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iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $0 Upfront with Telstra 5G $99/Month 150GB 12-Month Mobile Post-Paid Plan (in-Store Only) @ The Good Guys


Good for those who want big data plan with Telstra 5G without paying any upfront cost. Mininum Cost $1,188. Only available in store. For new and port in connections only.

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The Good Guys

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  • +4

    If new ones werent around the corner I would do this. First decent deal in ages.

  • good deal if you want that device at RRP

    • so you don't get the phone plan for the year ?

  • Better to wait until September for new models.

  • +2

    64gb in 2021…

    • +2

      It’s pathetic only Apple can get away with it, to many fan girls

      • +1

        Hey! I resemble that comment!

    • Plenty for me, and probably a lot of people.
      With 5G I see no reason you can't stream anything you want to access, especially when there's 150GB data.

      • +2

        Good for you, however, as cameras are getting better, the basic photo and video size has also incresed quire a bit. Not to forget the large ios size. So the 64GB storage goes full quite quickly Good tactic to sell the Apple cloud service ;)

        • nail on the head. Its about the icloud subs yo

      • +1

        It’s not about if 64gb storage is enough for you, it’s about getting ripped off, this is how Apple upsells all their products, you can buy a $300 phone with 128gb storage nowadays,yet Apple $1279 for 64gb in 2021 as said it’s pathetic

        • Then don't buy Apple.

        • +2

          That $300 POS with 128GB storage is going to have slow NAND, probably eMMC.

          • @coxymla: you really trying to defend them, thats $300 for a full phone, apple are valued at $2.5 trillion for a reason brilliant at marketing/upselling, , im not bagging apple products they are great but end of the day they've even taken away the charger, earphones & upped the price, still selling 64gb is simply only done to upsell, if they got rid of 64gb would be harder to push people to buy 256gb as 128gb is a good storage point for most

      • Everyone uses their phones differently; not everyone is in the habit of taking several HQ photos a day. If you are streaming videos and not gaming, it’s probably plenty.

        Personally, I think it’s poor that 64gb is the minimum storage available but it doesn’t mean it isn’t enough for some.

        • @vanessa I agree but my points on 64gb have nothing to do with if it's enough storage for some or not, we are at the stage iphones are ranging from $1199-$2500, now no charger, earphones & prices continue to rise, whats next remove the lightning cable, my point is there is no value for money just seems to get worse each year, they should atleast remove the 64gb model & make 128GB standard as it's just a rip off at today's prices

          • +1

            @RogueWolf: couldn’t agree more with your points. I have gotten used to using the physical size of a ‘plus’ (6 and 8) but struggle to justify the price of a 12 pro max, especially when I then had to add the charger and earbuds. Particularly when I am already monopolising one iPhone charger for my Apple Watch, which I think emphasises your point. Not to mention the hefty repair fees for a broken screen and limited to no ‘right to repair’.

            Also, apologies for my reply directly following yours rather than the discussion re storage above.

            • +1

              @Vanessa1234: totally agree, amazes me people will pay up to $2k/$2.5k for a phone, the weird world we live in & no need to apologise

  • in-Store Only

    “Targeted” …. exclude Sydneysiders LOL.

    • +7

      To be fair, they got themselves excluded

      • To be fair its not their fault.

  • +2

    good for those who are going to claim phone plan as work related deduction, aka FREE mobile :)

    • Free? It's only discounted by your marginal tax rate.

      But.. 150gb.. We could shut off our nbn saving $780 over 12 months

      • If my marginal tax rate is 0% (i.e. free). Then that would mean that I claimed it on tax free for 0%? So I effectively made the ATO audit on a useless claim? kind of worth it to waste there time.

  • I'm currently with Boost.

    Is there any way that I can get this deal, and drag my number over later?

    • +2

      continue with Boost, sign it with a new number then go to Telstra to get new number in eSIM change, that way you can use whatever prepaid SIM for your old number and utilise new number with eSIM for data

      • Excellent. That will work on my Samsung 21 Ultra? I am aiming to give this phone to someone in the family, but keep the contract.

        • +1

          yes, Samsung S21 Ultra supports eSIM too :)

  • Can you add $70 and buy iPhone 12 64Gb instead of mini similar to this deal from JB?


    • depends on staff, if they don't then you just check the receipt, if it says how much for phone then bring it back in seal for a store credit then purchase what you like. I managed to do that few years ago with Huawei P30 for P30 Pro, worth asking the person who assists you :)

  • -2

    Sell the iPhone for $1000 on eBay via Gumtree ($0 listing/final fees) bringing the plan down to $188 for the year ($15.60/month)

    • +1

      No one's going to pay $1000, when you can buy it outright for $899. $884 at Officeworks and HN.

  • If you can live without 5G go for the iPhone 11 for $498 imo https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/639773 . Easy negotiation to get a 20% discount on the plan (I went for the medium plan). Also traded in my iPhone 7 32 gb for $300 on top of this.

    • I was unable to get Optus reps to apply 20% discount after multiple attempts (being polite and patient). They are also generally not the brightest bunch.

      • Hmm i didn’t have to try too hard on the web chat to get the 20% discount. I asked what’s the best they can do and said I was also considering xyz plan with Vodafone. I already had a broadband connection with Optus not sure if that made a difference.

  • Can this work with existing Telstra number (want to retain my number).

  • As per webtherapist reply post above,
    you can.
    1. Buy this as new plan.
    2. Go to Telstra store or possibly online chat to merge/port in old number.

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