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BlitzWolf BW-S16 75W 6-Port USB PD Charger Fast Charging US$20.99 (A$29.07) Delivered (AU Stock) @ Banggood


Ship from AU warehouse,GST Inc free shipping and 1 week delivery.

Note: when using two QC3.0 ports simultaneously, you should Re-plug in one of the ports to charge two devices.

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    Note: when using two QC3.0 ports simultaneously, you should Re-plug in one of the ports to charge two devices.

    Can you explain this in more detail?
    Does this impact the power delivery (PD) ports?

    • +8

      Yeah, sounds like a workaround for a defect.

      Edit: Yep, seems it is a defective design.


      • +10

        That makes this device much less interesting. Selling the device with a workaround for a known defect rather than fixing the defect…

        • +12

          They presumably manufactured tens of thousands of these things before realising the problem. Now they're trying to dump them back onto the market at a low price.

          Specs to price ratio look really good on paper until you realise that defects .

          • +1

            @ash2000: agree with your comment. I have this and the defect is an inconvenience. But i also paid a lot more than the price in this deal. at this price it may be worth it as otherwise the charger is pretty good.

    • The charger has a design flaw and banggood should not be selling products with known major defects. I am still waiting for them to refund me for the BW-S16 I purchased from them.

  • Can the code be used for the EU plug too?

  • I bought this for $45 and they are quite good and handy if you have multiple devices. Good for traveling, at $30 I might get another as spare

    • Yes I am using it now and no problem charging Surface Pro 7 and 4 (with a USB-C to SP4 adapter)

    • I'd rather spend a little more and get this for travelling.


      • I actually prefer these style of devices with the detachable power cord because often in rooms the power points are not in the most convenient / accessible locations. I balance out the longer power cord with shorter USB cables.

  • +12

    Have 2 of these, waste of money for the reasons already discussed in past threads.

  • +23

    I will say this every time this is posted: Do not buy this. It's very badly reviewed and the risk of damaging your devices is too high just to save fifty bucks on a cheap charger.

    • Please suggest a good one.

      • +5
        • I wouldn't put to much weight into that charger. It like all the other Amazon sellers source their products from Alibaba and AliExpress. I'm not saying everything from Alibaba and AliExpress is bad, just that it's likely to be bad because they buy the cheapest stuff and jack the price up by a significant margin so they can make a very nice profit.

          Just did a quick search on Alibaba, and found this so called SAA approved charger, I say so called because at that price I'm very sure the Australian regulator hasn't tested it, and like a lot of claims of regulatory approved products on Alibaba they are very dubious. I'd also just like to add that I didn't search for the cheapest 20w power adaptor, I just searched for 'SAA USB charger'.

          While I'm not sure of a quality charger, I would definitely recommend asking @Clear for his recommendation

          • +1

            @Wystri Warrick:

            It like all the other Amazon sellers source their products from Alibaba and AliExpress

            Does seem to be more to it than "sourced from Ali"

            More information, including certications

            • @willyroo: My bad, looks like I was wrong about that particular charger :)

              I'd still practice caution with these Amazon sellers selling stuff that is actually from Alibaba

              • +3

                @Wystri Warrick: At the moment a lot of the GaN chargers are being sourced from a small handful of factories compared to the more common chargers that are manufactured by dozens of factories. So the chances of having a legitimate SAA approved GaN charger is more likely ;)

                • @Clear: Well as long as we buy GaN chargers from Alibaba we'll be right 👍

      • I would choose something from a local retailer, personally. They’re more expensive, but id rater spend an edtra fifty bucks on a charger than risk a 2000 dollar phone or laptop.

        I would recommend something like this: https://www.amazon.com.au/Satechi-108W-USB-C-Desktop-Charger...

        • How quick can this charge an S21 Ultra?

          • @deals4amar: Couldn't tell you, I don't have an s21 ultra.

            Since Samsung uses a proprietary fast charging protocol, I would say as fast as any other non-samsung 45w charger.

      • I've got this gan charger. It's been great so far. Reviews are also pretty good.

        It only took 10 days to receive charger, also when you slot in au adaptor it looks like an original au charger and not big and bulky like the extra adaptor you normal get from buying china.


    • I already have 2, is there a particular review your can point to that gives valid details?

      • I’d point you to mine, but Banggood has deleted all their negative reviews. There used to be a lot, but obviously they’re gone from the website.

        • Hmmmm looks like I won't be buying from Banggood anymore, deleting negative feedback to trick customers a product is good 😡

    • +1

      Not saying you are wrong, but just curious as to what your issue with it was?

      I have used one daily to charge my phone, headphones & other usb devices, as well as regularly charging my XPS 15 with it, for at least 6 months, if not maybe a year, and have not had any issues?

      Mine was a preorder when i ordered, so maybe I got lucky in the initial batch and they were fine, and later ones are problematic?

      • Note: when using two QC3.0 ports simultaneously, you should Re-plug in one of the ports to charge two devices.

        right in the text of the post. That doesn’t inspire confidence even before you run into any other problems

    • links to some details?

      • +6

        Well, I would link to the detailed review I posted on Banggood after I received the one I bought, but they refused to publish it. In fact, they basically refuse to publish any review that isn’t 4 or 5 star, with a handful of 1 2 and 3 star reviews all with very little actual detail, but here’s a rundown

        1. Using a USB-C Multimeter, I never got above 45w charging, even when the only port in use was the high-speed USB-C port. I even tested several different cables including two thunderbolt 3 cables, and two different laptops, both of which require 60w to charge

        2. When more than one device is plugged in, all ports dropped to below 12w, no matter if I had two or five devices connected, what kind they were, and whether or not they were actually charging.

        3. The charger grew ridiculously hot

        4. if I tried to charge a phone and an iPad at the same time, both would intermittently cut out for less than a second. as if I had turned off the charger at the wall and back on again.

        Some or all of these issues have been documented by other people here in the past, and in reviews that have been subsequently removed from Banggood’s product page…

        • +2

          mmmm I have 2 of these and can definitely concur with #4 but that was pretty much the only issue I had. It kept cutting in and out non stop.
          I also agree their "review" on their site is complete rubbish, and have rejected my negative reviews in the past as well.

          However, my overall experience has been positive-ish except for the above.

          My laptops (both XPS13 and work laptop Lenovo T something), which refuses to charge below 60W, does charge, and charge at a decent speed. It will NOT charge anything else while the laptop is being charged, which I assumed is because the laptop used up all the watts.
          I do use these with multiple devices at the same time and can see rapidly charging on several phones (subject to cutting in and out as per your #4 sometimes) so that can't be 12w.
          It gets warmish but nothing too alarming.

          Just a little strange how we have very different experiences. I hope you got a refund at least, sounds like a lemon.

          • +5

            @lawyerz: The combination of people who have no problems and people who have all the problems tells me that these are really cheaply made and lack decent QC.

            Frankly, if that’s the case I think it’s irresponsible to recommend it to anyone. Why gamble with expensive device chargers.

        • +1

          One of these fried my galaxy book. Banggood did offer me a replacement or refund but what good was that, damage was done…

  • +2

    not sure about all the negs but I have this and I also got another one for a family member and have had no issues

    must be Luck of the draw

  • I use this for travel. Everyone in the party plugs in and gets their juicy hit.

    • +7

      What's travel

      • TRUE!!!! HAHAHAHA.

        When I used to travel……… More than 2 years ago now.

  • +1

    Is 75W the total outpout for all ports? How many walts does the PD output?

  • +1

    Have been using 2 of these for a few months now and have not had any issues / broken devices besides the occasional need to reconnect a cable if a device stops charging when another device is plugged in - it basically just resumes charging both devices.

    Charges my lenovo laptop via usb c just fine too - but can only charge additional devices via the usb 2.0 ports in this setup.

    • Does your lenovo laptop complain that the charger is not powerful enough hence slow charging?

      One of the comments above mentions "Using a USB-C Multimeter, I never got above 45w charging"

      • I don't have a multimeter so I can't give you a figure but from my experience it keeps the laptop fully charged even during use and on best performance battery setting. It never complained of the charging being slow.

        The laptop originally came with a 65w power brick which I no longer carry around by having this. It's not a high performance laptop by any means though and runs on an Intel i5 vpro 8th gen processor.

  • +1

    I've been using one of these for months with no issue at all. Charging SP7, powerbanks, macbook pro with no problems so far.

  • +11

    Item is faulty. This is not a bargain.


    • +4

      Thanks for posting this.

  • +1

    Not worth, save your money and buy something else than this!

  • +2

    Sounds like the BlitzWolf QC department is not bothering to check anything. I got a good one but other people seem to have got lemons.

  • +5

    Negging to save Ozbargainers from buying faulty products

  • I am currently using this one, have been using it for about half year without any issues yet. It works well for me.

    • Same here, although I typically only have a 2-3 devices plugged in. The PD was adequate for charging a Chromebook.

  • +6

    Downvoting to also warn potential buyers. Though it works, charges slowly and Quick charge doesn’t work. Product defective and trying to claim warranty was a pain. Never heard back after replying with all their requests.

  • Bought and used for over 2 years. Now stopped working.
    In between, the device heated up immensely while in use.

  • The total comes out to be $38.13 after applying the code?
    Am I doing something wrong here?

    • +5

      Yeah, it seems you're trying to purchase this, which from the above comments, is the wrong thing to do.

      • +1

        I read this as Clippy providing helpful sarcastic advice.

  • Op hasn't mentioned the hidden shipping cost pops up at the last page. It shows free shipping at the beginning but sneak in other charges later, cheap tricks.

  • +4

    Count me as another data point for this failing, the USB-A ports still work but the C ports died about 3 months in

    fwiw the similar kogan one also died on me, probably would stick with better known brands in the future

    • Interesting, I would have considered BlitzWolf to be one of the better known brands.

      • Heh could've phrased it better, thinking better-quality/established I suppose? Belkin, satechi, etc.

  • +2

    have two of these and the cutting in and out in just annoying, i wouldnt reccomend.

  • I can only echo some of the other comments above. I got one of these a while back from WFH desk and its really subpar.
    Came covered in scratches and dust out of the box but more importantly, the ports and charging itself is very hit and miss. Sometimes a particular port will work, and on other occasions it won't.
    On other occasions, my Note 10+ will revert to slow charge mode from it even though its the only thing connected to the charger.

  • +1

    I have one of these and it stops charging my Surface Pro 4 (using usb c) when I plug my phone in to charge.

    Useless charger

    • how do you charge the sp4 over usb c? just curious

      • You can get usb-c to surface port adapters and cables, they're not official but work perfectly well

  • Exactly what I'm after at a price I would buy without thinking. Negs have it though, can't go past that.

  • +1

    Buyer beware !

    You are almost certainly going to have issues with this cheaply designed product

  • Been using it for a few weeks now, did some testing as well, USB PD - C port charging my laptop came up to 52W, but that is because that was all that my laptop was pulling form the charger, at the same time plugged a Samsung s20, and as described on the product page if using both C1 and C2 the power distribution changed, no issues. the product description page has a table where it shows the way the power distribution is going to be when using multiple ports, also when using the PD usb C ports you do not need to remove and plug in again, in my opinion if you are happy with the way it allocates power when you are using multiple ports simultaneously, then this is a great design at a good price, design looks good on the table.

  • +1

    as i suspected, blitzwolf is not good as they were 6 years ago. now they are trying to become like xiaomi, selling everything with their brand but actually most are just rebranding from cheap chinese factory

  • The customer service of Banggood is horrible. I bought an electric toothbrush bundle last month but only received the travel case but not the extra brushheads nor the toothbrush itself. Raised a support ticket and they demanded for more evidence despite me already provided them with photos of the package. Now they offer me compensation of 200 Banggood points LMFAO and still does not want to send me my missing items.

    Also, has anyone managed to successfully unsubscribe from their maketing emails? I've tried countless times to unsubscribe (via unsubscribe link in email and account settings), but they still keep spamming me weekly. Is this even legal? Given they're not an Australian company and probably out of the ACMA's controll.

    I'll be avoiding Banggood in the future.

  • This product is terrible, and dont buy it at all.
    It wont charge even one laptop with one mobile device at the same time. you possibly can charge three max mobile devices together, but not more than that.
    My one was dead after 6mth, over heat, lights on, but no charging.
    Binned straight away.

  • I've had continuous problems with this product!!

    Thought my cables were faulty so I kept swapping them until I tried the cable on another device and it worked perfectly.

    I feel so validated knowing that this was an actual defect!! Can bin the item with peace of mind now :)

    What's an alternative recommended product??

    • +1

      This appears to be a good product if 65W is enough for you, and it's on sale

      • Thanks for the recommendation but I'm looking for one with more ports

  • +2

    I have one of these and the 2 x QC 3.0 USB-A ports doesn't effectively charge two of my kids iPads. It barely provides enough power to keep both iPads on. Most of the time their iPads turns off from low battery which plugged in to this. Haven't used the USB-C PD charging ports but if you plan to use this as a USB-A charging hub then you'd better off buying some other generic chargers. I would go with this Amazon recommended 4 port charger which works better than the BW-S1:

  • Avoid this charger as it is unreliable when charging multiple devices. Look at the opening comments from the store rep to confirm this. I don't know why they continue to sell this charger which is known to be defective.

  • i have this exact model. negging for the quality. not on the price.
    a lot of others whos purchased this particular item have voiced the same sentiments about its overpromising specs.
    mine has a buzzing sound out of the box as well.

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