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[Back Order] Samsung 75" QN85A 4K UHD Neo QLED Smart TV $3298 Delivered @ Appliance Central


Should be an all time low. Free delivery to Melbourne

Mod Update: Product on back-order.

This product is currently Out of stock however we can order this from our supplier. Please allow 5 - 7 business for stock to arrive into our warehouse. We will notify you, if there are any delays.

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  • Is this the best 75" in this price range? (give or take a couple of hundred)

    • Would compete with Sony x90j

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        To add to this, QN85A has VRR now vs the X90J would will be "patched in at a later date"

      • Nothing between this and the x90j I think. Best advice is to go in to a store and judge for yourself. Either is a great TV in this price range.

        • Just wondering if there is a big difference between the QN85A and QA75Q?

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      This is one of the best TV in the price range. The closest one in price would be the Sony 75" X90J.

      Samsung is a Mini LED (newer technology, no Sony TV as of now has MiniLED).
      Sony is LED.

      The Sony X90J and the Samsung QN85A QLED are both great TVs, but they're also very different. The Sony uses a VA panel with a much higher contrast ratio, which means it can display deeper blacks for a better dark room viewing experience but has narrow viewing angles. On the other hand, the Samsung uses an IPS-like panel with wide viewing angles but has a low contrast ratio that makes blacks appear gray in the dark. If you plan on watching TV in a very well-lit room, the Samsung is a better choice because it has significantly better reflection handling and gets a lot brighter. Its high brightness also means that you get a better HDR experience. The Samsung has a lower input lag and VRR support. The Sony is advertised to have VRR support, but it hasn't been implemented yet.

      • Samsung QN85A has one of the best HDR out thereand gets 50% more brighter than X90J
      • Thanks guys for the great advice and breakdowns!

  • LOL at IPS display.

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      Well, tbh I think we might have gotten screwed by Samsung again… seems like some buyers of the QN90A in AU is saying they got IPS ADS panels on their unit…

      Edit: forgot link


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        Yeah they are ADS panels but mini LED helps compensate for lower contrast. I think the anti IPS stance of a lot of people is based on tech specs and not real world experience. I find that most people either can't tell or don't care. YMMV of course.

        • Oh, im not against the IPS ADS panels, i just like to get what im paying for. If a product is said yo have a VA panel overseas and the reviews states that a QN90A is a VA TV… I expect that if i buy a QN90A in Aus, that it is also a VA panel… If not, dont call it a QN90A

  • I think QN90A would be a better option when discounted - earlier it was $3900 when TGG had 15% off for 12 hours.

    • Big difference in price tho

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      QN90A 55, 65, 75" all have IPS panels here in Australia. US models come with VA panels, hence the favourable reviews you may read.

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        may be true, but I guess it doesn't make huge difference.

        Many TVs use LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panels that are lit by LED backlights. There are two popular types of LCD panels: In-Plane Switching (IPS) and Vertical Alignment (VA), and there are two main differences between each type. A VA panel usually has a high contrast ratio and narrow viewing angles. However, an IPS panel has low contrast and wide viewing angles. These are the main differences between each, and for the most part, panel type doesn't affect other aspects of picture quality, like peak brightness, color gamut, or color accuracy.

        Ref# https://www.rtings.com/tv/learn/ips-led-vs-va-lcd

      • So the QN85a 85inch may be the only way to get the VA panel?

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          I believe so since Samsung doesn't make 85 inch IPS panels. Otherwise for the QN85A, the other sizes are probably ADS panels or VA since I'm not entirely sure.

          • @John452432543: The IPS panel for the other sizes are Samsung either, i think rtings mentioned they were from BOE or something?

  • My dad got this a few weeks ago and I wall mounted it and set it up. Picture is super impressive. Needed to tweak the settings to get the picture right for them and the location. Was actually impressed with the sound.

    • Nice. Is that an employee discount price? Can you get that price, interested.

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        Yeah thinking the same

    • Would be interested too

      • Same here but need a Samsung employee to invite and provide a validation code to join the programme.

  • Nice price and TV. It's very thin and looks great wall mounted. Great picture too. I love it.

  • The 85 inch QN85A has a VA panel I believe.

    I got to see 75 inch Samsung Qn85a near a 77 inch LG C1 yesterday playing 7HD Olympics (trampolining). I’ve been nearly convinced by everyone that my next TV should be an OLED but got to say I was more impressed with Samsung. Maybe just the settings, not sure.

    Would like to see how Samsung handles motion (my existing 2019 Sony is pretty good) - hate seeing motion blur when I’m watching AFL and cricket.

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    Just keep in mind that the contrast ratio (ADS panel) on this screen is quite low, it's not a great screen, and breaks apart off axis with blooming. It also has only 1x HDMI 2.1 cable.

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      Have you seen this screen in person or just reiterating what you read.
      Is a great review. Maybe have a read and watch the vid.

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        I saw it in person. I used to own this TV also.

        • What did you do with the TV as it's a 2021 model? Did you sell it?

  • listed as $3799, and in-stock… I hope you got your back-orders.

    dead deal.

    • how come this hasn't been marked as expired?