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25% off Tallboys and PET 2L Growlers & Free Shipping @ Six String Brewery


25% of 2L PET growlers and tallboys. Missing your tap beer in lockdown… These a filled fresh from the tap.

Discount applied at checkout.

Free shipping Australia wide.

2L PET Growler of Tropical Pale Ale $12.00 (Gold Medal AIBA)
2L PET Growler of Coastie Lager $15.00 (Best Lager at AIBA)
2L PET Growler of On Tour Mid $10.87 (absolutely delicious mid golden ale)

I had a 2L Coastie Lager delivered this week, fresh as… Definitely satisfied my craving for a tap beer in Lockdown. Got a couple of tropical pale ales coming for the weekend, also sent a few to Family as a lockdown surprise.


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  • +5

    Not the dresser I was expecting.

  • Hi OP, do you know how long can you keep the growlers once opened? Not a big drinker here.

    • +6

      They say the beer keeps for a day or two. But from experience, it's better to drink it the same day its opened. You slowly lose the carbonation with each opening. You can't complain for those prices though. i actually prefer smaller growlers for this reason. Then I buy more of them to make up the volume :).

    • +1

      Tallboys would be a good option then. 500ml

      • And tallboys should keep for a while right? Not opened obviously.

        • +4

          This is on the website…

          500ml Tallboy cans are tap filled and best consumed within 7 days.

          While they will keep their carbonation and freshness longer than an opened vessel, they won't keep as long as say buying a carton of cans from Uncle Dan

        • Ive kept them in the fridge for a week. I didnt notice much difference tbh. Maybe if you done a side-by-side test it would be different.

    • +1

      Generally growlers are best in the fridge for up to 48-72 hours but once opened best to drink in the same session. It works out to just shy of 4 pints

    • +1

      if you keep them really cold, the carbonation will stay in the beer better. it's the equivalent of a 6 pack's worth of beer. open once and decant all you are going to drink in the session if you're going to try to get more than 2 sessions out of it.

      as a home brewer, I'm interested in these 2L PET growlers!

  • Thanks OP. Been meaning to try these guys for a while.

  • Thanks! Grabbed a TPA growler.

  • +3

    Have an upvote for thinking of your fam :)

  • Would love to try but not sure how it would go with delivery to Vic

  • Thanks OP grabbed a few tallboys to try.

  • +1

    Got one of the West coast ipa Growlers. Thanks OP

    • -3


      • +1

        maybe try some TUN lager then bro

        • -1

          I usually pay $40 for a 4 pack of the good stuff, so I know what it should cost.

  • +1

    Wow great deal! Ordered some to try. Interested in those stouts and the saison

  • +1

    How do these go being delivered interstate? Wouldn't think it's the best pouring it cold in to the growler, going warm during transport and cooling again?
    $5.25 delivered for the lager/cider cans is a great deal

    Cider is also discounted for anyone interested, actually I assume everything is discounted? Didn't see it in the OP

    • +1

      Yeh all PET growlers and tallboys on special. Just thought I throw in some examples of some I thought were good really good value/my favourites. Cider is great value as well! It is a nice cider.

      • +1

        Just got a text that they've run out of cider :(

  • What is a growler fill?

    • +2

      Byo growler? Just a guess

    • +3

      As above, you supply the growler, they just refill it.

      • yeah…clicked just after I asked the question…cheers

    • Growler fill is for BYO growler but if you click on drop down you will find 2L growler for delivery

  • How long would the 2L keep before opening? Delivery to Qld is 2-8 days already :/

    • +3

      I waited 3 days before opening, and was fresh as. The key is too drink in one sitting though.

      • +3

        Well, if I have to I guess I can put away the whole 2L. But only because you said so!

  • Is the growler plastic?

    • Yes

  • +4

    Double dark red IPA…. Got my treat drink for next weekend sorted

    • still one of the best reds out there

    • Legendary 2x dark RIPA!

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Picked up a growler of stout. It sounds pretty robust so hopefully travels ok to Vic. At that price, I figure itโ€™s worth a try.

  • What's a tallboy?

    • +1

      500ml can

      • ahh so cans can last, much better than plastic screw top bottles.

  • +1

    Wow top deal v. nice

  • Cheers OP! same day delivery for locals within 5km or next day for other locals (assuming nearby on the coast). Wonder if they'll deliver on a sunday?

  • Anyone tried the lemonade? What is the alcohol %?

    • +1

      0% but great Lemonade

  • Awesome promo - ordered 2x. Cheers

    • +4

      Not sure what this means….?
      Ordering something online isn't exactly "trouble". This is supporting beer producers that would otherwise be tipping it down the drain as the pubs are closed and they can't move their stock. Plus it tastes better.

  • +1

    Thanks CoastalScott
    Have ordered one of each.
    Currently doing 2 week isolation, hope shipping is quick!!!

  • +2

    Thanks OP - Got three growlers …. too good to pass up!

  • Thanks op, got 2x2L!

  • Free delivery, wow!

  • Great deal with free shipping. Cheers op

  • just got same day delivery (about 10km away) how good is that

  • Thanks OP, got a 2L Pale and a 2L Lager. See how they go

  • Growlers seem to be sold out :(

  • Cider sold out ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • -1

    Refunded due to out of stock

  • So i got my order but its missing items. What the…

    • +2

      I saw on the news that a postie stacked his bike near your place

      • If i got to witness that it'd be worth it.

    • Check your email.
      They had run out of one of the beers in my order, but they had already sent an email and a refund for that single bottle ๐Ÿ‘

      • I don't think that was the case for my order, i only got tallboys too. Anyway i'm sure it'll get sorted one way or another.

        • +1

          To follow up, they sent out missing items after reporting so probably just a little slip up by someone under the load of orders. Accidents happen, they handled it all very well.

  • -1

    I got mine sent in a 2L soda bottle. So much for the Growler

    • -2

      Yeah me too… was hoping to get the plastic Growler like in the picture

    • +4

      It does say this:

      Growler and squealer prices are for fill only. Please bring your vessel with you to be filled. Alternatively disposable 2L PET bottles can be purchased (fill included). Alternatively disposable 2L PET bottles can be purchased

  • Mine is on its way, due early next week. Fantastic value, but I'm a little concerned about time spent warm in transit. Been with Aust post since Wednesday, was originally slated to be delivered yesterday. Now not due until Monday at the earliest.

    • Just had the same thing happen, and having the same concern. If it's like any other growler fill I've had, I'm thinking I'll be getting some flat beer delivered mid next week…

  • Still waiting for my fresh beer to arrive

  • Waiting north of Brissy. Had to buy some Brisbane Bitter to tide me over.

    • Interesting, never seen that before. How does it compare to VB aka crown lager?

      • Some say it is similar to VB, definitely better than XXXX.
        Before there was craft beer, before there was low-carb beer, before there was imported beer with lime segments stuck in their necks, there was Brisbane Bitter.

  • My beer is at Narangba, should be here tomorrow.

  • Mine arrived today. Canned on the 31st so a bit peeved with Auspost taking so long considering they say it's best within 7 days of bottling.

  • 8 days to Melbourne, lovely covid delays. The Rhubarb&Spice was delicious if a bit lacking in carbonation (due to transit?).

  • Bangern of a deal with the free delivery!

    Thanks OP!
    Made for some easy and thoughtful lockdown surprises

  • I was sceptical, but the on tour ale drinks well 13 days post bottling

  • +1

    16 days later … no delivery

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