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Free Big Mac @ McDonald's via mymacca's App


McDonald's may have made a mistake with their in app offers. I received a free Big Mac that is meant to be exclusive for members of the North Melbourne AFL club when I'm in Brisbane and don't even follow AFL. Cheers Maccas.

Be quick may be fixed soon

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  • Ordered on the GC, prep starts when I arrive at Maccas. Good one OP .. Cheers .. :-) .. !!

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      When I arrived at McDonald's to collect the free burger McDonald's had reneged on the offer and cancelled my order on the app! Dogs .. πŸ₯΅πŸ˜±πŸ˜‘ .. !! Get ready for some social media dumping!! I suppose I won't miss one of the worst burgers in the market!!

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    Had a $1 large fries code to partner with the free big mac, breakfast of champions lol

    • Isn't it one voucher per order?

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        Yeah but you can put in 2 orders lol

      • Do two separate orders :)

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      Haha. Same here. Put the order in. Hoping it doesn't get scrapped somehow during the day.

      Will add a frozen coke and have my $2 lunch sorted.

      • I just checked my app and frozen drinks are $3.80!

        • WHAT?!? That's a bloody outrage.

          EDIT: Just checked mine and they're $3.45, sucker :p Looks like it's water for me.

          • @tomsco: The frozen drinks are $1 after 10.30am

  • How long does it take to make a big Mac? πŸ€”πŸ€”

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      It's been a long time, but from memory…

      Patties take under a minute on the grill and are stored in a food heater for (in theory) no longer than 15 minutes.

      Order comes up, bun goes in takes ~15 sec to toast. Once it's toasted and in the box, it's production lined and (big mac sauce, rehydrated onions, pickles, lettuce, cheese, two patties) which could take 30 or so seconds if not busy/quick staff.

      So a fresh one in theory could be done in under 2 minutes, but from the time you order, one from the food warmer it could be ready in under a minute.

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        stored in a food heater for (in theory) no longer than 15 minutes

        I like the 'in theory part', because in 3 years i never once saw food thrown away because the UHC timer went off.

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          Yeah, I've been out of the game for 10 years so can say, without fear of the clown hunting me down, that in quiet periods some of the meat definitely sat there for 30-60 minutes.

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            @tomsco: I remember seeing seared chicken and filet o fish never being thrown out in my 8 hour shifts.
            I'd say the rest was cycled through fairly quickly, maybe except angus, mcbites and crispy chicken.

            Was nuts.

            • @teacherer: Haha, yeah I remember long shifts where we'd sell 1 filet o fish… if we were lucky.

        • The only time we ever through out food when the UHC timer went off was if we had an area manager come in for a visit. We had to be on our best behaviour.

    • Took 4 minutes from checking in to having the burger in my hand with one order ahead of mine.

  • Is big Mac available as breakfast?

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      Anytime your hungry πŸ‘πŸ˜


  • Thanks for the deal mate! Worked for me. A good free breakfast on the way to work.

  • not working now

    • It's still showing in my maccas app

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      Might have to change your choice of restaurant, I don't think they are all "participating"

    • You mean they don't let you scan in the shop?

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    Do I have to pick up from North Melbourne Maccas store? Asking for a friend….

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      Nope, you can pick from ur closest one!

  • Has anyone collected it yet ?

    • Yes, read previous comments. Just picked up 2 myself.

      • How do you get two? Two accounts?

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          Yes, but on two phones (I pre-ordered). It seems if you log out of an account it clears the order.

          Could probably still do on the one phone while at the store.

          • @CompulsiveOzB: So did you pick up the order 5min apart with different cashier or location?

            • @htc: Picked up both at the same time, same cashier. I just read out both order numbers.

    • Have you read the comments? Heaps have….

  • App is constantly crashes on my phone all of a sudden.

  • Got one from my local Mcd!!

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    The 20% off offer I've got now has a $37.50 minimum spend, lol c'mon Macca's I'm still a single dude.

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      It's in app only too, so doesn't apply to family boxes as they're not listed in app.
      Even the families get screwed with that deal.

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        you can order a family box and then have them scan the code

        • You can't with that code.
          It's strictly in app only.

          Normally you can apply to online order or scan in store.

          Source: Me. Got jipped, had to pay full price.

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            @millzy: Yeah… I wonder what the deal is with them not doing the family boxes in app. For a while I thought they had stopped doing them.

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              @tomsco: would make customising orders way easier too. +1 hungry jacks

              • @la ciudad respirando: Yeah, pity (as a customer) you can't add a piece of cheese to the $2 hamburger, even though you could add it through the register (at least you could when I was working there).

            • @tomsco: Same with the $5 double beef and bacon cheeseburger small meal.

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            @millzy: πŸ˜… my bad, ive seen the scan option with other 10/15/20% offs though.

            • @la ciudad respirando: Yeah same, assumed myself too and paid the ultimate price. lol

              Would have went elsewhere if I was paying the full price..

    • That's why you have multiple logins…a few accounts had 25% off with a much lower spend

  • Deal was just removed from my app :(

  • Not on my app

    • Ya better pre-order a few πŸ‘

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    Deal removed from my app :(

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    Ordered and picked up just now. NSW Waitara Maccas

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      I think even if you payed me $5 I wouldn't have that crap for breakfast :)
      Lunch no problem hehe .

      • Who said I’m eating it right now?
        Good luck trying to get pre-ordered stuff later today.
        Microwaved one is better then none

  • I made an order, logged out, then logged back in and can't find the order anymore… Is there a way to bring the order back up, now that the deal has been removed? (I screenshotted the order code in any case)

    • If you got the code that's all you need, just either at drive through or inside tell them the issue and ask them to start the order, it's an order like any order I guess

      • Btw tell them "the issue" is that it's not accepting your form of payment and if they could check in the order (AB12) for you - although I'd use a kiosk if possible, if they see "North Melbourne Free Big Mac" and bring over the manager it might get a bit hairy πŸ˜‚

    • Unlikely. They clearly cottoned onto the mistake and deleted all orders. Since paid nothing you dont really have any recourse. Was a mistake and some people got lucky. I just got to my local and deal vanished so easy come, easy go.

      • I set it up last night and it's still sitting there. I'll see how I go at lunchtime, don't want one now.

  • Picked one up around 8am, freshly made (and with some level of care) because start of day and noone else ordering but can't help but think maybe I should've refrigerated it for lunch πŸ˜…

  • I guess they removed it

  • Pre-ordered before all these reports of it disappearing, I have an order code notification on my banner. Not game to open the app or click the notification until I get to Macca's at lunch time lol wonder if it'll come up with something like "this item in your cart is no longer available"…

    • Or "out of stock" lolz

    • Or "This promotion has expired. Please continue with your order."
      proceeds to charge full price

    • I added to cart today morning. Is it ok to pickup 3pm ?

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      On the FAQs it says it only holds the order for 2 hours: β€œCan I send my order to a restaurant now and pick up at a later time?

      A: Yes, but your order will not be officially confirmed and prepared at the restaurant until you Check-in at the restaurant. Once you have Checked-in and officially finalised your order via the app, your Order Code will be valid for 2 hours from the time you confirmed it.”

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        That sounds like 2 hours from when you checked in and confirmed it. It's not confirmed until you check in.

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        Good point…will see how I go

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        It's 2 hours from when you say you've arrived at the restaurant. When they did the 50c promo, I had my order placed for about 3 days before I went and claimed it.

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      Just reporting back…clicked the notification upon arrival to maccas about 30 mins ago, clicked drive thru, got order. No issues. Thanks OP :)

  • Got mine, dinner sorted, best way to reheat a Big Mac?

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      That's hilarious πŸ˜‚ can't believe people actually got it to refrigerate to reheat later. That's gold.

      Probably the same as a rooster roll, just chuck her in the microwave for a minute I reckon

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    Got 2 for brekky. Ordered at 3am picked up around 7:40

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    Got one, but when I arrived at restaurants and click collect, it says expired, bugger!

    • Did you already order before you arrived?

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        I ordered, but thought I should click collect when I arrived, I should have clicked arrived so it will be made so they couldn't cancel. Lesson learnt the hard way, I believe people comment this deal won't last but didn't know they can actually cancel after I clicked order. Not a good way to start the day.

  • I did a screenshot of the QR code for free big Mac.
    Would that still work in-store?
    Has anyone tried?

    • Pretty sure it changes regularly, I don't think you can use it after a few mins.

      • Think its actually about 30 secs. It updates very quickly so stop people using screenshots.

        • Lol it's much longer than 30 seconds. But it will refresh with a new code if you go in and out of the deal again, which is what happens most of the time

  • Got it in Sydney a bit over 1 hour ago!
    Free food.. yes!

    • swap someone for a pizza hut

  • oh man, I woke up and totally forgot about my Big Mac which I ordered last night. Are we still abel to pick it up?

  • im normally up there at that time feeding the homeless cats, but I took the night off

  • ii spent the night working out where I am spending my 3 Dine vouchers, McDonalds was on there and KFC, but not Red Rooster

  • Saved my order from this morning in the app, went to Maccas just then, a notification popped up, I opened it and clicked 'I'm already here' and then it tells me it's expired.
    Ordered the $5 deal instead.

    • +1

      So the preorders have been deleted?

      No use going now. Bastards.

      So lucky the people that live short walk from a maccas.. They could get out at midnight last night and exploit it fast.

  • Managed to get one before the removed error but picked it up after they pulled the offer. although I am sure an employee once told me orders only valid for 2 hours and then they can cancel them?

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    so those who have tapped on 'I'm already here' on the app aren't getting the deal? what if you show the order number to the cashier? I want to save myself a trip if it's not gonna be fulfilled

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    Just picked up, thanks OP😊

    • within 2 hours of ordering or later out of interest?

      • Upon checking, within 2 hours of ordering. Ordered 7:34 am and picked up 8:56 am this morning. Hope this helps!