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RENPHO Eye Massager with Heat, $49.99 Delivered (Was $75.99) @ AC Green via Amazon AU


Renpho eye reduce eye strain
Powerful Heating Massage
Wireless Customizable Music
180° Adjustable & Portable Design
Ideal Gifts & 12 Months Worry-free

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  • Any chance to get the discount on the newer version? www.amazon.com.au/RENPHO-Updated-Massager-Compression-Rechar...

    • Looks like 10% off

    • What's the difference apart from weight and the remote?

      • bluetooth music?

    • I cannot find the difference between this and the newer version, is it quieter? Anybody know?

  • Was looking into this last night for wife who suffers from dry eyes issue. Do you accept return if product is not as expected?thanks

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      Amazon prime should be fine

    • My dad suffers same very dry eyes , he's 86 nothing helps him wonder if this would ?

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      I suffer from dry eyes myself (MGD) and was looking at this. I ended up buying the Aroma Season Moist Heated Eye Mask from Amazon as sounds like it would provide more targetted heat to the eye lids than the massager, plus it claims to be made specifically for helping with MGD (blocked oil glands leading to faster evaporation of tears). Just received yesterday but haven't used yet so can't comment on effectiveness but another option to consider.

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        FYI for dry eye sufferers, the best by far OTC eye drops I have come across are the Hylo-Forte drops. A little pricey but completely worth it, plus has a nice dropper mechanism that that means one bottle can stay safe to use for up to 6 months once opened.

        • My eyes has been very dry for 4 years. Have used dry eye drop for a year. For the past 2 weeks, I found that the surrounding gets dark completely for 1second. This happens maybe 2-3 times a night. I think it's because my eyelids come down. Have you heard something about that ? Thanks

          • @ti6331: Better see eye doctor before it is too late.

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            @ti6331: I haven't heard about that, but then again my past eye research has largely focussed on my own condition. Definitely make an appointment to see your GP or Optometrist soon (if you haven't had your eyes checked by an Optometrist in the last two years you can get a free check with Medicare) and they would probably refer you to an Ophthamologist if they believe it needs further investigation.

      • Following for more updates :)

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          Ok will use and give some feedback tomorrow.

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          Tried it out last night. Has three heat settings and three timer settings (20, 40, 60 mins). On the High setting it definitely provides plenty of heat. I did find myself pushing the mask onto my eyeballs to get a bit more contact with the whole eye, but applying pressure is helpful for unblocking the meibomian (oil) ducts. Even without applying pressure a decent amount of heat was transferring to my eyes on High. The heat isn't perfectly distributed on the whole mask though, with the outer left and right of the mask not getting quite as hot, but if I lifted the mask and touched the outer edge of my eyelids they were well warmed.

          The mask itself looks to be well made (I wasn't sure what to expect based on some of the few bad reviews on Amazon), so hopefully it remains reliable. Comes with a simple soft fabric cover with velcro attachment, so while the mask itself can't be washed, you can easily remove the cover and wash that.

          Just FYI that while the power cable has a USB-A plug, it shouldn't be plugged into a PC as the mask draws 1A current, which is higher than a PC USB port can typically provide. Just use the provided AU Power adapter. Cord length is ~1.75m which is a decent length but do you need a power socket nearby or use an extension cord.

          Overall I'm happy with the purchase and would say for me it's an improvement over the microwavable gel mask that I used to use (and stopped using a while back as it was a bit of a hassle to heat up with the heat not lasting more than 10 mins) and I will continue to use it.

          • @awesom-o: Thanks for taking the time to write a detailed feedback :)

      • +1 following.

        I got a similar product to the post but don't really like having to charge and was looking for a wired & lighter one.

      • link for the one you purchased ?

  • Is there any good knee massager? Thanks

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        specifically someone elses

      • (Magic) hand Wand.


      • Lol

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    To each their own but imo this can not be good for your eyes.

    • Good for my eyes. Yours might be a different shape?

      • My korean husband tells me I have Gollum eyes.

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    Bought one!!

    Review: https://youtu.be/kDivgRIStaQ

  • I have one and am very happy with it. The combination of heat and massage really helps my dry eyes. I also have a cheap usb mask from aliexpress that works well. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32983654895.html?spm=a2g0s.9...

    • Which of the two do you prefer? Does the renpho apply heat/ massage the upper bridge of your nose?

      • The cheap usb mask heats a larger area than the renpho, which does not heat the bridge of my nose. I do prefer the renpho because it has the massage function and is wireless.

        • great, thanks for the recommendation!