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Samsung USB-C to USB-C 60 Watt Cable (1m) - $9.95 (Was $14.95) @ JB Hi-Fi (+ Delivery, $0 to Select Area/ C&C) / Amazon AU (OOS)


Output up to 5 amps & 20 volts. I personally prefer braided cables but some people like the original manufacturer ones.

Amazon AU link + Delivery/ $0 with Prime OOS

Pricebeat at Officeworks for $9.45.

Specifications of this cable is outline on Samsung site

Update 30-Jul-2021 3:30PM
The product listing on JB Hi-Fi's website describes the product as "Samsung USB-C to USB-C 100W Cable (1m)", while the Samsung store lists this product as a "60W USB-C Cable".

Both listings quote an identical part number: EP-DA705BWEGWW

The deal title has been updated to correctly match the specifications listed on Samsung's website.

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  • Not sure if it was just me. Mine would not work to charge and display to my Samsung monitor, the cable that came with the monitor did work.

    Happy to hear other experiences.

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      This is just a ucb c charging cable. You need Thunderbolt 3 certified for display i guess.

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        That's exactly why I hate usb-c. All the interfaces looks exactly the same but have vastly different capabilities…

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          Normal USB had the same issues so nothing new

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            @asa79: Yes and No. USB 1/2 it's only the device capabilities, the cables are basically the same. When it comes to USB 3, the interface is significantly different either in color or shape. But yeah, I do see some violates the convention but most do respect it.

            When it comes to USB-C, the mess gets much worse: all usb standards, PD, DP, TB in combination of some if not all categories.

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          All the interfaces looks exactly the same but have vastly different capabilities…

          Well I'm not sure about vastly different. You have power or data, and if you buy the high spec cables, they do both.

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            @1st-Amendment: It's much worse than you would anticipate if you get into details.

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            @1st-Amendment: It's a huge mess. You have USB-C/USB 2.0, 3.0 (or 3.1/3.2 gen 1), 3.1/3.2 gen 2, 3.2 gen 2x2, Thunderbolt 3, USB 4.

            And, the one who started all this mess, Apple, offers only USB-C/USB 2.0/PD-PDO cable or Thunderbolt 3 ones. So, there is a huge mess with the USB 3.1. A lot of cables with incorrect e-mark data. Sure, we all love a good fast USB-C data cable with quality PD, but honestly… you either pay $$$ for it or most are only good at one area.

            It's not JUST power, you have USB 2.0 power mess with the QC mess. Then on the PD side, you have USB-PD/PDO and the new USB-PD/PPS.

            Next, the monitors. Depending on the chipset inside, it could either be bandwidth restricted to USB 3.1 gen 2 level. Even if it is Thunderbolt 3, the bandwidth is still finite so once you take a big chuck out (and use USB-C/Alt-mode), you are left with little bandwidth for USB data with that same data pipe.

            There is more, the USB-C/Alt-mode dongles… that's another mess. Even Apple ones are a mess. First version is 4K/30Hz only. Majority of the dongles cannot do HDR @ 4K/60Hz. Some people have issues with DisplayPort dongles, some have issues with HDMI dongles.

            Data: a big mess, Power: a mess, Graphics/Video: a big mess. Connector reliability - honestly, not that great. Is there anything that USB-C actually does it right, other than the big marketing hype?

            • @netsurfer: Awesome, I was about to explain in details, then I realized I don't want to type that much…

            • @netsurfer:

              Data: a big mess, Power: a mess, Graphics/Video: a big mess. Connector reliability - honestly, not that great. Is there anything that USB-C actually does it right, other than the big marketing hype?

              Maybe you are doing something wrong. I have multiple computers/laptops/tablets/phones/monitors, Windows, Android and Apple that all run USB C perfectly. Buy quality cables and you shouldn't have a problem.

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                @1st-Amendment: Are you running 4K/60Hz with HDR? If yes, could you let us know which monitor and/or dongle you use?

                If you have devices which support Thunderbolt 3 ports, do you actually use them (or only at USB 3.1 gen 2 level)?

                Also, do you have any device which actually doesn't support USB-PD but uses USB-C connector for power? Are you aware that you get different charging results with different cables? Do you have a USB-C meter? If yes, which one? Have you actually looked at the voltage and current under it?

                For example, AmazonBasics USB-C/USB-C cables are USB-IF certified. However, when I tested it with a meter, there are occasions where it doesn't enter proper PD mode. Sure, the laptop says it is charging, but it is charging at a snail pace.

                I do use original cables and I did test a few 3rd party cables (the results when viewed under a meter is not good) so I don't use them for Power. I have Android, Windows, Apple devices. Honestly, USB-C is a mess. I just cannot believe most people would only use Apple Thunderbolt 3 cables for data. So, most people would use 3rd party data cables for USB 3.1 gen2.

                • @netsurfer:

                  Are you running 4K/60Hz HDR?

                  Nope. I have a 34" QHD+ monitor which displays and charges anything I plug into it (ie it does what I need it to do).

                  For example, AmazonBasics USB-C/USB-C cables are USB-IF certified. However, when I tested it with a meter, there are occasions where it doesn't enter proper PD mode

                  As I said, buy quality cables.

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                    @1st-Amendment: QHD… that's easy. No wonder… but if you are not really using USB-C at high bandwidth… is your observation accurate?

                    I had to buy 2 Apple official dongles. First one simply was rubbish from Apple, 4K/30Hz NO HDR and USB 2.0… That was official Apple dongle from Apple store. Second one is better, but it has other issues.

                    Apple's USB-C/USB-C cable is USB 2.0… Yet another reason to milk customers for Thunderbolt 3. Let's not forget Apple changed USB-C/lightning 1 meter cable from USB 3.0 (first revision) to USB 2.0 only (all subsequent revisions).

                    Not saying Samsung or Google are better. Samsung pulling this USB-PD/PPS stunt…

                    • @netsurfer: You just reminded me that sometimes I meant to charge my phone with a power bank then it turned out the damn phone was charging the power bank instead. Also happened to me a couple of times that my phone was trying to charge the charger, I really mean CHARGER.

                    • @netsurfer:

                      QHD… that's easy.

                      I like to make my life easy, that's why I bought a USB-C monitor and laptop. One cable, does everything.

                      • +1

                        @1st-Amendment: That's what you think… but the USB ports through that cable (on the monitor) would have limited bandwidth. That part is generally not well understood and when customers realised that, it's often too late.

                        Some monitor makers workaround it by asking you to use another cable for USB hub. If you get a monitor which supports Thunderbolt 3, you may not feel that as much, but you do lose full thunderbolt 3 data on that line (but if it is only 2K, you might still get USB 3.0 / 3.1 gen 1 ports, but is that really good enough in today's standard)?

                        Don't buy into the hype and actually understand the tech behind it. It isn't as good as you think. You cannot have the cake and eat it.

                        • -4


                          Don't buy into the hype and actually understand the tech behind it. It isn't as good as you think.

                          It's perfect for me, and this is where you seem to be going wrong.

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                            It's perfect for me, and this is where you seem to be going wrong.

                            You're hardly using the full bandwidth, so no point arguing against netsurfer.

                  • @1st-Amendment: "Quality" cables - let's also not forget Apple had to recall an early batch of their USB-C / USB-C cables. So, even Apple cannot get USB-PD right the first time.

            • @netsurfer: ""Is there anything that USB-C actually does it right""

              Yes .. when you buy the right specs it can be pretty amazing.

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          Yep this will be a crap USB 2.0 cable that only supports 60W, where you can get excellent 3m braided cables that support USB 3.1 and 100W for similar money.

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        Man…USB-C was supposed to simplify things. They just made it even more confusing.

      • Not necessarily a thunderbolt cable, but definitely a full featured USB-C cable (so one with USB 3.0 basically)

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      You need a minimum 10gbps cable (Gen2). This is entry level good for charging only.

    • +1

      I was literally looking to post this exact comment

    • cable that came with the monitor did work

      It will also fast charge, right?

  • +1

    Does anyone know what the transfer rate is? 480Mbps?

    • +1

      Not so sure, but usb3.0 should be higher than this price

      I have a 10gbps usb3.0 cable, which is much thicker than this one (more filaments needed for faster data transfer)

    • Almost certainly will top out at USB 2.0 speeds yes.

  • Does it support superfast/45w charging?

    • +1

      Up to 100W As per Samsung US website reviews, "The product supports PD charging up to 100W. It is able to charge not only phones but also laptops"

  • a dumb question but can it charge my S10+ quicker?

    • depends on adaptor ur using.

      • the one that comes with the phone, 2A from memory. currently, it charges from 0 to full in about 75 mins. Can s10+ be charged faster than this?

        • +1

          from my understanding your adaptor is the car and the cable is the road( this cable is a highway that supports 100W speed), ur car will not go any charge faster than its limit irrespective of the road. data transfer speeds will vary for sure.
          correct me if i'm wrong, I'm no geek for sure and also not a noob i guess.

  • Will this fast charge my note 20?

    • As fast as the phone handles, the cable is good for 100w so 25w and 4amps.

  • On amazon, 1-2 months ETA

  • Would this work/charge a Macbook pro?

    • +1

      Yep it would

  • Hope I can use this to charge macbook pro 16. Want to use the original cable as Thunderbolt cable 🤞

    • +1

      The original cable cannot be used as thunderbolt cable.

      • That's crapPLE

    • +1

      Why would you ever think Apple would include a Thunderbolt cable with your purchase? You always have to pay!

      • Was hoping since it was a expensive laptop (it's work laptop anyways)

    • Original Apple cable only supports USB 2.0 speeds.

  • +2

    Now just need a good priced charger to match

  • Price reverted to $20 on Amazon.

  • Where do the extra Watts come from?

    Edit: never mind, at first glance I thought it's an USB-C low wattage to USB-C 100W cable. Turns out it's an USB-C cable rated for 100W.

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    Hi Guys, this is just standard 60W which is advertised on Samsung website. I checked the product code on Samsung site which matches with the code on jb hifi. Not sure why jb hifi advertises for 100W.

    • Yep, this. Note the Samsung 100W (5A) cables have "5A" stamped into the connectors (and have physically slightly larger connectors). Also, Samsung refers to the cables as "5A" cables as opposed to 100W cables fwiw.

  • +1

    After looking at this deal bought a Fasgear from Amazon for 14.99. https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07Y86L9HP/ref=ppx_yo_d...

  • For those with only a single type-C charging port I highly recommend a right-angled cable like this for a couple of dollars more, puts a lot less strain on the port if dropped or knocked:-


    • Not a good idea. One reason for getting this particular Samsung cable is its support for USB-PD/PD-PPS+PD-PDO. USB-PD/PPS is used by some of Samsung's phones (if you want the fastest fast charge) and most of cables don't support it. Given Apple has no intention to support PPS, there is no chance Apple releases cables which support PPS anytime soon. It could also be one of a few cables from phone manufacturers which supports USB 3.0 as well (not sure on this though).

      If you are after a normal USB-C/PD-PDO charging cable, then obviously this Samsung cable isn't the most suitable.

      • Yeah I was referring more for those using it to charge laptops.

    • Love right-angled cables.

  • +2

    thanks OP, I had a $10 JB voucher expiring tomorrow so grabbed the cable for free.

  • Can confirm cable advertised on JB site and in store is not 100W version. Only 60W version.

    • :(

    • Assuming it is correctly e-marked to 60W, if the device does proper USB-PD, it wouldn't feed more than 60W. For devices that don't honour PD properly, it could send over 60W through the cable.

      Honestly, I wouldn't go Samsung cable for 100W yet since I don't think Samsung has a device that needs 100W. The main selling point of this cable is its USB-PD/PPS support. If you don't need PPS (and there is only a handful of Samsung devices which really need that - and all of those do work with standard USB-C/PD/PDO cables and chargers as well), then it is questionable whether this is the cable you need.

    • Hmm what about the Officeworks?

    • Thanks I'll need to cancel now

  • Can anyone recommend a good quality + affordable USB-C to C cable that does either USB3.1 or Thunderbolt 3/4?

    Apple's $65 offering seems the best so far but surely there is a more economical version.

    • Waiting for a deal for Thunderbolt 3 cable deal

    • +1

      I'd recommend the following Lenovo USB-C to USB-C, 100W (20V/5A), 10Gbps cable 1M for $20.02 delivered from lenovo.

      • This is awesome, thanks! I don't need TB3 speeds really, so that looks like a very nice quality and fast cable for the price.

        • They also have this in 2M for roughly twice the price or 0.7M thunderbolt 3 cable for $49 delivered. Used cashback the other day for 12% cashback.

    • This one’s working great for me.


      Note that because it’s 2m it taps out at 20Gbps for Thunderbolt 3 (the 0.8m does 40Gbps). Haven’t had any issues using it with my ASUS Thunderbolt 3 monitor connected to my Mac Pro.

      Supports 100W power and USB 3.0 speeds too.

      • Oooh awesome. Good price!

  • +2

    I never buy cables less than 3 metres now, once you had a taste something with considerable length you don't want short things anymore

    • Nice paraphrasing skills

    • once you had a taste something with considerable length you don't want short things anymore

      hmmmm, putting cable to the right use!

    • Hope you are using 3 meters for powerbank too

    • That's mostly for power usage. For data, 3m cables… good luck getting fast and quality ones.

  • Comment deleted by user.

  • Is this cable USB 2.0?

    • Based on the specs on Samsung page, it appears to be USB 2.0 only. Also, it is unclear whether this supports PPS (there is a good chance it doesn't, only the standard PDO).

  • Just checking, but this won't function for thunderbolt right? Like use for PCIe external GPUs.

    • Definitely not.

  • got it! thanks!

  • Literally just click and collected this today for full price, damnit! Plus missed the deal on the charger a little while back :(

  • I grabbed one of these, hoping it would be good value for money. Turns out, it is just an ordinary USB-C/USB-C cable that's mostly suitable for charging phones.

    • This cable only supports USB 2.0. It's obvious since not all pins are present (basically the USB 3.x data pins aren't wired). I did do a speed test to verify that it is indeed USB 2.0 only.
    • The e-marking doesn't appear to be included (very common for these cables with only USB 2.0 since e-marking is optional for USB 2.0).
    • I wouldn't use it even for 60W devices (i.e. laptops).
    • You can use it on devices which doesn't support USB-PD (i.e. Raspberry Pi 4, even the early edition which has that USB-PD cable issue).

    This is really for phones and tablets. Don't bother using it for display, the pins aren't there (USB-C/Alt-mode won't work).

  • Officeworks has matched the price at JB now, both at $9.95

  • This is used with the 45w charger. charges my s21 utra superfast.

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