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Sheep in Wolf's Clothing Pinot Noir $13.99 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Dan Murphy's


Saw this, few bucks cheaper than BWS and Woolies for an absolutely superb wine, a great bargain and I'm honestly so surprised it's so cheap.
It's a wine with 60% less alcohol calories that does not compromise on flavour.

It shows varietal Pinot notes of cherry with hints of earth. The palate is light and soft with medium intensity and bright fruit expression. It finishes with clean acidity. Perfect with an antipasto plate or selection of soft cheeses.

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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  • The reviews on the site aren’t very flattering

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    1.9 out of 5 on Vivino

    Hard pass on this one I think.

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    Considering the reviews, I guess the name fits the product, eh?

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    5% alcohol? C'mon.

    If you want a decent $14 pinot: https://www.danmurphys.com.au/product/DM_669455/st-huberts-t...

    • Just got a bottle of this. Always open to new suggestions! Cheers

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    i’d love a low alcohol wine with flavour but so far the ones i’ve tried don’t make the grade.

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      Unfortunately the alcohol is part of the taste.
      Reduced alcohol wine never tastes like wine.
      You are better off just diluting with grape or other fruit juice. Or soda water.

      Or use a smaller glass!

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    It's remarkable how, for whatever reason, low alcohol stuff tastes like as…bad. It's not the alcohol itself, but as that's tasteless (for the most part) but blimey you can tell when it's missing.

    I had a low alcohol stout that was tasteless. A stout. How is that possible!?

    • i tried Gordon's 0% gin & tonic the other day and i reckon it's as good as the normal version.

      • So just tonic then? 😉

        • nah, for some reason, i can't drink tonic water by itself lol

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      There's plenty of alcohol free products that are indistinguishable or treated fantastic.
      There's also plenty of beers and wines with alcohol that taste like sh!t.

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    Why on earth would you buy low alcohol or even 0. Just drink less of the proper stuff and drink water if you are still thirsty.

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    Terrible offer for a terrible wine. Looks like OP just got disabled (prob rep) Taste is arbitrary but my god - this one I can safely not recommend.

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