Free Legendary "Ninja" Character and Other Freebies for Raid: Shadow Legends with 7-Day Log-in & in-Game Promo Code


Hey Guys,

This one probably isn't for everyone, as it is a RAID shadow legends offer, which, I think most people know it can be a huge drain of cash if you get sucked into paying for it. I haven't paid for anything on my account, but it is a grind to progress through the game content.

That said I recently got my first Legendary character after 160 days of playing, so to be able to get a legendary after logging in for 7 days plus gear, plus a bunch of other stuff with the NINJA code is amazing if you like this game. It can be pretty complicated and time consuming, but I like the thinking/frustration aspect to it.

It is a collaboration with the well-known streamer Ninja and as a result you get him as a character, it is perhaps the worst player art in the game but hey it's "free" excluding your time.

Basically, you download the game, do the tutorial, then when you login for the 7th day between the 16/07/21 - 15/10/21 you will be rewarded with the character, plus other daily login rewards (and promo deals, lots of micro transaction promo deals). Additionally, you can use the code NINJA in the in-game promo codes area, you will get extra bonuses to help level your characters.

It can be addictive, Plarium is owned by a digital casino company, so their ability to withhold what you need most and pop up a wonderful deal is on point. When you hear about some people spending thousands of dollars on the game, this one is definitely play to win/lose, so be careful with that. I've stayed free to play and still get enjoyment from it.

There is also a newly created referral code section that has been created for RAID, which you can use as a link to download the game to get more free stuff.

Happy Raiding

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  • +8 votes

    this post is sponsored by raid shadow legends

    • +1 vote

      Haha, pretty sure the internet is sponsored by them.

    • +3 votes

      Hard selling adverts will never win me over, in fact it'll make me dislike your product even more.


        It's not my product nor do i have an affiliation whatsoever with the company :) the funny side of this, is Ninja streamed playing the game and promoting it, yet it was very apparent he had never played it, Plarium didn't think to coach him on it. It wasn't a great look for what i imagine could have only been a huge deal.

        • -1 vote

          Just any product in general, like those oodie blankets which bombard you with ads everywhere you go. Also Ninja has lost any credibility whatsoever after he left twitch for that mixer deal… but from what he got paid can't really blame him. Surprised he's still getting any deals considering how many viewers he's lost.

          • -1 vote

            @umoddbro: Yes $30 mil is a decent signing bonus. With regards to this one, its a strange deal and i'm not sure what target market they are looking for given that most of Ninjas followers/fans etc are younger and probably won't have the funds to pay for things on the game, but he has 17 million followers.


    pay to win whale game.. i love chipping at the same mission for 12 months to unlock content for free instead of giving over $45


      Painful at times I know, 100% agree if you want get anywhere near completion quickly, it's all about the monies. I haven't spent anything and it is definitely grind, although when you make a breakthrough there is certainly more satisfaction. I have only ever played FPS games and download this as i had a link sent to me. I played for a week, then stopped, it was maybe 4 months after that i started playing again and have managed to get through quite a bit.

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    I invested around 2 years and maybe $600-700 dollars and eventually quit. The RNG is ridiculous, and you're bound to hit a stagnant stage.
    The advertisement makes the game look awesome, but yeah too expensive for me. I would probably say I was addicted to it for a while.


      Agreed, its the trade of time vs money. Pay for the upgrades or grind through to get them, autoclickers through bluestacks help a lot for the mundane 12-3 stage. I think i am at the point that i am trying to find diamonds in the rough for team composition, as it is so hard to get higher tier characters.

      I have heard people spend 10's of thousands on the game. they should've upgraded to the STI over the WRX type money, maybe even the BMW. ;)

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    theres always an exit strategy in mobile games. you can sell your accounts on specific marketplaces. eg. i used to play bleach brave souls (4 years, all logins achieved) sold for a grand, some other mobile games like rockman and archero $150 each one (these ones were half a year played), always f2p player strictly with the occasional too good to refuse deals eg 90% off deals so in the end i spent maybe about average on each game $5 total.


    Is this for new users only?

    • +1 vote

      Nope, everyone.