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GOOLOO 2amp Smart 12V Battery Charger $35.99 Delivered @ GOOLOO Amazon AU


After code only $35.99 (Was $59.99) https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08NDDPG2C
Code: JKHVPK99

COMPATIBILITY- Suitable for 12V lead-acid batteries (up to 40Ah), such as Wet Cell, Gel Cell, Enhanced Flooded, Maintenance-Free and Calcium batteries. GOOLOO battery maintainer charger is a great choice for cars, motorbike, lawn mowers, tricycles, electric vehicles, agricultural vehicles, off-road vehicles, pickup trucks, boats, yachts, motorboat.
CHARGE THE VEHICLE BATTERY: This 2A automotive battery charger has 4 charging modes: standby, 12V mode, 12V repair mode and low voltage repair mode. Using low-voltage pulse repair technology, when the 12V battery voltage is lower than 8V, you can switch the mode to charge the battery.
SMART BATTERY MAINTENANCE - Maintain various types of 12V lead-acid batteries. Intelligent control system, strong pulse repair technology, remove vulcanization, repair slightly damaged batteries, reduce water loss, can extend the battery life. Make your battery more powerful.
INTELLIGENT DETECTION - When low-voltage, vulcanized or capacity loss is detected, battery maintainer charger directly prompt user to repair and charge or the battery has lost its value.
MULTIPLE SAFETY PROTECTION FUNCTIONS C Made of fire retardant materials. Multiple security protections , such as over current protection, over charge protection, over heat protection, reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, full charged stop protection, etc.Kind Reminder: Our battery charger is not the jump starter and it cannot be charged for lithium battery.

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  • Perfect timing. Batteries are struggling in both my cars at the moment (cold winters in the country aren't kind on car batteries), and I can't find my old charger anywhere.

    • do you live in Finland? 😀

      • No, I'm just getting started…

  • Can you use this charger to charge a car battery whilst the battery terminals are still connected?

    • I have a different brand, but yeah you can. No need to disconnect the terminals, just clamped them in (position to position, neg to neg of course), power on the device, and that's it.

  • +2

    Before you buy this (great value) make sure it meets your needs for charge capability. Aka the "up to 40Ah" limitation. Both our vehicles needs higher that 40mh.

    • The first Amazon comment suggest the charger has 60 Ah stated on back of device.
      Also the description on Amazon shows suitable for tractors, SUVs, which surely would be more than 40 Ah batteries.

      • My SUV aka a Prado takes a 90Ah battery

        • +2

          For "charging" a battery the usual recommendation is 10% of the capacity… ie 90ah -> 9amp charger. But just "maintaining" is a different story. If you're just leaving a car sit for an extended period and just want to make sure it stay's at 100%, any small trickle charger like this would be OK.

        • By have this connected to your playdoe as long float term charger is better letting your battery go flat. I small chargers on big battery. Prevention is the key.

      • +1

        If you look further down the listing description images, it says:

        • charge and maintain - car, motorbike, jet ski
        • maintain only rv and tractor

        Although it would work, I wouldn't guarantee a full charge from flat for 60 Ah.

    • Looks like I need the S10 model that will deliver more than 9Amp for my car bbattery. Will wait for a better deal on the model

  • Bought this during the last deal and just used it yesterday.

    Battery now up to full charge and hopefully will last a fair bit longer.

    • What capacity battery?

      • Just a normal sedan battery, no start stop or anything fancy..

        • OK thanks.

  • Good price, but I gather this is only for maintaining or restoring weak batteries, rather than jump-starting dead ones?

    • THat is correct.

  • Can this charge with a gooloo powerbank like this?

    • powerbank like this

      That's a car jump starter. This is a car battery charger / tender.

      • I know. I want something that can charge my car's battery without access to a powerpoint. Looking for something that can charge it from powerbank.

        • +1

          I want something that can charge my car's battery without access to a powerpoint.

          Nope. You will not find any such device, certainly not something that is mobile / compact enough to carry around.

  • I got the Katbo 2A/6A 6/12V last week for $32.39. It's out of stock now though.

    But thankfully I discovered this, batteries were draining from lack of use (lockdown). Now they are happily fully charged now :)

  • Thanks OP. Got another one for 50ah?

  • +1

    So I bought this on the last deal. Used just recently to charge up my toyota avalon's battery from 50% to 100% in about 30-45 minutes. No dramas.

    Imho, I would have sprung for the Gooloo S6 6v/12v battery charger because it has more features that are more helpful in addition to the display.

    If you can afford it, grab that one. If not, this will suit most of your needs.