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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 32GB LTE for $5/Month for 36 months or $7.50/Month for 24 Months With Data SIM Plan From $15/Month @ Optus


Ideal if you are already on the Optus plan and want to add another plan and data share.

Ideal for Optus One customers (with 500GB to 1TB mobile data) who can add another data sim to replace the home broadband.

The total device cost will be $180.

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    $7.50 device + $15 plan over 24 months

    $22.50per month

    Min. cost $528.96, includes device repayments over 24 months and one month of your chosen plan fees.

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    I thought when you wrote $7.50pm you meant that was the plan cost so the total cost per month was $12.50. I felt that was a good deal but at $22.50pm (including the lowest priced plan of $15.00pm), it becomes unexciting.

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    Talk about clickbait…

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    If you are Optus customer you can do like the following:

    Small Data SIM Plan
    MONTHLY $15

    50% off plan fees for 12 months

    Discount will appear on your first bill MONTHLY -$7.5

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 32GB Grey PAYMENTS


    Optus Sport + OS Fitness MONTHLY $0.00


    (for the first 12 months) MONTHLY $15

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      How did you get the 50 percent of plans fees for the first 12 months..I am an Optus customer for data Sim at the moment.

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        Login to Optus app.

        Go to the 50% Off photo link under offers.

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          Thank you works like a charm !


    can you not choose a sim plan? with sim plan its not a deal anymore


    so can I just pay the $7.50 per month for 24 months, plus the FIRST month data plan of $15 = total of $180 + $15 = $195, but this way just only get data for the first month and then only use wifi from that point onwards ?

    Does that check out?

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      Wrong. There is a monthly discount applied on the device. If you cancel plan, you will have to pay out the device as RRP (prorata).


    I got a deal like this last time with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.0. That was back in 2017. It's been a while since they have run any tablet plans with big discounts. I've unlimited Netflix streaming on that plan

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      I think those MBB plans now all comes with a 1.5Mbps endless data plan so an unlimited Netflix data plan is not that useful anymore.

      PS: I got that Galaxy Tab A8.0 back in that time as well.

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        Not unlimited but more like unmetered data free streaming so doesn’t count towards the data allowance. This means it will have nothing to do with that endless data thing where the speed gets capped after you hit your monthly data limit.

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          Good point but I think all my current plans only comes with 5GB of data.
          I've got two of those $7.5 plans plus a grandfathered $0 data share SIM back in the days.
          10GB shared by three SIM cards. I think the better deal comes only after all the data runs out lol

          For me, those SIM cards are great for NBN backup (I use UDM Pro with Superloop on HFC, plus a Huawei router from Vividwireless for failover internet), or you can put inside the car for Alexa etc.


          Those unmetered streaming plans were limited to 1.5Mbps so they still provide no advantage to current day plans that get shaped to 1.5Mbps.


    There is nothing special about this deal, in fact it is their normal price.

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    Device $5x36 + Plan $7.5x12 + $15x24=$630 over 3 years.
    If you want $5/month device, you have to stay for 36 months with a plan. Plans start from $15 and you can only get 12 months at 50% off via app and 24 months at full price.

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      Can do $7.5x24 + Plan $7.5x12 + $15x12 for 24 months

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    Also appears to work if you have recently expired optus prepaid, or does for me anyway


    op mark expired its now
    Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 | Grey | 32GB
    $22.02per month
    Interest free device payments if you remain on any month-to-month Data SIM Plan for 24 months. Min. cost $528.48 plus your chosen plan fees.