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NFC Tag Stickers 12% off: 10x NTAG215 $7.48, 10x NTAG216 $7.70 & More + Free Shipping @ NFC-Tags


Good Evening Everyone!

It's lockdown time here in Brisbane and I need something else to do, how else better to spend my time then pack orders! Also, I'm now accepting various forms of Cryptocurrency as payment! Bitcoin, Ether, Ethereum, Doge, and more are accepted!

Here are some ideas on what you can use these for. It seems a lot of customers love using these to make Animal Crossing Amiibo's, if you want to make Amiibo's, please make sure you buy NTAG215 tags. If you want certain Animal Crossing Amiibo's preloaded onto tags then send me a message.

All products are shipped from me in Brisbane via Australia Post. Often the orders are sent in letters, so please provide a street or PO box address (no parcel locker or parcel collect addresses, sorry). As far as I can find online, my prices are the lowest (except when shipped direct from overseas). If you find the same product cheaper (shipped from within Australia) let me know and I'll try beat it!

Free Express Shipping on orders over $50! Make sure you select this at the checkout.

Below is a list of all products I have available, use the code OzBargain12 for an extra 12% off! Any issues/questions, please comment or send me a message at [email protected]

Type Qty Price
NTAG213 1 $2.30
NTAG213 5 $3.50
NTAG213 10 $5
NTAG213 20 $9.20
NTAG213 30 $12.95
NTAG215 1 $2.40
NTAG215 5 $4.90
NTAG215 10 $8.50
NTAG215 20 $16.50
NTAG215 30 $24
NTAG216 1 $3.50
NTAG216 5 $4.60
NTAG216 10 $8.75
NTAG216 20 $16.50
NTAG216 30 $22.95

What's the difference?

Type User Memory Max URL
NTAG213 144 bytes 136 characters
NTAG215 504 bytes 488 characters
NTAG216 888 bytes 872 characters

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  • Are ntag213’s compatible with iPhone 12 Pro?

    • Hi there,

      Yes they sure are!


      • Have you seen it work in person? I’ve spent a lot of time and effort with other sellers in the last few months but haven’t been able to get any working.

        Also, Apple Pay works fine on said handset…

        Edit: tried with iOS 14.6, 14.7, multiple 15 betas, no luck.

        • To be honest I just assumed they would work since they work with my iPhone X. What app are you using to write them and what are you trying to do with them?

          • @bradenpd: Can’t even get a read.

            Had an XR that read some fine a few years ago (never tried to write).

            Tried NFC Tools, Shortcuts, NXP TagWriter, NFC Reader (x2) and another NXP NFC TagInfo.

            I just want to call a shortcut/ HomeKit flow!

            • @sqeeksqeek: Have you tried NTAG215 or ntag216? Just to rule out a faulty reader perhaps. I know NTAG215 work on iPhone 12 Pro’s as my wife has one.

              • +1

                @bradenpd: I have a couple of unknown tags that worked on the XR, no dice. No idea what they are.

                Other than that, no just trying the 213s

                Ok sold, will buy a 215.

              • +2

                @bradenpd: I can confirm NTAG215 works PERFECTLY!

                Thanks for the great service!

                • @sqeeksqeek: Awesome! Great to hear. So weird that 213s don’t work, oh well 215s are more versatile anyway!

  • Any proper tags? I haven't seen a deal on tags (rather than stickers) for quite some time.

    Or are stickers where it's at for NFC these days?

    • I'm guessing you mean the plastic cards? I haven't brought any of them in for a while. You can definitely still get them, someone on eBay would have them for sure.

      • Yes, either the little discs, or the key fobs. But mostly the little discs. I'll have a poke around on eBay, cheers.

        • +1

          I've previously had success on AliExpress, shipping does take a while but you can get heaps very cheap.

    • +1
  • can any of this compatible with samsung smart lock? thanks

    • From a quick search, I believe you need a different sort of tag, but I'm not certain which one sorry.

  • Hi OP, what's the best Android app for writing and reading these cards?

    • Honestly I couldn't tell you, I'm an iOS guy. I'm sure if you look on the Google Play store for NFC and go with the one with the best reviews, that should be OK. Otherwise, I'm sure someone else on here or Reddit could tell you.

    • NFC Tools gets recommended a lot, and has over 5,000,000 installs.

      • Thanks mate, I bought the Pro version.
        Now have to work out how to program the tags to make them work with my wifi Meross garage door opener.

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