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iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $0 Upfront (or 128GB $79) on Telstra 12 Month $99/Month Plan with 150GB (New & Port-in Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


Greetings everyone, just spotted this via email and seems like quite a good deal.

Considering the RRP is $1199 (but usually on sale for less), seems like quite a good deal and $299 better than a few weeks ago with the $900 off offer.

Extra $79 for the 128GB version also as sighted here in the banner.

Plan terms and conditions here.

Note: This offer is only available in-store.

As always, enjoy :)

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    I did this with them last year for a 5G note 20.
    Ended up on $99 plan with $10 discount and a $1350 credit to handset.
    The trick is to change to another carrier on a month to month no contract then jump over to Telstra when this sort of deal happens

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      There isn't any requirement to port out and back in if you are not under a contract with ETC from Telstra. Just sign up for a new service (new number) to the existing Telstra Acc and then go in to Telstra store and ask to cancel old plan and merge the old number to the new plan.

      I have done this multiple times.

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        Makes it actually easier and less time in store too.

      • Can you merge an exisiting Boost number?

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          I am not sure. I have never been with Boost. If you go to a Telstra store to manage your Boost plan I wouldn't see why not but best speak to Tesltra in store first.

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          I contacted telstra via chat today
          They said no issues merging - ie bringing my current boost number over to my new telstra plan even once it's activated. I specified that i do not want to port so I'm going to give it a go today

          Boost has said they can reactivate my 365day credit and apply to a new number if I take my current number over to the telstra plan

          The idea of a 'swap' commented on below would be the ideal scenario though

      • So essentially it's this?

        1. Go into jb hifi store, sign up for the 12 month plan and get a new number for the existing Telstra acc(I assume it's tied to my name?)
        2. Go into telstra store, ask to cancel old plan and merge old number to new plan.

        Do I need to wait for the new number to be activated before doing step 2?

        • New number will be active immediately, we walked from JB to Telstra within 5 minutes of signing up at JB.

          • @toshjammi: Alright, thanks!

            • @gaber: If you have issues with Telstra not wanting to port the number from old plan to new plan, just push the issue, it can be done very easily, they just don't like doing it as the whole point of these deals is to sway optus / voda / etc over not resign existing customers.

              • @toshjammi: Would this also work if I am a Telstra prepaid customer? I spoke to JB and they said you have to have been ported off telstra for at least 30 days so I can't just port to Aldi mobile and port back in to get this deal

                • @currymcflurry: Just sign up to a new phone number. Then transfer the old Telstra number in store at Telstra or using online chat.

      • Just to be clear
        1. Sign up with new number at JB with existing acct.
        2. Walk out from JB and walk in to Telstra shop and ask to merge the Old number to the new plan

        When merge you keep the new number I assumed.
        Can we keep the old number?

        Never done this just don’t want to inform all family and friends of the new number

        • No when merged you keep the old number :)

        • I guess The correct word would be "Swap", not "Merge".

          You will basically swap both - old and new - numbers with each other.

          After the swap,

          • Your old number will be on your new plan
          • Your new number will be on your old plan.

          Once you are done with the swap, cancel the old plan that has a new number that you don't want.

          Correct me if I am wrong guys. Hope this helps.

      • This is a bit of a gamble isn't it? Because you've already signed the contract at 99/month and then you're relying on them bringing in your old number. If they refuse then you lose the number?

        • +2

          They’ve never refused me in the past three times I’ve done it.

          I’ve had twice done immediately, I once had a girl seem very reluctant to do it saying it wasn’t possible (but more so sounded reluctant cause Telstra probably told them to avoid doing it), told her it was possible to do and that she should just try it which she did. No problems apart from that.

          • @toshjammi: You are a legend. I’ll give it a go

        • +1

          In any case, if you do have that issue the solution would be to port out old number to another carrier and then take that to Telstra and ask them to port that number over. They’ll be less likely to realise you’re doing a dodgy on them

      • Merge Belong?

      • I went into a Telstra store and the assistant said the only way to move my number across is to cancel the new contract and pay all early termination fees. He said it is impossible to move it without cancelling. Very frustrating dealing with him.

        • maybe do via chat?

        • Definitely not the case - but I do wonder if Telstra employees are being told not to do it to stop us exploiting the loophole. You just need to push the issue or try another salesperson. Or do via chat.

          • @toshjammi: Im on chat now, and they saying they want to disconnect my old number, it will go into quarantine and do a change of number on my new number to that of my old number.

            Is this the correct procedure?

            They say may be down time but activated within 24 to 48 hrs

            • @t_c: Hmm look I dunno, personally I wouldn’t want my number going into quarantine but I guess they know what they’re doing.

              It only took 2 minutes for it to be working when I’ve done it previously.

              Quarantine is where a number goes for like 6 months or something so it can be recycled in the future. Once a number goes there I’m pretty sure it’s very difficult to get it back but I could be wrong.

            • @t_c: I just got mine sorted online via chat. Initially they said it couldn’t be done without losing the number, then once I said I want the accounts merged and to keep my old number they sorted it out straight away.

              • @jaru07: Awesome.

                • @toshjammi: Which sim card do you end up using the old or new.

                  I ended up telling chat I wanted merge and they told me they fill out webforrm and back of house will look at it.

                  • @t_c: New SIM card

                    • @toshjammi: Im just at Telsta carindale and they said they can not do it, because it is a Jb hifi plan, she checked with manager and definatly a no go. And she said I have to go to jb hifi.

                      Ok just went to jbhifi as per Telstra store recommendation and it can not be done.

                      • @t_c: Just go to a different Telstra store or do it on online chat. As others here have said it is 100% possible it’s just YMMV with who you get to do it

    • +3

      Wait, you can return the phone for full credit/gift card?

      I got the S21 on the $99 plan the other week and flogged it off for $850… (;_; ) (Got the $10/month off at least, so still $18/month for 150 GB essentially which is ozbargain enough I hope).

      • Where did you sell the S21? FB or something else?

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      • Did you get the $10/month off after you got the contract via chat or was applied at jb when you signed up?

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          Afterwards via chat like every year, the JB Telstra staff consider the discount not to exist, thankfully the offshore staff on live chat don't care as much (so it's really just Telstra passing the offshoring savings on to you).

          • @GS9891: Any keywords to mention in order to get the $10 per month discount? Thanks

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              @YLC: Please?

            • +2

              @YLC: Usually just mention that "Apparently there should be a $10/month port-in credit applied to my account that I can't see", then they take 20 mins to come back with "Oh yeah totally, we'll apply it now". Then they never apply it the first time and need to message back after the first bill about how it was promised and not delivered.

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    Any ideas if in store you can upgrade to say an iPhone 12 by paying the difference?

    • Would be interested to know as well…

    • +1

      I contacted two different JB Hi-Fi Outlets in Melbourne
      - First one refused to upgrade to iPhone 12 (I offered to pay the price difference) after discussing with the manager
      - Second one refused and offered up to 700$ off towards an iPhone 12 purchase

      • Disappointing. But thanks for sharing!

      • +2

        offered up to $700 off towards iPhone 12 purchase

        But their website says you can get $800 off any new phone when added to a $99 per month plan…

        • Thats crazy… well that's what the rep told me on the phone

    • +4

      I'm going to say no based on the fact these deals are usually specfically run to clear stock of low selling items.

    • +1

      Take the deal.

      Then go back to store and say you changed your mind and would like a refund on the iPhone mini. You'll get a gift card back for the purchase price on the iPhone mini.

      You're contract with Telstra is a separate transaction and should not be mentioned when you request a refund for the iPhone mini. You just continue with that plan and do not ask for cancellation of that

      You'll have a gift card to use for whatever phone you like

      • Tested working?
        I might just go for the s21 deal

        • +1

          When in store ask them about their change of mind policy is phone is still sealed. But don't ask the guy seeking you the contract lol

      • +1

        Do you get separate invoice for phone with full RRP and you can get gift-card for same amount?

        • +1

          Yes, you will just get a receipt that says you paid $1199 for a phone using gift cards as payment. At least that is what I have had past three times.

          • @toshjammi: Was the credit/gift card they gave you back usable for anything in store, or just on phones? If the former I need to go cry for selling the S21 I got on this earlier earlier in the month for $850.

            • @GS9891: I’ve never taken the phone back, either kept it or sold it. Last one I did was the S21 deal that my missus kept.

              The receipt is literally a normal receipt though, that says you paid x dollars in the form of a gift card for the phone. That receipt allows me to salary sacrifice the cost of the phone as well which is a little dodgy but they haven’t rejected them previously. The receipt should in theory allow you to refund the phone back to a gift card but I’ve never personally done it.

      • So you actually returned it and can confirm that they will in fact give you a gift card for the full phone value? Do you know if the GC they give you can be used for anything in store by chance, or just phones?

        • The receipt shows full RRP of phone paid by gift card. Gift card refund is a jbhifi card to be used as you wish.

          When you go to the final counter to pick up the iPhone mini, ask the checkout staff what their change of mind policy is for a unopened iPhone - e.g. what if I change my mind on the phone and want another phone?

          • @darkchoc: Yeah I understand the receipt showing it and all, just wondering if they'd actually honour refunding a phone that was technically still part of a plan (if they have any way to check in their system whether it was bundled with a plan in the first place I guess).

            • @GS9891: It's not part of a plan.

              • @darkchoc: Not technically I guess, but it was sold by them as part of one, the random egift card number on the receipt would surely be able to be tied back to the deal if they checked. Just wondering if they actually have in fact given anyone a plain old GC back (or one for phones only even).

                • @GS9891: You're overcomplicating it lol!

                  The staff don't link the two together.

                  Just don't mess with the Telstra $99 pm contract and you'll be ok. Always check returns policy for change of mind - do it separately with checkout staff before you engage with telephone sales rep.

                  • @darkchoc: It's hard to tell if it works unless someone has tried. For the last deal $69 300GB Per Month + Free ZTE MU500 5G Wi-Fi Modem they took down IMEI for sure, which means that if they check IMEI when you return, they will likely know that it is not actually "purchased" with a gift card. Don't make a decision just based on the case it works.

      • Thanks Mate. Returned after 2 days and received $1200 gift cards.

        • Did you go to the same store where you purchased the plan? I went to another JB store and was refused to return the phone. I never said anything about the plan but was told that it is either you keep the phone or must cancel the contract in order to return. Any help?

          • @forbetterdeals: I think you need to keep trying until you get someone who will do it for you.

            A lot of places he JB hi fi stores are refusing to do it without checking whether it was attached to the contract.

          • @forbetterdeals: I think I was lucky. Just went to another store and got refund on first try. I purchased 128 GB version and had paid extra on card, may be that made them think its not purchased along with plan. You can try other stores and depend on checkout person as well.

  • -2

    Early termination $594 plus the days your on the plan

    sounds like a good deal to own the phone for under $700

    • As easy as subscribing and cancelling after a few days ? Anything else to be aware off ?

    • where did you read this?

      • +3

        Reading the fine print in the Plans and Conditions linked PDF linked above - it states :

        Maximum Early Termination Charges (ETC) - 12 month term - $594 (plus any Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fees (if applicable).

        After a bit of Googling found this : https://www.telstra.com.au/content/dam/tcom/personal/consume... - Item 5.
        (Disclaimer : Not sure how recent this documentation is)

        Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee

        5.1 If you cancel, recontract, move to an ineligible plan or change your minimum monthly
        spend of your JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys BYO Mobile Plan during the minimum term,
        you will also be charged a Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee. This will be in
        addition to the Early Termination Charge above, as well as any accessory payments that
        may apply.

        5.2 A Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee is a pro-rata amount, equal to the the total
        amount of the base voucher divided by 12 and multiplied by the months (or part months)
        remaining in your plan term. For example, in:
        a) Month 1: You will need to repay 100% of the voucher you received
        b) Month 6: You will need to repay 1/2 of the voucher you received
        c) Month 12: You will need to repay 1/12 of the voucher you received

        5.3 This Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee decreases over the Minimum Term. The
        maximum Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee for each Telstra Mobile Plan is set
        out in the table below. Please contact us for the amount of Voucher Reimbursement
        Cancellation Fee payable.

        JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys Mobile Broadband Plan Maximum Voucher
        Reimbursement Cancellation Fee
        * $49 Plan (12 months) N/A
        * $69 Plan (12 months) $300
        * $99 Plan (12 months) $500

        This being said, not sure if the "free" iPhone is impacted by this, but probably worth asking at JB for more detail.

        • Thanks.
          Still cannot get it..
          If you cancel at one day from the end of the plan you still have to pay the $594?

          • @ets27: No, the ETC charge is also pro-rated. It's half the contracted plan price per month for the remaining months.

        • I think on the receipt it will show the iphone at full price then a voucher applied to bring it down to $0

        • I think you still need to pay out the cost of the phone as well. I went in today and asked about the cancellation fee and they said it was $594 + half the phone cost?

    • The link from Op says: $594 (plus any Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fees (if applicable)). So, need to pay back the new user voucher too? Which is $500 just below?

      • +3

        Correct, the ETC will be $594 + $500 on the very next day but pro-ratas each day.

        When you get the free iphone, its actually in the form of a $1199 gift card, that is immediately used at the JB checkout. Like you take them a piece of paper for free phone, they grab a gift card, load $1199 onto it, then immediately use that gift card. It's kinda weird how it's done but either way you will walk away with the phone and a receipt that says you paid full price for it, using JB gift cards.

        My guess is this is just them clearing stock of 12 Mini's which might not be all that popular.

    • +1

      What happens when I cancel my plan early?

      You'll need to pay an Early Termination Charge () if you ETC cancel your plan early, equal to 50% of your monthly fee for the months (or part months) remaining in your plan term. The maximum ETC for your plan is set out in the above table. In addition to this, you'll also need to reimburse Telstra for any vouchers you received for entering into your plan if you cancel your plan early. This Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee will be pro-rated, equal to the total amount of the base voucher divided by 12 and multiplied by the months (or part months) remaining in your plan term.

      On the regular JB HIFI $99 BYO Plan ($500 bonus voucher), it'll work out to be $99*12/2 + $500 = $1049.

      Not exactly clear what it'll be for this particular offer, the plan T&Cs are for the regular $99 plan, but you're likely to have to pay something back for the phone, and I can't see it being less than $500.

    • Be careful with these deals and the voucher reimbursement fee. Just check to make sure the contract conditions and the receipt doesn't make reference to the voucher reimbursement fee and ask customer service at the store specifically whether a voucher is applied to get the product to $0. Have a read of the discussion here with the S21 Ultra on a similar deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/615754 to provide guidance

  • +2

    I think you've picked the eyes out of JB's email, OP.
    But JB sending an email entitled 'Great Deals on Apple', where everything else was just their standard RRP, made it spam to me.

  • +1

    Considered one of these, but what's the go with the battery life?

    • +1

      I've got a 12 Pro and have no issues with battery lasting a full day. Saw a test that the 12 Mini got around 7-8 hours of screen on time before it died browsing web pages every minute or so. That's more than I'd use in a day but YMMV.

    • I’m using 12 mini and charge daily at night. Daily screen time is anywhere between 5-10 hours/day, light gaming and social network use.

      • +1

        I've got a 5000mAH Android with SD665 and it can be down to 35% or so at the end of day under heavy use in regional areas, but it always makes the full day. Occasionally 2 days. Have doubts whether the 12 mini can do a full day for everyone, as some reviewers said they were putting it on for a charge in the afternoon.

        • Yeah but those guys sit on their phone for like 50-70% of the day.

          • +1

            @gavincato: That's true. Still would have been nice if they had beefed up the battery a little bit, even 3500/4000mAH would have ensured mini the device lasted a day under heavy use, or a second under light use and wifi.

            • @buffalo bill: personally my mini is usually on 40% or so at bed.

              I'm a moderate phone user. I just love the size of it.

              • +1

                @gavincato: Yeah they are a great size phone. I don't know what the trend is with making most phones almost as big as tablets now.

          • @gavincato: I think it's fine to use the same reviewer as a benchmark of battery life. So like if MKBHD said it gets him through the day with 30% left, that's pretty good. If he says it's near empty end of the day it's average, and if he's charging before the day end then it's relatively weak. Your personal use is probably less but it's the comparison which you can take

            • @Flintz: GSMarena has a standardised battery life test which is good for comparisons between phones. The 12 mini does okay, but is probably a single day / day and a half phone for most users. To pick an arbitrary comparison, the pixel 5 does nearly 50% better.

    • I've got one and its pretty good. I switched it to solely use 4G in the settings and this can definitely help with battery life and I couldn't care less about 5G. I'm not a heavy user but I can easily get through a day. Its a really pleasant small phone, can recommend it.

    • +1

      Battery issue is overblown. I easily get through a day's use. Love my mini.

  • +1

    Nooooooooooooooo literally just activated my 365 day boost sim 1 hour ago and have been looking for used 12 minis

    • You can buy an iPhone 12 mini from Telstra for $1,000 outright, and while the telstra plan obviously has a whole more data unless you were going to use it it's not a huge benefit.


      • +1

        Looks good but isn't that when you 'add to an upfront plan'?

        • not as bad as u, but I switched my partner's one a month ago, and mine still not due for another 3-4 months. want this one badly :(

        • Nope, just scroll past the contract bit and hit next, goes to a cart to buy the phone outright at the discounted price.

          Haven't finalised as I don't need a new phone, but a couple of people here mention doing it - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/627526

          edit: Reading that thread properly, it does seem luck of the draw :(

          • +2

            @freefall101: I purchased the iphone mini last night outright from Telstra. There was no requirement to add a plan, but had to enter my Telstra ID details

  • +1

    Found Telstra 5G is way slower than Optus' in Victoria.

    • Interesting.. do you have speed test results?

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