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½ Price Mayvers Natural Peanut Butter Varieties 375gm $2.50 @ Woolworths


Super Tasty Mayver's Smooth Peanut Butter is all natural, just peanuts with a dash of sea salt. No added sugar.
Enjoy the wholesome goodness of natural peanuts which have simply been lightly roasted, crushed and blended with a dash of sea salt.

With at least 153 peanuts in every jar.

100% natural & vegan friendly.
Dairy, Gluten & Cholesterol free.

  • No added oil.
  • No added sugar.
  • No hardened fats.
  • Nothing artificial.
  • No additives.
  • Locally made.

Our promise
This spread contains no added oil, dairy or sugar & is made from pure ingredients which have simply been crushed & bottled.

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  • +6

    Man, that's nuts.

  • +3

    Waiting for the people who don't understand how to use search asking if they should buy this or Pics or whatever other inferior choice they might think of.

    • +9

      Bega simply nuts all the way

      • +3

        Mayvers and Bega simply nuts is good.

        Pics is garbage. Won't be getting that again.

        • +3

          Pics is garbage.

          That's a strong opinion for many people's fav. I like Pics as much as Mayvers and Bega.

      • This is a man who knows his PB

    • +1

      Mayvers is the far inferior choice to the natural peanut butter from Nature's works / Hill street grocers (TAS only, to my knowledge). Freshly ground on the spot and surprisingly affordable.

      • +1

        similar thing on offer at Ray's Top Nuts, Moonee Ponds, Melbourne

  • +16

    Crunchy PB is vastly superior to Smooth PB….change my mind

    • I mix it up a little but will usually be on crunchy.

      • +2

        I have vegemite and PB on the same toast - partner thinks I'm nuts

    • Hhmm I actually prefer smooth over crunchy tbh. Last I tried crunchy it was too mushy and very hard to spread over a slice of bread.

      Maybe I will give crunchy one last shot this time :)

    • +1

      As a peanut better connoisseur, you definitely need both. Each has its part in different delicious snacks and dishes

      • Yes!
        Smooth on toast or similar
        Crunchy when eaten direct from jar!

  • +1

    Buy the dark-roasted crunchy, and the skin-on, and combine them 50-50. Thank me later.

    • +1

      It appears the SKIN-ON has been removed from shelves.
      Very disappointed. Loved it.

      • +1

        NO WAY! That's awful, I've only got about 10 left

        • +1

          Only at Woolies though.
          Just saw Coles still has it!

          • @ZEDG: how to combine "50-50" guys?

            • +1

              @capslock janitor: I don't combine personally. Just plain Skin-On is gold with Rose's English Breakfast Marmalade.

        • yeah, couldn't find them anymore at my local woolies

    • How to combine 50/50?

  • +7

    Was a Mayvers fan. But now only buy Bega Simple Nuts. 100% Aussie nuts and tastes great. Love Dark Roast.

    • Yes. It is good to be patriotic when it comes to nuts!

    • +1

      I tried Bega Simply Nuts when it first came out and it was so thin/watery that you could barely get any on the knife to spread.
      Has it improved?

      • +1

        got a jar opened. Still runny.

      • +1

        I think you need to try the peanut butter. Not satay sauce.
        Give it a stir and it's thick and nutty.

        • +1

          It def needs a good stir but settles back into a pretty runny top layer fairly soon after ime

          • +1

            @0jay: Yeah, that's normal for unadulterated peanut butter AFAIK. They put in the additives, in part, so as to stop that from happening.

            • +1

              @the discombobulated panda: Yeh, fair call. Having said that, I reckon the Bega's runnier than Mayvers so it can be a matter of degrees

              • +1

                @0jay: Agreed, I don't have a problem with Pics or Mayvers, but maybe I just got a particularly bad jar.

                Maybe it's time to give Bega another try, worst case I can use it for satay sauce…….

      • +1

        I bought the Mayvers mixing handle from their site
        Open a fresh jar, screw on the handle and stir
        PB is perfect - can't see it on their site any more

    • -8

      I to prefer my peanut butter to be bitter, local, and with a slight dash of xenophobia.

      Really enhances that peanut flavour.

      • You seem to like bad spelling too.

    • Bega has a smaller jar, so fails the OzBargain test.

  • +1

    I read a study that says that smooth is more nutritious than crunchy as our body can absorb smooth better.

    However, crunchy is more tastier.

    • +6

      That would be true for every solid food that's not easily dissolved.

      But then, we choose to chew.

  • +4

    FINALLY! I haven't had peanut butter in months.

    • +3

      haha - I laugh because I've been exactly the same - looking at the shelf on my weekly shopping trip for months seeing the normal (=inflated) price.

  • +1
  • +4

    Team Dark Roast crunchy here.

    Anyone else exclusively eat it out of the jar with a spoon only?

    • The question should be who doesn't?

    • You are my kinda people!

  • Is this better than Plenty? Plenty tastes really bland (saltless).

    • In my opinion it is the best out there - I had to switch to another brand as I refuse to pay full price for how quick I go through it but will be stocking up!

      • Ok. Got to try this one

        • Its not incredibly salty, but none of the popular brands are nowadays

  • +2

    I highly recommend Mayvers PB on Toscano Waffles

  • Finally…my cupboard was getting bare with the remaining jars.

    Thankfully I have two Woolies in malls right next to each other

  • +4

    Hopefully a price match from Amazon!

    • +2

      Almost certainly IMO!

  • +3

    oh yeah I've been waiting for this for sometimes.

  • +3

    Thanks OP, I was down to my last jar.

  • +1

    Will/have Aldi price matched their natural peanut butter?

    I prefer the Aldi one as it hasn't got added salt. While I really like Mayvers, the added salt is a bit much and I prefer the Aldi one as a result.

    • +1

      Mayver's unsalted one no good?

      • +1

        Thanks, I didn't know they had an unsalted one or other flavors. They are showing stock for the unsalted one at my local Woolies too.

        I'll make my way there later to stock up and luckily still have a 10% off a shop for this month. I go through 1-2 jars a week of the stuff.

        • +1

          There's always stock of unsalted :)

    • So the Mayvers is saltier than the Aldi one? I just got a jar from Woolies this morning, and hopefully I like it

      • The Aldi one has no salt. I eat it like ice cream (don't judge lol) so having no salt makes it a treat - while I'm sure unsalted would taste a bit bland on toast and salted could be better for that.

        I found the Mayver's one with salt to have a bit much for my taste. It would be great if one came out that was lightly salted as I think somewhere in between the salted Mayber's and unsalted Aldi one would be perfect.

      • howzit?

  • +3

    I ended up buying 10 jars.

    They had a slightly smaller jar with pro-biotics for a $3.25 so I got a couple of those, a few normal unsalted, a few of the ones with Cacao (no added sugar so hopefully not bitter) and a couple the dark roasted 'smunchy' jars.

    They had hundreds if not 1000 jars at my Woolies. Considering I hadn't heard of the brand a year ago, they are obviously doing something right to have taken over the peanut butter shelf. Mayver's is good stuff.

  • +1

    Thank you, got 4 jars. 3x Cacao Spread (my fav) and 1x Dark Roasted Smunchy unsalted because why not.

    I hope Coles (since only they stock it) can do the Hazelnut & Cashew butter (usually $8.50 for 240g) for half price next time. This one is the best tasting Mayver's of all I've tried, and also the most expensive per gram but it's worth it when it's half price.

  • I need this deal again. I've gone through 8 of the 10 jars I bought and don't like the dark roasted ones I have left.