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[XB1, XSX, PC] Razer Wolverine Ultimate Wired Controller $135.32 ($132.14 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Razer eBay


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Compatible with PC, Xbox One and Series.

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    Just a warning, I bought the Razer Raiju which is the PS4 equivalent of this controller and the build quality was noticeably poor after a few months of use. Triggers are the problem here.

    The worst thing is that Razer refused to refund the product despite being within warranty. That was my last Razer product.

    Original PS4 controller from 4 years still going strong. Save your money.

  • +2 votes

    On the contrary to the comment above. I have had this exact controller for 2+ years at this point and haven't had any issues. Daily use and haven't been delicate with it. I bought this after going through two elite controllers that fell apart on me. Controller has been great for me.


      Same here, nothing but love for my wolverine its held up against some heavy abuse


        +1 to that. I love mine so much I bought a replacement a couple of weeks back, but it looks like I should have held by bottle.


    not a big fan of razer, but grabbed one of these a while ago, i dont really care about all the extra's but the build quality and feel are so much better then any other controller ive tried,


    I know that this controller cannot run any macros but can one of the button mapped to rapid fire?

    • +1 vote

      No, the software that comes with it really only allows you to change lighting effects and button re-mapping, it's not like others (e.g. StrikePack, etc) where you can fine-tune trigger speed and recoil effect.