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Bridgestone 4th Tyre Free for Turanza Serenity Plus, $100 Cash Back on Potenza RE003


New offers from Bridgestone.


Bridgestone 4th tyre FREE for Turanza Serenity Now
$100 cash back on Potenza RE003
$80* cash back on Firestone F01
$100* cash back on Supercat SUV
$80* cash back on Supercat

*pending size chosen

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  • +4

    Finally a 25% off deal on Turanza
    Have been waiting for 18 months

    • me too, been waiting for ages. I would've considered the Firestone F01 (as it's essentially a rebadged AR10) but I've been told the compound is different.

    • +3

      "Have been waiting for 18 months"
      Your old tyres must be canvas by now….

      • +1

        Don't underestimate Melbourne's famous 5 lockdowns :D
        literally less than 10kms/week during those days
        saved hundreds on fuel, what a blessing

  • +1

    Damn I caved and bought 4 with $100 off last month! still worth every penny imo

    • +1

      I'm glad I waited as I had a feeling one would pop up sooner or later.

      Turanza buy 3 get 1 free is rare as these days. At least you still got a reasonable deal.

  • +2

    Can anyone see price of serenity plus on bridgestone website(215/55/R17)? After entering postcode, website goes back to same page and ask for postcode so can't move forward. Tried this on desktop, mobile and different browser, same results?

    • +1

      ya, I got the same issue on Firefox, but Chrome is fine.
      may be try to turn off ad block and use incognito mode?

      • Hi, I tried but showing the option to call store for the price. Are you able to find the price of TuranzaSerenity Plus
        205/55R16 91V if you can.

        Thanks Br.

        • +2

          Price depends on your postcode
          Try to select another nearby store, or the capital city of your state

          • @TanedaR: Yeah, website loops at that stage, which is why people are asking.

            Im in the same boat.

            • @MasterScythe: Try Jax tyres, their website is pretty good. Populate different brands along with prices. They have Bridgestone offers too.

    • Hey mate I drive a Camry and got those tires on Friday as the deal actually started then. 215/55/R17 are $195 each, so $585 all up if you get the 4th tyre free

      • Does $585 including tyre disposal and other charges except wheel alignment?

        • +1

          yes it does

          • @Kranbone: I thought wheel alignment is extra. Do you mean wheel balancing?

            • +1

              @elfst0ne: I just had this done, alignment is separately charged $64.

            • @elfst0ne: as above, include disposal and other charges except alignment

      • -5

        Sometimes I wish I drove a Camry. Especially when I realise my tyres are $377 each. But then I think about it and realise why I don't drive a Camry.

        • I used to have a sporty car but recently picked up a well looked after Camry from the mid 2000s. It's actually really comfortable, good on fuel and quiet. I can really see the appeal. The servicing cost is really good too.

          If I could redo things, I'd would definitely get one of these as the primary car and keep the fun car as a weekender.

        • +2

          what was the point of your comment

        • You should check out the latest series, you may be surprised. They aren’t a racecar, but they are very comfortable and quiet commuting vehicles.

          Especially good on the highway with their long wheelbase and sophisticated multilink rear suspension which gives a long, loping feel with excellent bump absorption.

    • Maroochydore: $196 each (Before Discount)

  • +2

    Any tyres expert here!! What is the difference between Turanza serenity plus and Turanza ER300? Which one is better for Commodore VE?

    • +1

      I replaced my old ER300 with a Serenity Plus. The Bridgestone guys at the time basically explained the Serenity plus was a newer and slightly better version of the ER300s. I haven't noticed a huge difference between the two, but the main thing is they were both pretty good.

    • +5

      Great question coolbuddy2k7! Depends on your tyre size's profile/aspect ratio and your driving style and priorities.

      Not a tyre expert, but can share a bit based on experience and research. Happy to be corrected as always. Michelin and Bridgestone are my go-to brands on paper by order of preference, but I always end up with the latter because I have yet to find Michelin doing buy 3 get 1 free deals, making Bridgestone better value for money to me than many of the other mid-tier brands, some of which I may also consider.

      I'd say depending on what's available for your tyre size, the Serenity Plus, then T001/T005, and then RE003/S001/S007A on the longevity/grip spectrum. EP300 for fuel saving but for heavier brake use (and to lift off the accelerator sooner) until one gets used to their lower rolling resistance, and possibly at some cost to wet grip. And forget about the ER300 unless they've updated the compound/construction since I've last tried it!

      For the 45(%) profile/aspect ratio, I've tried the RE001, the ER300, and currently the RE003 on a 2005 GG Series 2 Mazda 6 in chronological order - still have the RE003s on it. The factory standard 215/45R17 size for both the RE001 and the ER300, and 225/45R17 for the RE003 on factory wheels that are 7 inches wide.

      This is my Mum's car. She does not maintain tyre pressures consistently, so I compensate by pumping them back up to 40psi very infrequently when they are cold. The way she presses down on the accelerator, together with the 5 speed auto's relatively short first gear - means that the ER300s readily lost traction for around a second from 0km/h, especially on uphill starts, even when they were new - noticeably more so than the worn-out RE001s! And this was after I've told her to take it easier with her inputs for the first few hundred km to scrub in the then-new ER300s.

      The above likely contributed to the ER300s wearing out much faster than even the RE001s! Especially around the outside tread/shoulder near the sidewall. She is much happier since switching (back) to the RE003.

      So depending on your driving style, you lose both grip and longevity with the ER300! By far the most disappointing product for me in the current Bridgestone range to date - again, unless they've updated the compound/construction since I've last tried it!

      I rate the longevity in the Turanza range as Serenity Plus first, then T001/T005 not far behind, then daylight third, before the ER300 based on my experience, Serenity Plus' 50,000km wear life guarantee (subject to conditions of course), and from Bridgestone's Passenger Tyre Product Guide that I've picked up some time ago - an interesting note at the bottom right re: the wear life of the T001 vs the ER300: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/242941/90426/img_7883....

      • love your write-up, tossing up between the Serenity Plus & RE003 myself (245/45/18), any thoughts on them? Last I checked the SP costs waaaaaaaaay more than the RE003s :(

        • +4

          Cheers xrailgun.

          The main thing is what you want out of your tyres: either more towards comfort/longevity, or grip/active safety. Not that the SP and the RE003 are bad on their relative non-strengths! But one can't have absolutely everything, so we've got to pick some aspects over others.

          Perhaps another factor to help towards your decision, is to consider how many km in total are you expecting to do in the next 5-6 years. I say this because the more informed people would say tyre compounds tend to age noticeably, with their (particularly wet) grip thresholds tapering off sharply after the 5/6-year mark regardless of the tread depth remaining, especially from more budget brands/products generally speaking - my friend learnt the hard way after persisting with his Supercats for too long (he is much happier now on RE003s combined with a "plus 2" factory wheel upgrade at the same time). This 5-6-year figure also varies depending on how often your tyres are exposed to the sun (as opposed to being undercover/garaged) - shorter if often, potentially longer if not. At the moment I do barely more than 5,000km/year (and even less these days with the lockdown), and my cars are garaged, so that works out to be just about right for me to stick with the RE003 and start looking out for buy 3 get 1 free deals when I start to notice the grip threshold tapering ever so slightly. My driving style that seeks to use as little steering and pedal inputs as smoothly as possible, and to maintain as much momentum as possible, plus trying to keep cold pressures to 40psi (I spend very little time at highway speeds) means I am more than happy with the (resulting?) wear rate of the RE003s on both my cars. I think of it as cheap insurance excess having that additional active safety reserve, especially now that the roads tend to have less traffic and motorists around me are either less situationally aware and/or crazier!

          That said, it seems incredible that some "touring" tyres now cost more than "high performance" tyres! Perhaps it is with regards to the overall longevity. But with the SP, I am guessing its relatively limited availability (AFAIK they're only be available through "official" Bridgestone dealers) also play a part - there are many more outlets that may sell the RE003 (or even the Michelin Pilot Sport 4!) close enough to the buy 3 get 1 free promotional pricing to tempt me from waiting depending on tyre size and the amount of stock they have, although seemingly less often now since COVID-19. Just ensure they don't sell you aged stock by asking beforehand, and try to read the DOT code on the tyres before they are fitted.

          To wrap up - perfectly understand that you may be happier with the SP (or T001/T005 etc.) instead of the RE003/S001/S007A etc. if you do many more km/year particularly on highways. Otherwise, I would suggest the RE003 (or the Michelin PS4 if your wallet permits!). Again, based on personal experience, feedback from family and friends, and my own research. Haven't actually tried the SP myself, but I might one day just to really see if my hunch is correct ¯_(ツ)_/¯

          Hope that helps a bit with your decision :)

          • @dazeet: thank you so much for that! absolutely incredible to see how much effort and time you put in for a stranger :)

      • Wooah awesome breakdown 👍

      • Very helpful write-up. What tyre you recommend for a Kluger AWD. I press the pedal hard after stopping at signals. The size is 245/55R19. The car came with a Toyo. I got 35 K from that. I changed to Bridgestone Ecopia and now almost done 25k and needs to change. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.

        • Sorry for the delay Yankijoe.

          All else being equal e.g. reasonably well maintained shock absorbers/wheel alignment/tyre pressures etc. across the life of the Toyos and the Ecopias, perhaps your experience also mirrored mine (well, my Mum's) i.e. tyres that are designed from the outset to have a lower grip threshold (for fuel saving/high mileage), can wear out faster than a grippier alternative when subjected to more demanding driving conditions/style. IMHO they would be more suitable for high mileage cruising with less fluctuations in speed and accelerating/braking/cornering forces.

          Do you remember which Toyo you had? And which Ecopia do you have now? Because if it's the EP850, it appears this has been superseded by the H/L 001 - I think the H/L stands for Highway Luxury. Bridgestone Australia's web site says the H/L 001 is designed to last longer than the EP850, but I have yet to find out by exactly how much, and I do question if a fuel saving tyre is the most suitable for your kind of usage, as discussed above.

          Confirming how would you rank these from 1 for most important to 8 for least (but you can place equal weight on certain aspects if you wish)?

          • Dry grip
          • Wet grip
          • Road feedback
          • Handling
          • Wear
          • Comfort
          • Value for money
          • How likely will former owners buy again

          I trust that you don't take your Kluger off road? But if so, where would that fit in the list of 8 above?

        • +5

          wait what… why did you even post this comment here? apples to oranges.

          • @xrailgun: In many occasions people just want to show off they are smart but get the opposite LOL

  • -1

    no buy 3 get 1 free 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • +3


      Bridgestone 4th Tyre Free for Turanza Serenity Plus

      • +1

        ah yes sorry! i meant RE003

        • +2

          that was a few months ago. this deal is actually better because Turanza's rarely are part of a buy 3 get 4th free and further to this are exclusive to Bridgestone stores.

          Potenza's on the other hand are available at most major retailers and their buy 3 get 4th free are more common.

          • @Kranbone: Oh are Turanza Serenity Plus in general (not just the deal) exclusive to Bridgestone stores? No wonder I couldn't find them anywhere… and the only Bridgestone near me is OOS ouch.

  • +1

    can recommend the serenity plus, best tyres I've had and huge improvement over my Dunlop Sport LM703's

  • Does price include alignment

    How do these supercat compare to the pirellli scorpion all season onees?

    • +1

      Does price include alignment

      Not when I did mine four years ago (I took advantage of a similar offer where the fourth tyre was $10)

    • +3

      Just balancing, fitting, and disposal. $60 for wheel alignment

      • Ask for a better price

      • Get wheel alignment from Groupon usually way cheaper that way plus combine with bonus offers from SHOPBACK or cashrewards

        • +2

          If you dont get your wheel alignment you dont get the 50,000km gurantee. So sure youll be saving a few extra dollars but youre voiding the gurantee. its in the T&C

          • @swiggity123: Dunno, I asked this question today when he told me he didn't have anyone good enough to do the alignment.. he (owner of the dealership) said it isn't strictly necessary.

  • A quick question if anyone knows or can help.

    What’s the difference between the Turanza Serenity Plus and the Turanza ER33? I have a Honda Civic that came with the ER33 which have been brilliant, I’ve done 95,000km on them so far and am very close to needing a new set. But hesitant to get something different when these have been such a good tyre. But the Bridgestone website lists the Serenity Plus as a premium tyre, but they’re $6 cheaper than the ER33, so a little confused.

  • +1

    Oof. $300 each for 215/45/R18 or $190 each for 215/45/R17. Will ring them to see if I can fit the cheaper one on my car but in my experience they get weird about it whenever you want a different size from what's recommended. Is there any other cheaper alternative size I can use?

    • And your rims are 17 or 18?

      • 18

      • +1

        You could see if 225/45R18 maybe cheaper, being potentially a more common size, and depending if your wheels' width can accommodate. Should result in slightly better ride comfort, slightly better dry grip and steering feel especially mid-corner, and less optimistic speedo, but also slightly worse fuel consumption, slightly more vague steering feel at the initial turn-in, slightly worse grip in very wet conditions, and depending on how optimistic your speedo was before the tyre size change, it may result in the speedo becoming pessimistic, so watch out for speeding tickets etc. I've done this myself for both my Mum's car as well as one of my own.

        • I was thinking about getting that but strangely they don't have that size. They have a 225/40R18 though if that's better.

          • +1

            @baskinghobo: I take it baskinghobo that you mean the Serenity Plus is N/A for 225/45R18? Because there are plenty of alternatives in that size.

            225/40R18 is far more of a diameter reduction from 214/45R18, than the diameter gain by going instead to 225/45R18 (I have just included rough guesses re: your wheels' width and offset): https://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?width=215&aspect=45&di...

            Going 225/40R18 has more cons than pros compared with going 225/45R18 i.e. worse ride "comfort", increased chance of wheel cracking/buckling over more serious road surface imperfections e.g. potholes, even more optimistic i.e. less accurate speedo, the same slightly worse fuel consumption, and the slightly worse grip in very wet conditions. The only pro would be slightly better dry grip and steering feel. There is also the slightly reduced ground clearance and ride height to consider - great on the racetrack, but perhaps not so good in many other ways.

            You will need to decide if the $ saving, if any, is worth the diameter downgrade.

  • +4


  • Any of these on offer are runflat tyres?

  • -1

    Anyone looking for cheap performance tyres; try these;


    I love them, i can grip a near 90 degree corner at above 60kmph. I give them hell.

    Quite impressive for a sub $100 tyre.

    • which car, what rim and tyre sizes?

      • +1

        Evolution 9, DC5, GC8 WRX, and CL9 Euro.

        All 235/45/17.

        Everything but the euro gets hammered pretty hard.

        The euro will too once the supercharger is finished.

      • +1

        Sorry, you asked for rim specs too.
        The Evo, DC5 and CL9 are all running different generation of Mitsubishi evo rims (7,8,9) to they're all 17X8" +35, and all made by Enkei.
        Prior to that, the CL9 was running on 17x7.5" +30 rims from a 350Z.
        The WRX is running some 17" watanabe rims; but because they're 17" with +40 offset, I could only fit 7.5" under the guards, and I wasn't in the mood to roll the fenders.

        Since all those cars are all 1100-1400kg, The Laufenns perform best at about 37psi cold, and about 40-50c in temp.
        Once you get up to track temps, they do slide a little (you can feel the soft rubber move) but they're still better than most 'street tires' you can buy.

        I have a set of RE002's for the WRX (can't believe how long they've lasted; lol), and RE003's for the DC5 when I want to do serious track stuff with them; and of course they do perform a second or two better.
        BUT they're not sub $100 tires anymore.

        Hope that covers it :)

        • +1


          I'm actually looking for a new set of tyres with incoming rims, currently on factory michelin primacy something. I don't track, so just after a good balance between grip (especially wet…), quiet-ness, and $$$.

          Where did you get them? I'm only seeing JAX which only has the older EQ, not EQ+ models? And over $200 each for 245/45/18 :(

          • +1

            @xrailgun: If you're in QLD, they're from TyreCity. Robs a top bloke.
            But there are quite a lot of places that can order them; you'll need to ask the smaller shops is all.

            The wet performance is acceptable, but it does drop.
            That's the advantage of the REALLY expensive lines like RE003's they almost don't chage wet to dry.
            But I've never had a 'holy shiiiii' moment in the wet.

            All in all, if you drive sportily in the dry and are willing to take care in the wet, I rate them highly.
            They're also SUPER quiet for a performance rubber.

            However, they are still a drop below the other 'sport' tires; just a significant step up form nankang, linglong, and the other cheap brands is all.

  • which tyre would be better value

    the Serenity Plus or the Maxxis Premitra HP5?
    going on a GH Mazda 6

    • +1

      The bridgestone's are on another level IMO.

      The only comparable would be that they're both tyres, lol.

    • Are you on 215/50R17 or 225/45R18?

      I'd say Serenity+ but I'm biased towards Touring over UHP for better wear. Where did you find them?

      I can't find it in 225/45R18 for my 6 from a quick search online, so currently tossing up between Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 $150 or Hankook Ventus V12 evo2 $139 a corner atm. Wondering if anyone can tell me the treadwear ratings on these please?

  • -1

    why is this a "Deal"??????

    you can get RE003 under the buy 3 get 1 free deal 24/7 everyday of the year at your local Bridgestone Select Dealer.

    • +1

      I dunno, this is one of those items where people rarely have any informed decision really.
      Most have only tried 1 or 2 brands out of the tens available, and they don't do it back to back, they do it months or years apart.
      So most people have an opinion, but little testing.

      Of all my tens of 'car mates', only 3 of us I know of take our street cars and different rubber to the track to test how they actually perform.
      Yet everybody seems to know what tire is best. I dunno, humans man.

    • how do you get that b3g1 free deal every day?

    • +2

      RE003 3 for 4 deal is not available everyday.

      Secondly, these are Turanza's. Go search for the last deal. They aren't overly common and the Turanza is the more premium tyre offered in terms of comfort, wet weather and quietness.

  • +2

    These tyres are absolutely fantastic. At least MP4 ST level or better.

    Depending on your state and laws…if you can't find a sidewall % that they make for you, 5+ more and they may have one that fits.

    *Example 215 55 r16 and instead you look for 215 60 r16

  • I'm a tyre noob…. does it fits on SUV?

    • +2

      If you get the right size, yes. Go talk to your nearest Bridgestone dealer.

  • Anyone gotten Costco to special order the Turanza SP before?

    • +1

      They don't have them. TS+ is only @ Bridgestone.

    • +1

      I've tried (even with Kmart) but it's exclusive to BS only.

  • +1

    Was tossing up between these or Yoko Fleva's. Went to my local Bridgestone with work mate today to check a suspected puncture. Shop assessed that there wasn't a puncture in a bath then changed the space saver back to the original, pumped all tyres etc. They then declined to accept any payment for their service. Owner said "all good, just remember to come back here when you need new tyres."

    I placed my order on the spot.

  • FYI: Wheel alignment was $69 for me

    • someone quoted me 70 which seemed quite high too.

      • It's cheap than Kmart, $75

        Of course I am not going to do it every 10000k but hey, it's a new set of tryes, I want it to be run the most of it, so yeah, I think it's necessary.

        • It was $59ish when I had my Turanza Serenity Plus tyres fitted in 2017. An alignment is necessary in order to fulfil the 50K km warranty requirements.

          • @kerfuffle: I didn't get a booklet for the turanza, did you get one?

            Apparently you need the booklet, not just the invoice to fulfil the 50K requirements

            • +2

              @Kranbone: I didn't get any booklet.
              But the staff says the will contact me again 3 months later for a free check up

              There are 2 types of warranty and you don't need a booklet

              Wear Life Guarantee
              you need to go back for regular free check ups and pay for wheel alignment upon their request
              It covers 50K or 5 years, whichever claim first
              My last Turanza were used for 62K and I've never go back for check up nor any wheel alignment
              I think the quality is good enough to ignore this

              Road Hazard Warranty
              It covers the life of a tyre or up to 4 years, whichever comes first.
              It gives you credit to buy new tyres on a pro-rata base.
              Excludes SUV and 4WD

            • +1

              @Kranbone: Didn't get a booklet either. I'd get e-mailed every six months for a check-up, but I think mine was only for four years as they've stopped e-mailing me after my last check-up last August.

              • @kerfuffle: Did you go there for check ups regularly?
                If you did, how often did they ask you to pay for wheel alignment?

                • +2

                  @TanedaR: Every six months and never apart from the initial fitting of the tyres.

                  • +1

                    @kerfuffle: wow, I'm surprised they aren't try to squeeze some $ from us, unlike dealership lol

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