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Philips HD9650/93 Airfryer XXL Premium $424 ($374 after Cashback) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Bing Lee


Was browsing for an air fryer recently and missed out on the Costco membership deal. Found the Philips AIRFRYER XXL on sale with 50$ cashback from Philips from Bing Lee.

Called up JB-HI-FI since and they happily price matched. Used GC for an 5% off.


Alternatively if you prefer to purchase from Amazon.


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    hd9650 vs hd9651?

    • hd9651 is newer.

      • HD9651 is older I believe. Listed as discontinued on Philips website and has earlier list date on Amazon.

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    Airfryer XXL

    Is it really 20 litres??

  • For Costco members, HD9651 $369.99 in store.


    • Would be good with cashback on-top but Costco is not an eligible retail store to claim Philips cashback according to T&Cs

    • Jb and hn and tgg price match Costco and can then claim cash back

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        i'm a bit confused as costco's model 9651 is different than the 9650 which is the model listed for cashback? the 9651 whilst older also seems to have the double layer accessory included. so i'm not quite sure which is the better buy?

        • I got one recently for $359 tgg then got $50 cash back and $50 store credit

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          Double layer accessory wins by a mile, awesome add on item that can improve some items magnificently.

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            @cam83: The accessory is great, we use it regularly. As well as the baking tray, and snack cover.

            But just a heads up, that it can also be bought separately, with an additional separator, which I believe doesn't come 9651.


            So if you do want the separator, then you'd need to buy another double layer accessory again to get it.

            That said, I haven't used the separator much.

      • They are different models. Does it make a difference? Still price match?

        • You can try

          • @Dex38313: Thanx I got JB to match Costco. Difference is the accessory is included in the costco version. Can Claim cash back but purchase the accessory separately is $49.

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        Now OOS on Costco but I'll still give it a go tomorrow.

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    Cashback is available until 5th Sept, so there could be a chance to find it cheaper. We got one last year for $344 after $50 cashback, but that was for a Philips Christmas promo, and the price had dropped to $394 at Amazon.

  • Does anyone know what the basket is like?

    I have an old Philips airfryer where the basket is wire mesh and I am not a fan of the clean up..

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      Mine is wire mesh

  • I called JB to get the price match with GC as OP suggested.

    They sold it to me for $410, $14 cheaper than Bing Lee … super nice guy, but you could say I'm biased right now :)

    No click & collect stock available in the Sydney area though. Delivery might be up to 2 weeks.

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