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Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee Motion Sensor 2 Pack US$24.61 (~A$33.52) Delivered @ GeekBuying


After the success of recent Aqara smart home deals and a lot of requests I've managed to get a deal on this popular Aqara Motion Sensor in a pack of 2.

This sensor will detect motion and can be configured to trigger an alarm to the Aqara/Xiaomi hub, send a notification to your phone or even turn on the lights. It requires the use of a Zigbee hub and it's compatible with many brands including Aqara, Xiaomi, Conbee, SmartThings and more. It also supports Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa.

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  • Thanks!

  • +2

    I used one of these to automate my cats drinking fountain, great little units

  • Thanks! Good price.

  • clearly one of the cheapest prices I've seen for these Xiaomi motion sensors!

  • Can we use it with Philips hue lights?

    • Unfortunately the Philips Hue hub is not compatible. If you had a gateway like the Conbee 2 with Philips lights then yes you could make it work.

  • Thanks!!

  • Only 19c US extra for express delivery 5-8 days! Easy decision for me, though as it is taking AusPost a week to get standard letters from one part of Sydney to another at the moment, I won't be surprised if it takes a few extra days.

    • +1

      5-8 business days once the order is dispatched. Previously outside of lockdown you'd get them in 2 weeks.

      • I've always been amazed by the speed of the shipping from Geekbuying in the past, but also recognise Covid is a problem for all shipping methods and beyond the control of sellers.

        In the current environment, even if it doesn't turn up until the end of August it will still be fantastic and is worth giving a shot for just a few cents extra.

        • +1

          Before the AU priority shipping popped up through Auspost agreements the next best thing was the $10-$15 DHL shipping that you could swap out for TNT if you emailed support. Amazing how cheap these things become when they're subsidised.

  • Thanks Clear. Have been waiting for a while for this deal.

  • Anyone can help me with the sensor thing, I want to setup something similar for home security but have no idea where to start.
    Had posted a similar query on forums here

    • +3

      These sensors work well with the Xiaomi system suggested by @No, which is a good low cost entry point to home automation.

      It's how i started out and I'm still using all my original bits with my upgraded Home Assistant based setup. Just beware that doing things on the cheap requires a bit more effort to maintain than a more expensive plug and play setup. However, for some of us, its the challenge of doing things DIY that makes home automation and security so much fun.

    • +3

      I was going to suggest that these would work with your Amazon Echo Plus, as they both use Zigbee, but after a bit of googling it seems like the Aqara sensors don’t pair well directly with the Echo (you’ll need another Zigbee hub).

      I have a few of these motion sensors and the Aqara door sensors paired with an Aqara Zigbee hub similar to this one. These are decent starting options, which have the ability to be moved on to a more powerful home automation platform called Home Assistant, if you’re technically minded and get into the smart home as a hobby.

      The Aqara hub has the added benefit of allowing Apple HomeKit control if you’re in the Apple ecosystem.

      You should also be aware that the smart home industry is currently in a state of flux, as a new standard called Matter should be finalised in the next 2-5 months. New hardware that supports Matter will start to come out shortly afterwards. Matter will likely eventually replace Zigbee as one of the popular smart home protocols, but that will take a while and Zigbee will still likely be around for many years to come. It will also likely be supported by hobbyists using Home Assistant for a long time.

      Depending on your needs, you may like to wait and buy Matter hardware for sensors. The first release of the Matter standard won’t support cameras, so if you’re looking for cameras, there is probably no point waiting for Matter to buy them.

      I don’t have much advice on the camera front. I have a Eufy video doorbell which has been pretty good, but not great. It has great battery and records locally so doesn’t require you to pay for a cloud subscription. Though, it doesn’t have great integration with the big smart home platforms. Some of the integrations they promised they haven’t delivered on. Eufy also suffered a privacy breach recently which they did not handle very well. After the breach I tried to disconnect my doorbell from the internet and discovered it needs internet access in order to function, which was a disappointing revelation.

      • Thanks,, have some clarity now.

  • Can this be used to trigger a eufy doorbell to start recording? My doorbell doesn't detect motion well enough :(

    • I had one of these at my front door. I took it down after a week as it was essentially useless due to the number of false positives.

      I love them for indoors though.

  • Thanks clear!

  • Getting “This coupon code has ultimately reached the limitation usage times.” Is it over?

    • ^^ I'm getting the same error.

  • Unable to use the Coupon- reached the limit

  • Does anyone know if there is a robust version of this sensor, which can withstand the Aussie sun? I want to automate my floodlights and outdoor lights. Thanks

    • +1

      You can seal this in a box, but it needs to be transparent to IR. I had one in my mailbox and it worked for well over a year before the ants and moisture killed it. To save mucking around you can go for something like a Hue outdoor motion sensor - if you are not in a hurry you can wait for them to go on special and pick one up for around the $60 mark (https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B07YNHZBP7). Yep, way more expensive than the Xiaomi but what the hey plus it also gives you temperature and light info. I don't have one, but it's on my wish list….

      FWIW I've been doing home automation for years, and a number of years ago I bought a few Aeotec Zwave motion sensors - they are still going strong, and are rated for outdoor use, but RRP was about the same price or more than the Hue. I'd also try to mount any motion sensor in a way that it gets some protection - no matter how UV & water resistant something is, the death clock starts ticking as soon as it's put outside. A really good sensor might live a lot longer than a cheapie, but it will die eventually. :-)

      • Thanks. I tried not to get into the Hue system, as they are very expensive in general. Aeotec looks nice, but the price… Looks like I will just try this, and treat it like a consumable.

        I will take your advice and try to shade it. Thanks

  • That expired quickly.

  • damn missed out on this one

  • Anyone received theirs?

    • When was your order shipped and what shipping method?

      • Ordered 3rd August, from memory I paid extra for the express shipping too (Australia Priority Line).
        Order number: 5521727 if that helps
        I checked the AusPost tracking, it's being prepared…

  • got cheap AU adapter. wondering what it is for.

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