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[PS5, Back Order] Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order $29.32 + $7.76 Shipping ($0 with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon UK via AU


Long time lurker, first time poster. Spent 15 minutes on this ;)

Lightning deal from Amazon, seems to be the lowest it's been for a physical version for those like me who prefer physical.
Just use the Amazon Prime hack for free shipping if you can't find anything else to buy

In stock on August 30, 2021.

The PS4 version is also available for $17.44 and in stock.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +9

    Just a heads up that the PS4 version comes with PS5 upgrade for free if anyone wants to save some dollarydoos.

    Congrats on your first post!

    • +2

      Was just going to say that.
      Also, it is a really enjoyable game… Well worth buying at this price.
      I believe Fallen Order 2 is currently in the works too.

    • +1

      Save more money by just playing it with EA Play.

    • How do you get the free upgrade? Just pop the PS4 disc in?

      • Yep, it should pop-up automatically offering you the PS5 Digital download from memory. Ignore the link I posted, there is no need to redeem a digital code with EA (at least for Australian users).

  • +1

    Note: UK version. Maybe take 1-2 weeks to deliver.

    Does it have any DLC that may be affected by regions?

    • +3

      Amazon UK deliveries take about 6-7 business days for me, they always overestimate. Made an order last week, arrived yesterday

      DLC - UK and AU are both PAL, I buy UK versions all the time with no DLC issues

      • Amazon's delivery is super quick, customs isn't always the case though. I've been waiting for UK police certificate that's been stuck at customs for over 3 weeks. It was a single A4 sheet in an envelope.

    • +1

      No DLC for the game, unless you count the a couple of cosmetic skins in the deluxe edition.

  • so is there any advantage at all of buying the ps5 version?

    • +5

      White cover band for collectors.

      Higher resale value.

      Less patching to download.

      Another one: PS4 discs are much MUCH louder in the PS5 than PS5 discs. No idea why.

    • +2

      PS5 version will run off the disk
      PS4 will give you a PS4 disc and a digital PS5 download, if you don't care about it being digital then grab the PS4 and save your money

      I don't even have a PS5 yet but purchased the PS5 version lol

      • The PS5 games doesn't run off disc. All PS5 games install to the internal NVMe. It checked the disc first before booting the game from NVMe.

        • +1

          Sorry for the wording, meant the PS5 version is on the disk as in you don't need to download a digital version. I know you still need to install it off the disc lol, my bad

          I'm a collector so naturally only want disc

      • Not really. PS5 version still gets copied/installed onto the internal SSD before you can play it.

        The PS4 version does have a free PS5 upgrade, but it's a huge download for the full game!

        Damn… HandsomeMonkey beat me to it lol

      • If you buy PS4 disc and download the ps5 version, do you need the PS4 disc in your ps5 to play the digital ps5 version?

        Probably a stupid question but just checking

  • -3

    Garbage game

    • +1

      Is that you Anakin?

    • Why is it garbage?

      • +1

        Everything is technically garage, over a long enough timeline.

        • +3

          The first level starts in a scrapyard, so I guess that counts as garbage.

        • guess we should burn all human knowledge and great works of art since they will be garbage right, what about gold lets burn that too.

          JK2 series was pretty god tier, and i don't see why it will suddenly become garbage

  • Can see this coming to PS+ in the next few months but good price especially for the PS4 version.

  • Just finished this game on Xbox game pass $1 for 3 months. Ozbargain way to play.

    • +1

      A true Ozbargainer would cancel and refund the $1 xgp on the very last day of the 3 months and get like $0.875 back.

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