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iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $0 Upfront (or 128GB $79) on Telstra 12 Month $99/Month Plan with 150GB (New & Port-in Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


Greetings everyone, just spotted this via email and seems like quite a good deal.

Considering the RRP is $1199 (but usually on sale for less), seems like quite a good deal and $299 better than a few weeks ago with the $900 off offer.

Extra $79 for the 128GB version also as sighted here in the banner.

Plan terms and conditions here.

Note: This offer is only available in-store.

As always, enjoy :)

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        • I agree with your feelings

    • Found the complete opposite in Brisbane.

      Here are speedtest results on the same location and only 1 hour apart that shows Telstra 4G 5 times faster than Optus 5G.


      FWIW I have also added a current speed test now that I am on 5G. I originally was on unlimited 4G at $199 a month (old plan but included OS data hence the dollars as I travelled a lot), stopped travelling and thought I'd try Optus on their $65 500GB plan (practically unlimited with my usage). Went back to Telstra (and coincidentally got 5G as well) and haven't looked back.

      It's all dependant on proximity to towers and network congestion but I travel a lot into very remote areas and most of the time if you aren't Telstra you dont' get any reception.

      • Need to fasten the seatbelts then :-)

    • +1

      I agree with this
      My Z Fold 2 is much faster on Optus 5G than Telstra 5G around SE Vic suburbs

    • I get about 550mbps peak download on sunny coast, not bad.

    • I live in the eastern suburbs and get 875mbps down in my backyard. Not sure what's slow about that.

    • Same. Terribly slow to the point where you think Ashton Kutcher and his old ass is gonna pop around the corner telling me I'm getting "Punk'd" slow

  • I’m wondering if I’d have preferred the pro to the mini.

    But the mini is definitely an einhander, which is why I bought it.

    • Main difference is the camera, I love my mini.

  • +2

    FYI, current Boost customers are also excluded.

  • -1

    19st June

  • Any chance to get $10 off per month?

    • +1

      You can ask Telstra.

  • +4

    this is awesome
    $1267 for 128GB Iphone 12 mini + a massive 150gb to use per month
    I paid $1200 for my mini at OW and thought it was a bargain!

  • Get ready to fight for 5 hours on the voucher fee with Telstra if you cancel…..

    • +1

      What do you mean sorry?

      Edit: Ah, i see you are referring to those that want to cancel the plan as a way to get a cheap iPhone.

    • 5 hours x at least 3 different chat

      • So was anyone able to negotiate the ETC to be only $594 and not pay the $250 or $500 voucher ETC ?

        • What is there to negotiate? The t&c are already tied to the account and Telstra will be able to see that this account is JB HiFi plans.

  • +5

    It's a shame that there is no international calling in the expensive $99 plan. $30 prepaid plans have unlimited international calls to many countries.

    Otherwise perfect deal.

    • I agree, I skip these deals after knowing the fact that these plans are just within AUS. I am using Boost $150 plan with unlimited calling local and many international destinations!!!

    • There is a way to swap from JB plan to Telstra regular XL plan, but it's risky and might backfire and cost you ETC. I was lucky and have now swapped over to the $115 plan with everything normally included.

    • Damn. that's a deal breaker for me.

  • any plan for 256GB? 64Gb is definitely not enough

    • u can pay extra to do it as long as it is an iPhone 12 mini

  • Can anyone confirm if they can do it with a Note 20 instead?

  • Hi. Just wondering. My telstra prepaid plan expired on May 19th. Now I am on Amaysim.
    If I get this JB plan on June 19th, can I apply for the monthly port-in credit from Telstra? Thanks.

  • +2

    great phone, only find it runs down when I use it as a hotspot… otherwise battery lasts miles longer than my androids did (notes, one pluses etc) the size as people say is fn awesome. the unexpected crap part of the experience after android is I fn hate the apple keyboard, it is awful and always defaults… also the whole lack of back button or swipe in many cases is a big fail. but the size in hand, hardware finish and camera (except low light not great) is a big win. as soon as android has a iOS or pixel camera level device at the size tho I'm back..

  • Can someone tell me if you can port a number in post activation?

  • Is there any way to get this deal if I’m with Telstra and want to keep my current number ?

    • sign with a new number, then go to Telstra store and ask staff to help u cancel old contract and bring that number to new contract to replace that new number

  • Wonder if you can opt for the iPhone 12 instead ( and pay the difference) of the mini? Certainly credit is credit no matter what you spend it on?

    • Maybe they get more incentives from Telstra by selling mini?

    • No, these deals help JB as well as Telstra… Telstra pays JB a kickback for new sign ups which covers a reasonalble amount of the phones and JB uses these deals to clear excess stock on things that don't sell well, otherwise they would just offer a $1200 gift card or whatever.

  • Is this unlocked?

    • +11

      At least 127 people disagree with you :)

  • -2

    Fb marketplace is already flooded with sealed iPhone 12 minis in sydney

    • For profit ?

    • All the ones I see are for a huge price, more than retail

    • The talk is this model will be discontinued when the new iphone is released. Expected bigger price reductions if you are not in a hurry to purchase

      • +3

        thank captain obvious,
        So you're saying that all iPhone 12, mini, pro, and promax will be discontinued. I wonder if they will make a 13, and then next year make a 14? hmmmmmmmmmmm


        • Well you tell us which models Apple will continue to sell once the next iphone launces. Some models they keep selling and others they discontinue.

  • -2

    I'm after S21 ultra or z fold 2 deal, will wait for that

  • How does this work? I get to keep the iPhone at the end of the contract and move to another carrier right? This seems cheaper than buying outright.

    • you can sell the iphone right away if you wish..

      • Seems too good to be true, is the plan a 5G plan?

        • Yes

        • It's even better if your work allows you to salary sacrifice the phone cost and the cost of the plan each month…

      • Wow, this seems like an incredible deal. Shame I've still got 6 months left on Boost Prepaid though.

        • The comments below say that boost credit can be transferred to Telstra, not sure if it will also work for your situation?

        • I got off boost chat and they said I can transfer my current boost number over to my new telstra $99 plan, then assign my remaining boost credit to a new number.

          • @Hoju: Do you know how the credit transfer works? Do the just deduct the amount you paid for boost off your monthly bill?

            • @Ipodisclassic: They don't transfer the credit to your Telstra account, they transfer it to a new boost mobile sim so that you aren't wasting the remaining credit when you swap your existing boost number over to telstra

              • @Hoju: Oh I get it. I read the thread on the first page and it makes sense. As much as I want a new iPhone I think I'll just stick with boost and ride it out. Hopefully in December there's a similar deal going.

                • @Ipodisclassic: Yeh I'm in the same boat… don't feel like I need this mammoth Telstra plan to be honest.

                  • @Hoju: Yeah 150gb of mobile data is insane, Honestly If I wasn't on a contract with (useless) nbn i would cancel it and just use the 5G with tethering. It's probably more reliable, faster and this deal would make it cheaper anyway.

    • +11

      I find your evidence compelling and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

      • -3

        Thankyou for the feedback. In my next edition I will be detailing:

        *how to rip off a consumer with proprietary garbage.

        *how to make it so hard for your customer to switch to android that they just give up and buy more of your overpriced crap.

        *how to slow down the CPU on a phone to get your customer to buy a new one. Then when you get caught, show some fake goodwill by offering to replace a battery but then deny the repair by claiming the phone is bent.

        *how to make transferring to a computer near impossible and force your customer to pay for overpriced cloud services.

        As you can see this edition will be a ripper. It will reveal the top tips for building a successful tech company. I hope you grab a copy.

        • *how to make it so hard for your customer to switch to android that they just give up and buy more of your overpriced crap.

          I’ve been alternating between iPhone’s and Android devices since the iPhone 3G. It’s really not that hard.

          how to slow down the CPU on a phone to get your customer to buy a new one. Then when you get caught, show some fake goodwill by offering to replace a battery but then deny the repair by claiming the phone is bent.

          There’s a lot of independent data that covers why the CPU throttling occurs. Apple offers very reasonably priced battery replacements, and their phones receive software support for far, far longer than any Android device - 5 to 6+ years, no Android device comes remotely close to this level of support. This doesn’t support the planned obsolescence theory.

          how to make transferring to a computer near impossible and force your customer to pay for overpriced cloud services.

          I use Google’s cloud storage options on my iPhone. That’s hardly Apple forcing you into iCloud.

  • Does anyone know if I port my number out of my newly activated Boost 365 day plan, does my boost credit die and become redundant?

    A bit gutted, because given you get an invoice for the phone for full paid price, the tax benefits of this deal are pretty sweet.

    • Just hopped off boost chat - they can transfer your credit. Now to see if Telstra will port in my number to this plan given I've only been with Boost <24 hours

      • Boost doesn't count as a new port as its classified as Telstra network

        • Comment on first page from toshjammi suggests it’s possible

          • @Hoju: Interesting. He also said he wasn't a boost customer and so no experience in trying, so I wish you luck.

            • +1

              @Spiderboy: Chat with telstra says they have no dramas swapping my boost number into an active telstra account (rather than a port in).

              Decided not to go ahead anyway and stick with my iPhone 8 until it feels more redundant.
              Was literally in store about to go for it then held them up side by side and the 8 wasn't much bigger, and the main reason wanted the mini was for size (had a gen 1 SE before and that thing was awesomely small)

        • What about Aldi then ?

          • +1

            @powerinnumbers: Aldi is fine, so is woolworths (which was my stop over network between Telstra plans) as they both use Telstra wholesale where as Boost use the full network.

        • -1

          Does Belong count?

  • sensational deal. i want but cant have…boo!

  • will goodguys match this deal?
    thanks op

    • i guess they should, they are owned by jb hifi

    • Tried, they can't match unfortunately.

  • Tempted by this to use the plan for home internet. I live alone, don't game, use internet for work and TV streaming.
    With $10/month off, would cost me $20/month more than current NBN.

    So effectively an iPhone 12 mini for $240.

    Is there a catch that I'm not thinking of?

    Is 150Gb down only, or down+up?

    • +1

      Both down and up are counted towards your quota (has always been)

    • Yes. Percentage base tax deduction on both phone purchase and plan cost :)

      • This is surely the win?

        Phone is free, however you get to claim a $1200 tax deduction / whatever portion you deem to use for work - is that correct or are my sums off?

        Assume you have a salary of $150,000, tax rate is about 28%, allow 80% work usage of phone -> saving of $270 on tax
        And the same saving for the plan over a year

        Makes phone and plan cost closer to $650?

        Edit: not a tax accountant, or even close to it

  • Can you hotspot that data? Or better yet use the SIM in a modem?

    • Yes and maybe

  • Anyone know if this could be claimed under the Instant asset write-off as a full receipt is provided?

    • Sure why not? Apparently you get a receipt for the full price of the phone paid in gift cards so check with your accountant

      • Seems like it’s a go, I grabbed one today.

  • Sorry if this is a silly question, but by it saying "deal ends Saturday", does that meant it will still be available on Saturday?

  • Did anyone get 256GB? How much more did you pay?

  • Cheapest 128GB mini has been $1199 outright before.. great deal considering you’ll be paying $68 for the plan for 12 months..

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