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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless 7.1 Headset Carbon $174.50 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Mwave


Seems like the cheapest as of the moment.

Information taken from a previous deal.

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 40,000Hz
Impedance: 32 Ohms @ 2.5kHz
Sensitivity: 109 dB (± 3 dB)
Drivers: Custom 50mm neodymium, matched pairs

Type: Omni-directional
Impedance: 2.0k Ohms
Frequency Response: 100Hz – 10,000Hz
Sensitivity: -42 dB (± 2 dB)

Connector: USB Type A
Range: Up to 60 feet (12m)
Battery Life: Up to 20 hours
USB Charging Cable: 1.5m
3.5mm Stereo Cable: 1.5m

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    The corsair slipstream wireless USB dongles recently got a firmware update that greatly increased the wireless performance of these headsets. Usable wireless distance was one of their greatest short comings but the firmware update has improved the distance 10 fold). At this price these are an absolute steal.

    • +1

      Thanks for the heads up! I didn't know… will get mine updated as I found the wireless performance a bit lacking. If only they could update the headsets/USB so that it would work with other devices eg Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, etc.

    • Thanks, will have to look into this. After sending mine back for RMA (through another supplier) after issues, it seemed the new pair I got given as replacement was exactly the same. They've been put in the drawer ever since and not touched.
      Hopefully this will remedy that.

      • Can't seem to get mine to update from v. 0.16.80. Updated iCUE to v4 with it's fancy new interface (and wtf why are these apps 700mb?) but no luck with updating drivers. Google shows various forum threads of people sharing drivers via PM/etc which doesn't inspire me with confidence.

    • Can you give more detail on this? I've not seen this anywhere and there is a lot of general anger on the Corsair forums about the lack of support of this headset

  • +3

    How much better are these than the Void?

    • See rtings.com

  • I bought the SE version of these. Died within a couple months, currently returning them for a refund (easy because it's through Amazon).

    • We have the SE. The only issue after a year. The part of the mic arm to the connector came loose. Was sent a new one when just out if warranty. Also a small section of the head band padding at join to metal has come lose. Does not affect use.. Still rate the headphones as good.

  • Interesting frequency response of 40kHz…

    • While it's inaudible to humans, it still does have an impact on sound reproduction. For the most accurate reproduction of a performance, it makes sense to capture as much information about the kinetic energy moving through the acoustic space as possible.

      Whether it's ultimately significant or healthy is a different question, but one not really well answered by the science of today.

  • +3

    Very good price, but heard that these are tight for some people so they're not for everyone, other than that a great pair of wireless headphones with one of the best headset mic available.

  • Woulda loved the white RGB version to be same price

  • +1

    making way for the virtuoso xt

  • +3

    So I got the Corsair Virtuoso SE, basically the same headset with a different mic and aluminium sides.

    They are wireless
    No noticeable lag
    USB C
    Mic is decent and I like the side feed.
    They feel well built.

    They are rather large and heavy
    Earpads are rather shallow
    Earpads disintegrated in less then a year (corsair was nice enough to ship new ones to me but I 3d printed some rings to put aftermarket ones on)
    Sound is average but can be made okish with the eq.
    Odd crackling sometimes, probably due to saturation of the 2.4ghz range.
    Battery life is average.

    Honestly I wouldn't buy them again, but I paid a stupid $300ish due to covid tax for them. My Sony XM2s are better in almost every way except for mic/phone quality which matters for this WFH world we found ourselves in.

    • can you comment on comfort when wearing for longer durations?

      • I didn't like them at first. Found my ears got hot and the weight got to me after a while.

        They are "fine" now. I wear them for probably 10 hours a day while WFH.

        I liked all my old headphones better as far as comfort

        Hyperx cloud 2
        Sennheiser PC350

        My Sonys are also way more comfortable but I find the noise cancelling can be fatiguing after a while.

        • welp already bought so will see haha

    • +2

      Honestly I wouldn't buy them again, but I paid a stupid $300ish due to covid tax for them. My Sony XM2s are better in almost every way except for mic/phone quality which matters for this WFH world we found ourselves in.

      That, and some very effective Youtube influencers who had clearly been influenced in their recommendations… in hindsight, should've just bought a proper wireless non-gaming headset.

      • Yeah I'm with you on this.
        Mine continually had audio issues where whilst playing (wired or wirelessly) I would get moments of audio drop out or temporary audio volume (possibly even EQ) changes.

        I also paid the $300+ mark and had gone back to my pair of wired Audio Technica headphones that cost half the price or less.

        Comfort wise I found the Virtuoso to be comfortable at first, but after several hours I was finding I had a sore spot on my head and ears certainly felt a little pressure (not that bad but can build up with long gaming sessions). I think if you're a regular gamer and you get up the next day and play some more, that sore spot isn't going away in a hurry.

        • +1

          Another one to the party.
          I bought the Corsair Virtuoso SE - Espresso about 2 months back.
          They were purchased to be a reasonably good looking meetings headset with good mic quality that doubled as a gaming headset.
          Comfort Wise I agree with Dragonhorn, wearing for 30min to 2 hours is comfortable enough…
          But at around that 2 hour mark the top of my head begins to get real sore.
          I have never owned a headset that makes me feel so uncomfortable…
          and seriously… If anyone has a way to make them more comfortable… please hit me up…

          I use my Bose QuietComfort 35 II for all of my music listening throughout the work day… But I have found them awful when used for mic + Sound quality with windows and Bluetooth in comparison.

          • @Yowie1212:

            I use my Bose QuietComfort 35 II for all of my music listening throughout the work day… But I have found them awful when used for mic + Sound quality with windows and Bluetooth in comparison.

            Yeah everyone who does a virtual meeting with someone wearing QC35s makes the same observation, and that's why I thought moving to the Corsair Virtuoso which had stellar reviews for latency and microphone quality (vs most gamery headsets) appealed to me.

            In hindsight I should've stuck with something less sexy like the Voyager Focus headset which works surprisingly well for gaming, decent enough for music, and most importantly, works really well for meetings.

      • Are there any that have low latency (ie not Bluetooth) connections and mics attached? I have considered getting a conventional wireless headset and using a modmic, but the extra cost makes it a hard sell. My Logitech G533s are good but I feel they're going to be discontinued in the near future.

        • This is what I use 99% of the time now: Voyager Focus UC

          Pirce fluctuates since it comes from Amazon US in this instance but significantly cheaper than local stock (circa $300). I got mine from work.

        • I've heard good things from both the Cooler Master MH670 and the HyperX Cloud Flight.

  • this or Steelseries Arctis 1?

    • have had 3 steel replacement warranty claim with the arm breaking , they are plastic and crap.

      • sorry to hear that.I keep hearing that Steelseries is the go to for Wireless gaming headsets under $200.

  • Can anyone recommend a wireless headset that has an open back design?

    I'm not a fan of closed back headphones for extended periods. Logitech G930 was OK with it's good sidetone (can hear ambient noises and own voice through microphone), but they severely gimped sidetone in all their later headsets and I don't use a G933 that I 'upgraded' to as a result.

    I had to go back to using the H800 wireless headset but it's 10 years old now and not the greatest sound quality.

    • +1

      There are barely any wireless/bluetooth open back headphones, let alone headsets. I'm not aware of anything of that box that meets your criteria. For bluetooth, it's the HIFIMAN Ananda BT version, and the HIFIMAN Deva BT version. I'd recommend neither of them, particularly when it comes to latency.

      I would recommending getting a nice open back headphone, and then making it a wireless headphone yourself via an add-on device using either AptX low latency, or ideally via LC3Plus low latency as that gets rolled out.

      Yes, it will imbalance the headset by having that sitting on one side, but the sound quality and latency performance will trounce the existing options, and even some well executed closed back ones.

      • Thanks for the in depth reply.

        I am after a headset for PC use both for telecommuting and gaming, so need low latency and not that keen on using an AptX low latency dongle due to the imbalance as you put it.

        I've been wanting one for years, I'm surprised no one has come to the market yet with an open back wireless gaming headset that is comfy, no gamer aesthetic and sounds good.

        I didn't know about LC3Plus low latency, thanks for bringing it to my attention. It's maybe my only hope.

    • Tygr 300 r for fps

    • That's a bit of a unicorn because using open headphones with mics means the sound must be turned down very low.

      Although IME most people use silly mic settings where they have the mic turned up way to much so this can probably be mitigated with proper mic settings.

      The "proper" settings in case you are wondering is turn the mic down as low as possible (so you can't hear it even), remove noise and then apply gain to amplify what's left. The idea is pick up as little as possible, remove what noise you can and then amplify what's left.

      A typical audio processing chain is:

      MIC -> gate -> downward expander (turns mic off without jarring cutoff if there's no speech)

      (further noise removal such as de-essing)

      -> gain (increase the volume)

      -> compressor (optional)

      -> WHAT YOU HEAR

  • Looking for a reason to upgrade from my hyper x flight. Have a stand-alone mic so don’t care about mic quality. Thoughts?

    • Absolutely no reason to. If you want a proper upgrade, have a look at the Audeze Penrose for $399, unless you have the need for XBox support.

  • This is the Non-SE version but theres not that much difference as they both support 50mm drivers and 7.1 surround sound other than the aluminium frame on the SE version. There has been users that reported that the Non-SE microphone is better with more clarity than the SE headset. Only issue I heard from my friend would be the foam earpads which can wear out pretty quickly depending on how much you use it and the heat that generates from wearing the headset for too long. Pretty minor but for $174.5, you can't go wrong and it is a durable piece of peripheral that can last you for years provided that you replace the earpads.

  • +2

    This headset has an amazing mic

  • +1

    Great price compared to what I posted and bought last week.

    I ended up sending these back though after too many comfort issues, similar to what other users have experienced. No technical issues in my very short usage.
    - These are on the heavier side to other headsets, this gave me neck pain less than an hour in.
    - Heat buildup, just found my ears getting really hot, sweaty and uncomfortable.
    - Applies too much pressure to the sides of my glasses and causes them to dig in.
    - Headband could use more padding (again because of the weight).

  • Hi Guys

    Will these work as 7.1 with PS4?

    I've been looking for a replacement for the playstation gold headset I have but all the "after market" headsets don't compare with 7.1 that the PS branded headset has

  • Fantastic price! I've been eyeing this for a while now, but I can't decide just yet.

    Heads up for everyone - Corsair have released the successor to this headphone in the USA, the Virtuoso Wireless RGB XT. Key differences include Bluetooth functionality, Dolby Atmos support + license, and (apparently) better comfort. But when it does get released here, it'll be at RRP (likely close to $400?).


    • Tempted to get XT instead partly because of the Bluetooth connectivity I can pair with my phone or work laptop.

  • +3

    Had the SE vesion of these. Compared to the void's I came from - uncomfortable as (profanity). Ear pads destroyed in 6 months, battery life wasn't even a day. Took them back and replaced them with Hyper X Cloud Flight S - so so much better.

  • +3

    It's nearly impossible to find a gaming set everyone agrees is the best at any price point 🤣

  • For the price they aren't bad given wireless. We have thr SE which are heavier as cups metal as well.. No comfort issues.. So really it's user's own experience.

  • Own these, mic quality is very good, only downside is it clamps very tight on head, usually wear beanie to compensate for tightness feeling which comes after about an hour of wear.

  • I have the SE's of these and when in wireless they randomly cut out and takes like 10 seconds to pic up sound again? Has anyone else had this issue?

  • Edit: the one I had was the SE variant.
    Returned these after 2 days. I found the earcups were quite shallow so my ears were making contact with inner mesh-linining (seems to be a common gripe amongst youtube reviews). Plus for some reason the earcups dont rotate left and right to contour your head, theyre fixed on the band. Ended up swapping for th G Pro X wireless

  • You’re literally only paying for the RGB .
    One of the worst headsets tbh .

  • +3

    RGB on headphones.
    It's like children when they discover tomato sauce and then it just goes on everything for a while until they realise how retarded it is.

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