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Dell 27" Monitors - S2721H $179, S2721D $229 (OOS) | 32" - S3221QS $369 Delivered (OOS) @ Dell eBay


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      • Thanks

        • Lol was just about to buy the 1440p 27" and. Ow it's out of stock

  • thanks got the 32inch

  • Thanks. Bought two S2721D's

    Best cheap desk mounts for these? Kogan?

  • What is the weight for the S2721H? Wanting to see if a dual arm will hold two of them.

  • Hey dealbot, any chance for U2721DE? Keen for a USB-C monitor.

  • Got a S3221QS. Coming from a 2011 U2311H, lol. Hope it's good for WFH and the ocassional WoW.

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    Aw S2721D is out of stock!

    I'm too slow :(

    @dealbot any chance to get more S2721D in stock?

    • Also missed out :(

  • Hi @dealbot…when will this available again - Dell 34 Curved Monitor - S3422DWG

  • 2721DS or 2721QS please ??? :)

  • Well these are all definately gone up in price :/ too slow me

  • When would it be delivered?

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      • But isn't that the same retailer who sold on this deal?

        • Nup, you'll see it says

          We found something similar

          Means the original listing isn't around anymore.

          • @blighst: Ahh phew, thanks!

            • @ifreddo: Could still be a legit seller, if it is, cracking price.

              Really crap ui from ebay, I guess they're most interested in pushing the sale though.

  • Hey Dealbot - Any chance of S2721QS ?

  • What's the shipping situation like with Dell eBay?

    I bought this yesterday:

    The advert states "Estimated between Wed. 1 Sep. and Fri. 10 Sep." - really?!

    • See comments further up in thread. its generally quicker than the stated time

    • Just be ready if it doesn't ship earlier. I've only got my tracking info today after ordering it about a week ago. Est deliver 27th August

      • Did you check the tracking through Star Track? Not ebay..

        • I ordered 10 days ago using afterpay - my second payment is coming up in the next day or two…and still not shipped.

  • Any deal on the UP3221Q?

  • Anyone’s got shipped?

    • Nope :( they said they will ship next week but fingers crossed!

      • Who said that?

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          I messaged them on Ebay

          • @atom1319: @atom1319 interested to hear what they reply with

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              @Gracey: The delivery period we have set on eBay is due to the volume of orders we have during this sale period. We are taking into account the possible delays in the delivery from our warehouse and courier side. Generally, our monitors are fulfilled within 7-15 working days. We also will endeavor to get the unit to you earlier than the quoted timeframe.

              Confirming that your order has already been processed and we are just waiting for our Head Office to send us with your Dell Order Number so we can upload this on eBay. We will provide you with your order number and/or consignment information for your order within the week or as soon as this is available.

    • Not yet.. This is said to be August 21 deal, so not sure if it will be shipped earlier than that

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      Mine was estimated to arrive at 27 Aug - 3 Sept, and just arrived this morning, 11 Aug.

      • Great! Which monitor was it?

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          • @O O: Awesome. I'm also waiting for that. Are you in Melbourne? And did you get a notification from ebay that it had shipped?

            Sorry for all the questions.

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              @ifreddo: I'm in Sydney. I don't have update from eBay, but received a message notification from Schenker Logistics Dell Operations saying the item will arrive today.

  • Received confirmation email that monitor has shipped. Arriving tomorrow.

  • Ordered on 29th, received Ebay tracking this evening that my 3221QS is on its way to WA :)

  • just got the notification, tracking says ETA tomorrow

  • Just took delivery of the S2121QS in Melbourne.

  • Received S3221QS yesterday midday, Sydney based.

    Day 1 of the new set up and its a great monitor for its price and sole purpose for productivity/work.

    Does anyone know the best ICC profile and settings to configure this monitor?

    • Are you using a Mac?

      I'm enjoying the monitor. My only gripe, which I'll get over because it's not so bad and because it was so cheap- is that white colours are a bit yellowish compared to my IPS screen. I've tried everything to make it whiter, but I think that's just what you get with VA panel.

    • I use the ICC profile and post calibration settings from Rtings' review. Hope this helps.

  • i ordered S3221QS on 30 July, still haven't recieved any email for Dell or ebay about delivery. did those of you who received yours already only get an email the day before delivery?

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      Yes, received the confirmation email the day before it arrived.

    • I ordered mine on the 30th at midday and got my tracking number last night.

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    Been using my brand new S3221QS from this deal for the last 2 weeks or so. Noticed a bright pixel in the top-middle of the screen. Called up Dell Tech Support today and arranged a replacement. Had to ask the obligatory is it going to be a new or a refurbished monitor? Refurbished. Requested that I get a new one instead as my monitor isn't even one month hold. Rep said they'd have to make a request first and let me know whether it'll be approved or not.

    Fingers crossed I get a new one instead of a refurbished one for a brand new monitor with a bright pixel.

  • Hey does anyone get any white bleeding on their screens? I've got the 32in and notice it when it turns on and the screen is black that there's slight white , pretty much where it starts to curve. Is this normal for these sort of panels? Its noticeable only when those areas are one colour and meant to be dark, otherwise it blends in with the pictures on screen.