

  • -1

    I was not able to use the code. I bought and sent a message to the seller to apply the coupon. Do you think the seller would honor the price with the coupon or should I just cancel the order

    • Wow Gluck…..lol

  • +1

    Why is the delivery so late , 3rd September for me!

  • Are any of these good for just watching Netflix/whatever? I'm currently using a 24" monitor (Phillips Brilliance 241B) and it's fine, but I'm going to move it to my home office instead, since working off the laptop is a bit annoying.

  • +1

    I need a 24" but the trusty S2421HS has been out of stock for a while now. Any details if it will be back dealbot?

    • +1

      It won’t be for this sale. Maybe the next Dell eBay promo but don’t hold your breathe.

  • Do you guys know if a fully adjustable stand can be purchased as S2721D is only Tilt-adjustable?

    Thanks dealbot for this amazing post.
    Purchased one.

    • +1

      There is a different version of the S2721D with fully adjustable. I think its called the S2721DS?

      Otherwise, just get a monitor arm.

      • That's what I'm planning now :) Cheers

  • Thanks OP. Got the S3221QS. Looking forward to having a bigger screen with more real estate!

  • is S3221QS a VA oanel?
    Is it good as ips panel?

    • +1

      Yes, it is a VA. No, it isn't as good as IPS but the cheapest 4k 32" IPS is around $900.

  • Any idea which one is better for gaming S3222DGM or S3422DW? Thank you in advance

  • What is a cost effective monitor arm for these?

  • when does the sale end please?

  • I just snagged the last Dell 27 S2721D Monitor - AMD FreeSync QHD 2560 x 1440 at 75Hz. I got number 200/200, and I believe it is now out of stock- sorry y'all!

    I'm upgrading from a 1ms 24" ASUS monitor from that I bought when COD: Black ops 2 was released… back in… 2012?
    It served me well but was beginning to randomly lose power, irritating- and I mainly need a second monitor for reasons other than gaming nowadays :(.

    I have no need for 4k at the moment, so this QHD will do me at 1080p with room to benefit from when I upgrade my laptop. Didn't want to go for the 1080p because of the 8ms response time- 4ms is much more appealing and only $50 more.

  • Any of these suitable to connect a Nintendo Switch and XBox One X to?

  • The S2721D still says out of stock??

    • Sorry mate, I bought seemingly the last one about 30 minutes ago. Otherst still in stock ATM!

      • bugger ive been waiting for weeks for it to come down again! missed out on the $209 special a month ago or so.

  • I wanna get one but the delivery in like a month away is there anyway to speed that up?

    • +1

      looking at past responses, most people get the item in about 2 weeks. Think the extra time is for covid and complaint prevention post purchase

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