What Gift from The Real Estate Did You Receive after Buying/Selling Your House?

I just purchased a house and spent just over $500k. The Real Estate the whole time was quite nice and down to earth person and I felt we got along well.

When the keys were handed over to me, he gave me a small brown bag with a ribbon wrapped around the handle. They told me it was a little gift to congratulate me on purchasing the house. Excited, the real estate agent left and I went inside the house to see what was inside the bag.

I open the bag to find a candle, the agent's branded notepad and pen, a business card and a hand written card from the real estate agent.

Nothing else was left inside by the agent and I've had no deliveries from them since.

I felt a bit let down by what I received from the agent considering the commission and the real estate climate of how many houses they're turning over at the moment. I've had friends receive bottles of champagne, fruit platters, coffee cups etc.

So tell me, what did/didn't you receive when buying/selling your house? Did I get ripped off or was I expecting too much?


  • I got endless advertising spam from the real estate and sms messages for open house invitations.

  • House 1 bought for 710k: we got a bottle of Moet from the real estate agent, but I assumed that's because we bought it at auction and it's pretty standard to get champagne if you win.

    We also received a $100 Ikea gift voucher from our mortgage broker. I bought her a hamper too because she was great.

    House 2 bought for 1.7m: got a nice grazing box (like a platter of cheese + meats + fruits) and a $100 gift voucher for a great local restaurant from the real estate agent. I really didn't expect to receive anything as the home buyer so I was pretty stoked.

    However I did expect something from our mortgage broker (because in a way we're paying him, even if it's indirectly), and a few weeks after we moved in he sent us a large gourmet hamper.

  • Got a iPad Mini

  • Bought a month ago (1 mill) and we got a gift box with 4 cans of apple cider (to drown our sorrows in our massive debt), cookies and local chocolate. Was pleasantly surprised, we didn't expect anything!

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    The candle is because he knows you’ll probably put it next to a curtain and when it comes time to hand over the insurance payout, even though you’re bitter now, at that point he’ll be the easy option because you’ve dealt with him before and you’ll go back to him.

    Smart guy.

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    The candle was symbolic. He’s saying you’ve been burnt.

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    Nothing from the real estate agent. Even pawned us off to a trainee during key handover.

    The previous owners on the other hand, left us a congratulations card with a nice handwritten message, and a hand-knit set of baby clothes for our newborn.

  • Perhaps a box of tissues would have been a more suitable gift from the agent.

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    Bought a place a few years ago, didn't expect to get a gift at the end of it but, the agent gave us a moving in pack that included loads of sweets, fancy dips and crackers, two bottles of wine (1 red and 1 white) and a fern.

  • Some of the comments here really believe Real estate agents make a shitload of money… yeh maybe like 1% of them, just like 1% of most industries. A lot of them get paid shit all considering they work 7 days a week.

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    Gifts are tier based - dependent on your property pricing

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    Bought a townhouse and got a gift basket with:
    - bottle of champagne
    - flowers
    - candles
    - usual branded rubbish
    - dinner voucher for nearby restaurant

    On the five year anniversary got a card with another voucher for a cheese and wine pack at a local winery.

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    maybe something to consider as context.

    Have bought 3 assets thus far - all in Sydney and all in "better" suburbs - whatever you want to call it - code to say it was more than $500K is all i mean.

    Out of the 3, only one of the agents gave me something… a cheap bottle of champagne - I dont even want to calculate what is as a % of their commission but put it this way, none of them are favourites when it comes to selling the respective assets and I suspect i'm not alone as a owner with regards to this view.

    If I was an agent, I would make sure that the new buyer of a property I sold got a nice bottle of champage and keep that relationship. Nothing ends it quicker by being uncommercial.

    My finance brokers on the other hand have been much more conscious of this so I keep using the same one. No surprises.

  • Firstly, I expect nothing, but, for reference
    Recent purchase of an almost 1m house, cheap bottle of bubbles
    Recent sale of 250k unit, bottle of vintage moet
    Both received gratefully.

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    Sold a house at auction last October. The only things I expected were a lot of bidders and a good price.

    On the day of sale the buyer and I each received a $60 bottle of champagne.

    I'd joked with the agent during the weeks leading up to the sale that I'd like one of their company umbrellas. Six weeks after the auction I had a call from the agent to say that he'd left a Christmas present for me at my home. What was waiting for me was a Christmas card, a company cap, a company stubby holder, a candle, a $100 bottle of scotch and my umbrella.

    Two weeks later the agent presented me with all the photos of the house they'd taken to use in the online promotion of the auction. They had been printed and beautifully bound in a book.

    It was my mother's house. The house I grew up in.

    I continue to recommend this agent to everyone I know even thinking about selling.

    • Man…. a good umbrella is a pinnacle in life. Love a good umbrella.

  • Parents just bought a place - they got a lockbox for a key to put outside. I actually think it's quite a good one and its been very convenient because they haven't moved in yet and the trades have been using it to get in and out while they are painting, flooring etc.

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    Wow, just wow. Age of entitlement indeed.

  • Simple he is the buyer not the seller … no vested interest … wait till you sell and you are ACTUALLY paying the comm … then you will expect a gift and a possibly a quick rogering.

  • Recently bought and sold - (upgraded) different agents - same suburb. On the sale of my house my agent gifted me a Moët, on the purchase of my house at auction both vendor and I got a bottle of Veuve. The agent I sold through prior sent a box full of chocies / wine bottle etc a few weeks afterwards as well. We are settling soon - I wouldn’t be surprised if we get another bottle / choc box at settlement.

  • When I bought my first home back in 2011, I got a A4 framed photos of the advertisement and an A5 size card with "Congratulations" from the real estate agent.

    For my investment property I got a Nice Wine and a Pizza cutting board.

  • Nothing from the agents (6 transactions in total) but a few pieces of furniture from one of the owner. The agent knew we liked them during the inspections and passed on the message. Otherwise, I am just happy to have the keys and find the home cleaned without any unexpected damages. A good agent will keep in touch and hope to get a return business when you are selling down the track. They will size you up pretty quick and knows how to build a relationship.

  • Cookbook from the real estate agent. Although his referral to a house just new on the books that hadn’t been advertised yet, with a fixed price seller (no competition) was gift enough. Without that I’m not sure we’d have been able to afford a house at all.

    Mortgage broker sent us a nice gift box with champagne and chocolates etc.

  • It’s strange they missed a marketing opportunity. A $30 bottle of champagne in a $5 reusable picnic cooler, branded with the RE logo is a very small business expense to get your advertising into the home of a target customer with a record of property transactions.

    Maybe drop hints that you’ll be looking to sell or lease it and upsize soon so they’ll make an effort to stay in your radar. :)

  • Put in a complaint that your free stuff wasn't good enough … or just be grateful that you got something for nothing and move on to enjoy your new house!

    (PS: The agent "owes" you nothing. You did not pay their fees. The seller did).

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    We got sweet FA pal. Consider the candle a win.

  • Just charge back or request refund. Why take so much stress for you tiny 500k home?

  • I got a card and unlabel wine bottle.
    Then endless spam afterwards and calls to sell the house.

  • I get both sides of the story, the candle may have been $30 but I think replace the candle with a bottle of wine or champange or moscato or something fancy related to a celebration. This would give the buyer a sense of celebration and valued.

  • Huh? When I bought my three-quarters-of-a-million-dollars house last year, I gave my real estate agent a card with $1,000 cash in it + a bottle of wine.

    Now you're telling me it should have been the other way around?

  • Near 800k purchase not even a congratulation from agent, not that I was expecting one.
    My broker recently contacted and gave a $500 gift card after 2 successful referrals so that's nice.

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    Sold my place for $700k quick sale - could have got $730k pretty easily. Agent seemed pretty thrilled, I deducted the commissions from final sale price, and we parted ways never to be seen again. This was a year ago, this thread just made me realize I should hit them up for a $5 candle or something.
    In fact, I believe someone stole a Glasshouse Taha candle on the open home, the plot thickens!

  • I got put on their mailing list so they can now hassle me constantly into trying to sell the place they just sold to me. Bastards.

  • I never even met the real agent on my sale. Got some side kick. Easy money for them I guess

  • Is there a way to cut out the middle man (real estate agent) from the home buying process? They don't add much value relative to the commissions they charge..

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    With houses so expensive these days prices over half a million is nothing

    And you expected some sort of royal treatment

    What a laugh

    OP you’ve been living under a rock I take it?

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    Over 500K…… and you thought you were entitled to…….



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    When we bought our house in 2019, the real estate company gifted us a fancy cheese platter and a customised monopoly board game of the streets in my local area. Very appreciative of their generosity and thoughtful gifts!

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    Im spending a lot more than op's measly $500k (what did you even buy, a toilet block in the middle of where?) and not once have i even thought of "expecting" to receive a gift, like, what even???

    Buy the dam house, stfu and live in it. People with op's entitled mentality is the reason the world is going to shit.

    • So you won't be donating to OP's GoFundMe… lol

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        OP would then probably create another thread here about how they were dissapointed with the result of their go fund me campaign…

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    i would rather less hidden defects than the tacky bottle of "sparkling fermented grape juice" we received.

    Either way, enjoy what you got, not what you didn't.

    • Either way, enjoy what you got, not what you didn't.

      Idk sometimes you get landfill and it just feels a little… wasteful

  • We got nothing and we sold the house over 2.3 million, with $40000 in selling fees.

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    I got a bottle of red, I like presents I can actually use, WTF you need pen and paper for, that's what the stationary cupboard at work is for

  • -2

    The last places I sold I got an awesome sale price

    We both knew it

    That was enough

  • We got a bottle of sparkling white, and a box of chocolates.

  • I got a moet chandon for giving the first bid

  • I mean, maybe give them an extra 1% fee if they get you a bottle of champagne… You pay for gifts in the price.

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    I bought a 2 bed, 2 Bath apartment for 360k and the agent gave me a bottle of 15yo Chivas Regal. I thought that was a nice touch.

  • got some flowers from the sellers agent and a few Asahi beers at their office

  • they gave me champagne but i dont drink so gave it to someone who does ;)
    recently built a house. builder asked if we drank i said no. gave us a gift basket with a whole swag of posh nibblies

  • friend bought a >1.5mil dollar house n all they got is a box of mouldy baked goods
    go figure….

  • Paid $420k and received a case of Corona

    • +3

      Hope you made a full recovery

  • we bought a townhouse worth $662k, didnt receive any gifts from the agents, we didnt expect them to gift us anything too so no disappointment

  • The gift of shit neighbours. Surprise..

  • Bought 1.39M, received a hamper with a bottle of Moët.

  • First of all, id never expect anything from my agent or the agent i bought the property from.

    You should have haggled hard with that said agent and bought yourself a nice bottle of wine or whatever. If youve done that already, then you are fine. If you didnt, well better luck next time.

  • Sold a house 5 years ago, was given a $60 bottle of champagne, took it to Dans at they let me swap it for 3 bottles or red wine we drink.

  • Lol love this thread.

    When we bought our house we got a bottle of Veuve. I was pretty thrilled. I feel like french champagne is a classic gift because even if you don’t drink, you can take it to a friend’s house or share at Xmas etc. Everyone loves Veuve!

    When we sold our house, the agent sent us a big chocolate hamper. It would have cost $100 or $150 I’m sure but it was pretty mediocre brands. We didn’t eat any of it as are not chocolate people and it wasn’t the kind of stuff easy to regift as not known brands. I’d have preferred a $50 box from Koko Black. Quality over Quantity. Couldn’t hold it against the agent though as he worked his ass off and got us a great price. I’d still use them again!

  • I got a lame 'Monopoly' board game with the real estate spam all over it, basically advertisement dressed up as a game.
    I just got rid of it because I didn't want to think about the pricks again. And actually paid for a regular Monopoly board.

    The best gift was not having to deal with those c**** again!

  • metal Keyrings that were way to heavy to use

  • 1st townhouse - nothing
    2nd house - basket with wine that my dad took because he got the keys and went there before i did
    3rd place - was listed with funky 60's furniture as part of the house that the real estate agent sold privately after offer was accepted and before settlement … they denied it and gave me a keyring with their branding on it …

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